Ok Rayyan. I Have had to stop the test. Okay. We're not going to continue. Hey guys welcome to another video! so today we have another mock driving test any of you that are learning to drive and want to take part in one of these mock tests which are absolutely free. All you need to do is follow us on instagram at DGN Driving and drop a message and yeah, we just select people randomly. Yes, sorry i can't reply to every single message and only apply for one of these mock tests if you're available during the day on a tuesday and friday because those are the days i filmed and yeah i'll come pick you up from the train station even if you do have to travel a bit of a distance or the bus station as well.

Yeah, if you can't meet me at the test center right then so we're Just to let you know the learners that turn up here they haven't had any lessons with me so i'm meeting this learner for the first time. I've just picked him up from the train station and Rayyan isn't it? yeah. Yeah. So Rayyan could you tell us a bit about your driving? So i've been doing lessons with my dad for quite a bit of time but haven't actually done any proper lessons so i'm trying to see where i'm at. How many lessen that we had with a driving instructor? none. Zero. Yeah. Okay. So just learnt with your dad. Yeah, that's it? That's it. Yeah. Obviously you've been watching the video? Any major issues in your driving? Not really is anything that you struggle with? roundabouts.

I do struggle with a bit okay. Yeah cool. Have you had any falling outs with your dad when you are learning to drive? a few That's normally the case. okay cool so You know how it works if You do make a mistake i won't say anything yeah but for those of you who are watching if Rayyan does make any serious faults, how many serious faults are you allowed? None so any serious Faults will be displayed in red text and any normal driving faults in amber text. Right then so before we get started when i picked Rayyan up from the train station and on the drive here he was telling me a bit about his side business so could you tell everyone what you do guys is like anyone who comes here feel always say feel free to promote anything you want and i love it when youngsters like Rayyan do you have a side business as well so what is it? so I have a tution business is called Tuition Choice you can find me on instagram TicTok or contact me via email as well at tutionchoice22@gmail.com.

Its a Tution business that what I tutor personally GCSE and A-level students for GCSE I our cover maths, chemistry, biology and physics and for A-Level i cover maths, chemistry and biology so if any of you are interested in tutoring than please contact me tutionchoice22@gmail.com. please check it out you guys right then. So have you done the show me tell me questions A few okay so is it ok to as you one? Rayyan doesn’t know the answer to the tell me question I ask him, this would be a driving fault on the test and not a good way to start.

Make sure you revise all the questions. Could you tell me how you would check your power assisted steering is working How my steering's working? I would I don't know. I don't know. Well that's not really good advertisement for your tuition? You should be revising? Okay, so definitely go through all the questions. Yeah. Okay. These questions you'll get asked one one at the start of you test the tell me one and the show me one will be during the the test. Okay. I will actually show me one when we drove in. Yeah. So we're going to start off by following the sign of the answer to that question. So you know the steering yeah. So you know when like hold the steering for me. How does it feel? feels like stiff? Yeah. So grab the Key And now when you start the car, apply a bit of pressure to the steering. See how it feels? When you start the car, you need to put the clutch down to start this car.

Yeah, now it's much looser. That's it. Yeah easier check into working correctly. So you've you have a you've only been driving your dad's car? Yeah. you have not an actual lesson? Okay. This should be interesting, right? so whenever you're ready if you could move off And we are going to follow the sat-nav Instead of selecting first gear, he selects third and stalls. He continues to do this, so i have to intervene and help him out. I thought this was a strange mistake to make, but during the feedback at the end of the test, Rayyan tells me that it was afraid of selecting reverse gear and that's why he wasn't pushing the gearstick fully to the left.

Most vehicles, like this one, will have a safety button that you have to press in order to select reverse. Yeah? Okay Rayyan, you Putting it into third gear. Can you put it into First? First here? That's it. Yeah. Okay. So move off when you're ready. He doesn't check the blind spot before moving off. Going to go over there. In the car that Rayyan is learning in, the indicator stalk is on the right hand side. So this makes it a bit more confusing for Him So I'm guessing the wiper lever is on the right hand side in your dad's car.

Put the wiper lever down for me, please. At the end of the road, turn left. On the approach to this junction. He doesn't put the clutch down and stops quite sharply and too early. There is a lorry close behind. He then takes a while to move off and emerge out. Turn Left Going straight ahead. Again when stopping he doesn't put the clutch down and stops sharply and too early the lorry behind was just steering out to overtake and got very close. Now I am wondering whether Rayyan has been learning in an automatic or manual car.

It is a manual you been learning in? Yeah. Straight Ahead. We're going straight ahead at these lights so we have priority, Rayyan is about about to stop so I have to ask him to continue. Go, go, go, go. Keep going. Carry on. Carry on. Carry on. I've already started to think about whether we should continue or not. Right sorry for interrupting the video but this is something really important for those of you who are learning to drive or about to start.

So on your driving lessons its your instructor's job to give you the correct knowledge of the topic before you go out and practice it the driving instructor will take out their folder, ipad, tablet or whatever they use and then start to explain everything you know about the topic that you're going to be practicing. So this is where some instructors they don't explain enough. So you're basically doing a topic without the correct knowledge or some that go on for ages and waste a lot of lesson time. Now this is where the Ultimate Driving Course comes in. So there's a video on every single topic. Yes For example, say you're doing roundabouts. You watch the video on roundabouts before you go to your lesson. So you are entering the car with the correct knowledge and you know what you're supposed to be doing. This is obviously going to save a lot of time on your lessons and most importantly, you're going to have the correct knowledge.

So to save time money and get ready for your driving test a lot quicker I strongly recommend downloading the Ultimate Driving Course. That's it really. Let's get back to the video. At this right turn, Rayyan should have selected second gear, but continues in third. He also steer slightly early cut in the corner. Turn right. Now he realizes he's in third but instead of selecting second, he selects first gear, which slows us down. His clearance when passing parked vehicles has been good and he also checks the correct mirrors before steering out to overtake.

Turn Left. Then turn right. Again on the approach to this turn. He doesn't select second gear and continues in. When turning right at these lights, we have to wait for the oncoming vehicles. Rayyan is about to go, so i have to intervene. A couple of those oncoming vehicles did pass the red light, which meant we didn't have much time to move off. After the lights turn red. We weren't positioned well and obstructed the path of the vehicles that we are approaching from the Right turn right then ahead, keep left. you have to wait for these cars. Okay, clutch down select Gear one Okay, great. Again when stopping he doesn't put the clutch down in time so stalls After 300 yards across the roundabout, first exit. When moving off in traffic, you should check both side mirrors to look out for cyclists. He doesn't check the mirrors. After selecting second gear, watch how Rayyan rushes of the clutch pedal.

You should bring the clutch pedal up slower for a smoother. Drive And again, he doesn't put the clutch down when stopping so stalls. And because it's happened so many times, i've turned it into a serious fault. Even the engine warning light appears on the dash. Not a good sign. After 100 yards across the roundabout, first exit. On the approach to this mini roundabout Rayyan should look to the right for any vehicles that could be approaching, he enters the roundabout without checking. After 100 yards across the street and yes, second exit, then turn left. We're going straight ahead and taking the second exit at this roundabout. So should be positioned in the left lane. Rhian positions in the right-hand lane and from this position, it would be okay to turn right instead. But Rayyan decides to take the second exit using the wrong lane. You definitely learning in the manual? Yeah. Has you dad got dual controls for you in the car or anything? When moving off he brings the clutch up too fast so stalls. The other thing is that he starts to move as soon as he sees the lights change he should wait for the vehicle in front of start moving before he reacts.

Cross the roundabout. Second exit then turn left. First exit on your left. As we approach this roundabout it is safe to enter but Rayyan decides to stop and then check the observations and decision-making should be done on the approach we held up traffic behind. Now we are coming up to another roundabout and he was at this roundabout that I made the decision to stop the test. This roundabout if you could turn right, third exit. Right He approaches an enters the roundabout well for turning right, but instead of turning right, he cuts across the lanes and takes the wrong exit. Click fully down all the way. All the way down with the clutch all the way down with a clutch and brake. clutch is not all the way down see? you got to put it down all the way. So you know you've been learning are you even pulling the clutch down slowly step by step or what you been doing? so first i brake then i put the clutch down you how much when you really don't know how much should you put it down like the clutch all the way? yeah fully down.

Yeah it doesn't have to be done in states only when you bring it up you have to bring it up slowly okay. Even here now you know you moving off wait for the car in front to move first before you release the handbrake. Don't react to the light straight away so Hand on hand brake don't bring the clutch up too high. Check side mirrors. That's it and wait and handbrake down now, don't rush off the clutch.

Don't rush, a bit of gas, signal left for me. This is a our final turn before I asked Rayyan to park up. The road is quite narrow so we need to be slower in order to turn safely. Again he forgets to change gear so he's too fast. We end up on the opposite side of the road and the almost hits a lamppost when straightening up. Just park up on the left please.

Finishing off in style with another serious fault. He hits a curb and mounts a pavement when parking up. Just here. Just here. stop. Stop. That's the end of the test time for a conversation with Rayyan Cancel signal. And switch off the engine for me. Ok Rayyan. I've actually had to stop the test Yeah. Okay. We're not going to continue, obviously we would have done another at least another 15, 20 minutes. Yeah. Okay. Any idea why I stopped the test? I probably wasn't good enough. I wasn't braking like for example, there's a car in front of me and i just didn't brake in time or just yeah you know you don't have to be like really good at driving. For me for me to like continue with the with the test yet i've only ever done this where I have stopped it beforehand too. Beforehand because everything we're doing just the basics as well we weren't really safe at all. Yeah yeah and even like the amount of time doing putting the clutch down.

So I am helping you with the clutch here it's not good for the car at all either here and even the engine warning light came on there because also yeah that's a reason you understand why i've done that. How do you think you're driving was overall not not great that's it so i'm glad you said that yourself You are taking lessons with your dad which is a good thing but you need to in between even if it's every couple of weeks or whatnot. Yeah, you need to have a lesson with an instructor and know how to do everything in the correct order. Okay You definitely to start doing that. Yeah. Okay, the faults even when we moved off, you were like So you know when you're putting into first gear? You are doing this and then you taking it out and putting it into third then doing that. You know when we're moving off.

Yeah what was the reason for that? what do you mean? so, so you know we moved off at the start of the test. So you moved off, you did this then this then that you do that three times. I thought you might be nervous or something? basically my in my car like the reverse is over here. It's an older car so i was… oh you thought that might have been reversed? oh okay. Okay that explains it so look for do this you have to lift up the lever only then will be going to reverse the same here today.

Yeah. Okay. So when you do this and that that's always going to go into first. Okay. So you thought that would have been reverse. What you were doing your own you're putting it straight into gear three. Yeah. And that's why you were stalling. Oh okay. Yeah. I thought yeah yeah so stuff like that you know when you when you get in the car just like just ask if you're confused about it. Yeah. Okay fine obviously you haven't driven this car but even like stuff that i hadn't got to do with the gear every time we were stopping you didn't bring the clutch down and this one time this is lorry was overtaking us.

Yeah the one lane going into two and a car stopped suddenly. When we're turning right at the lights who do you have to wait for when you turn right at the lights? the oncoming traffic from where from from the left Nah, from ahead trauma. Yeah and from ahead as well. Yeah, you know we filter light green, the lights on the side are going to be red means you said you've downloaded the course but you've only watched one or two videos yeah watch these videos take that knowledge in and have a lesson with an instructor.

Yeah and continued learning with your dad as well. Okay, you've got a Yeah, you've got to. Like i said, i've had people who have had lessons. With a family member. Yeah. But and it's like, you know, some of the basic knowledge that i just the like when you just ask you who do you wait for when you're when you're turning right. You're a bit confused. You like them as well. All that explaining the course as well.

Yeah. So you need to just like you said, you need to take in the knowledge and then do everything in the correct format using the correct routines. Yeah. Obviously no offense to you dad but he's not going to know that the correct routines and that yet again when you learn with the family we just like generally driving. Yeah. Thanks a lot. Any questions? Not really. Yeah. Thanks a lot for coming down to do the mock test. I'll tell you what because of… How this went here in a couple of months time if you want to come back on the channel. Yeah, i don't normally do this but if you want to come back on and do another one.

Yeah show everyone your improvement. I'm happy to do that. Yeah yeah. Okay. Yeah. Right then guys thanks a lot for watching like always don't forget to like and subscribe and i'll see you in the next video..