How To Use A Mini-Roundabout | Learn to drive: Intermediate skills

[Music] roundabouts allow traffic to flow more efficiently and are far safer than other types of junctions but they can't be used everywhere as there isn't always enough space this is why the mini roundabout was developed it can fit into sites that don't have enough room for a normal roundabout and offer most of the advantages of a full-sized roundabout however a new driver approaching a busy mini roundabout might be unsure of where to look or when to go so in this video we will show how to use a mini roundabouts safely before we start make sure you subscribe to our Channel and click the bell so you are alerted when we upload a new video also we love to read your comments so please scroll down and let us know what you think mini roundabouts are often used to replace a normal teen Junction in areas that have a high flow of traffic this is because a mini roundabout gives equal priority to vehicles approaching from all directions and reduces any traffic queues to a minimum unlike a junction with traffic lights vehicles using a mini roundabouts spend very little time stationary which saves time and fuel also when the road is quiet the mini roundabout doesn't cause any delay as we can cross the roundabout in any direction without stopping it is important to look out for the sign for a mini roundabout since they are otherwise difficult to spot from a distance because the island in the centre is much lower than a normal roundabout mini roundabouts work in the same way as a normal round about we give way to the right then enter the junction and continue our journey there is usually good visibility as we approach so it is often easy to see if we will need to stop for other traffic or not even though we primarily look to the right on approach it is wise to look left as well just in case another driver is driving too quickly to give way to us it is far better to give up our priority and stay safe than have a crash when turning left the white car would indicate left and look to the right for traffic once the red car gives way to the car on its right the white car is safe to continue if we watch again from in-car we can see the normal approach routine is used before looking to the right once more after waiting for the gray car to pass we cross the give way line and accelerate up to speed when driving straight ahead the red car would not need to indicate once they see that the van is going ahead they are safe to enter the roundabout and continue their journey we approached the junction carefully to give us time to understand where others are going once we see that the silver car to our right is giving way to the gray car to their right we are safe to continue there is no need to indicate when leaving the mini roundabout as no one would benefit from our signal when turning right it is essential to indicate right as our signal will warn other traffic they need to give way the white car has to give way to three cars to its right but once they have passed the white car can continue any traffic approaching from the left should give way to the white car once it enters the roundabout we should steer around the center of the mini roundabout if possible but if there isn't enough room or we're driving a large vehicle it's okay to drive across the center once we reach the roundabout we give way to our right once more and then check to the left for danger before we continue since our right indicator and position makes it clear where we are going there is no need to indicate when leaving the mini roundabout although you can do so if you like at rush hour there might be continuous traffic approaching the mini roundabout from all directions if we can't see a gap in the traffic to our right we can look to our left for a car that is approaching the roundabout with a right indicator flashing when this car enters the roundabout the traffic to our rights will have to give way to them which gives us a few seconds to safely enter the roundabout alternatively a car to our right that is indicating left will also give us a chance to go with experience these opportunities get easier to anticipate and we rarely have to wait for the giver a line for long sometimes three cars arrive at the roundabout at the same time give way to each other and all stop at there give way lines if this should happen it is normally okay to carefully cross the give way line and enter the roundabout even if another car does this at the same time there is room to carefully cross the roundabout together and continue in some places we might find two or more mini roundabouts grouped together to make a larger Junction these can be confusing at first but we just need to treat each mini roundabouts separately sometimes there are up to six mini roundabouts in a circle which means there can be more than one way to get to the same destination this time we want to drive ahead so on approach we look at the road sign as it shows the layout of the junction and lets us plan where we need to go as always we slow down and look to the right before crossing each give way line if we find ourselves in the wrong lane for where we want to go it's safest to follow where the lane goes and take a different route a detour is far better than a crash [Music] so remember to approach the mini roundabout carefully indicate to others if needed look for a safe opportunity to enter and wait at the give way line if necessary [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] if you found this video interesting then please visit our channel as there are over 100 more tutorial videos to help you improve your driving if you would like to help us make new videos then please consider becoming a member or patron of our channel thanks for watching