When will driving lessons resume?

Hello so could driving tests, driving
lessons and theory tests all be cancelled until 2021?
I've just had an email with the latest news from the DVSA and I'm also going
to talk to you about why this is going to happen or may happen and I want to
get your thoughts and opinions on this. So first of all the reason the tests and
lessons and everything might be canceled until next year is because of social
distancing now as you probably know at the moment you're not supposed to go
less than two meters away from another person that of course makes driving
lessons impossible because you can't stay two meters away from their people
when you're doing a driving lesson it also means the driving tests start the
same and it's also designed for theory test because theory tests are done in
rooms full of people and at the moment there's no way they're going to allow
rooms full of people with what's going on in the world so let's read this email
and I'll tell you what it says and then I want to get your thoughts on what's
happening so today's this is for the devious a the
driver and vehicle standards agency that's the people that do the driving
tests and it says dear Paul I wonder updates on what the devious they are
doing in these times and it says as you know we've suspended driving tests to
help stop the spread of what's going on and it says that they're continuing to
provide emergency tests for key workers they're looking for 400 volunteer
driving test examiners so that means people you already are driving test
examiner's they're looking for 400 to volunteer to do tests for key workers
and it says of course none all examiner's will want to do or be able to
do because their main be self isolating and then he goes on to a section about
providing driver lessons and advising instructors that if we go out and do
driving lessons with anyone we need to get that people to bring a form of ID
such as a name badge or a payslip or a letter from their employer to prove that
they're a key worker and then he goes on about you know the general advice about
washing your hands and all that kind of thing so it would seem is what was said
on the news last night the government of advising that social distancing should
stay in place – the vaccine is found now that is not
going to be until 2021 at the earliest so it looks possible and I don't know
how to Silas because I don't want to make a sensationalist video I don't want
to be like all everything counts don't drive and test scrapped I hate doing
those kind of shock videos some people do I don't like doing that I like to
keep factual and I like to keep things real but I'm kind of torn in two
different ways because part of me saying come on there's no way that driving
lesson is going to be canceled for the whole of 2020 but then another part of
me he's saying well they're telling us not to get within two metres of another
person until the vaccines found and that won't be until 2021 so what do you think
about this I'd love to know your thoughts in the comments below the youth
in driving lessons are important do you still want to take them at the moment
would you want to take lessons this month next month would you be quite
happy to leave it for you let me know your thoughts in the comments below I'm
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