Driving Test Tip – One-Way Roads

Before turning into a new road, look out for any 
signs. Straight away we can see a one-way arrow   sign. If you miss that sign then there are often 
reminder signs attached to lamp posts. Another   way to tell that it's one-way is that all the 
parked vehicles are facing in the same direction.   I'm turning right at the end of this road 
and it's important for you to remember,   anytime you're turning right on a one-way 
road to position over to the right.   The white arrow markings also help 
and show you which lane you need.   It's okay to drive on the right of a one-way 
road when turning right as there shouldn't be   any oncoming vehicles. Another way to tell that 
you're on a one-way road is that the double dashed   give-way line goes right across the whole width of 
the road. If it's a two-way road then the give-way   line goes across half the road.

Positioning over 
here helps other drivers turn left next to me.   Hope you found this helpful! For more driving 
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