EP:8 BMW Announce – Drive Shaft Corrosion Inspection and Test – Service Action 0033130000

Hello and welcome. My name is Carl, and this is "Just 
The Way It Is". Today is episode 8 of a series all   about the R 1250 GS. But this episode is just a 
short one. It's just to clear up a little bit   of misunderstanding, that's currently going around 
the internet about a service notification, that BMW   released just over a week ago about the 
problem or a problem with the R 1250 GS.   So just let me explain, what it is. So first of all:
don't panic, don't worry! The number, that you   can see across the bottom of your screen now, 
is the number, that you're going to look for in   a moment on the internet, and you're going to need 
to have your chassis number, to make sure and find   out, whether your bike is one of the bikes, that 
are affected. There are two main types   of notification, that manufacturers issue for 
our motorbikes. The first one is called a "recall".   Now, a recall is a fairly urgent matter, 
and you should take that very seriously   and get your bike checked, get your chassis 
number checked and get your bike returned to BMW.   Now, this is NOT one of those things.

This is 
called a "service notification". So this is just   a notification to the dealerships, that's all 
of the BMW dealerships, that, when this bike   goes in for a service, there is some additional work, 
that needs to be carried out. So what I'm   going to explain in a moment, I'm going to show you, 
what the actual problem is – because there's not a   lot of information about this on the internet at 
the moment – and explain, what you can do to check,   whether your bike is affected. Now as far as I can 
make out, and I've made several phone calls today,   I've talked to my very friendly BMW dealer,  
so I know, what the problem is.

And it looks like from   around about January or February of this year, 
2022, if you have a bike, that was manufactured   in that period, it won't be affected, and it already 
has the modification, that I'm going to talk about   in a minute. The rest of us, me included, need 
to return our bikes and have them modified.   But don't panic, don't worry! It's not a big problem, 
but let me just explain a bit more about it.   So, let's look at this service notification from 
BMW, and what does it really pertain to? So we're   looking at the rear of the bike.

At this side 
here, this is the drive assembly. And this is a   sealed unit. This is full of oil. So this is 
not, where the problem is. This section here,   this is hollow. And within this section here, 
there is the drive shaft,   that connects to the output shaft from the gearbox. 
So it goes from the gearbox to the drive assembly,   but inside here, there is a shaft. But inside here, 
this is hollow. Now this is, what turns   out to be the problem. And BMW have decided, 
that certainly from the bikes, that are being   manufactured this year in 2022, I think you're 
going to find, your bikes are fine.

You can check –  I'm going to tell you, how to check online in a 
moment – but you can just feel underneath here, and   if you can feel a tiny valve, a rubber valve, 
then your bike already has the modification.   So, what is the problem? Well, BMW have decided, that 
in some scenarios, some conditions, condensation can   gain access into this hollow tube assembly.  
So what they're going to do, when our bike's go in   for a service or for some maintenance or repairs, 
they're going to drill a small – I think it's 6 or   an 8 mm hole in the bottom of this 
hub assembly, and they're going to put a valve.   Now, the valve is a rubber valve, and all it's there 
to do, is let humidity or condensation or maybe   a little bit of water, that's collected inside, 
drain out, so that it doesn't cause any problems.   So, the thing to do – wherever you are in the 
world, and this applies to the UK, to those of you,   that are in America, in Australia and Canada – 
just go to your main internet browser   (maybe it's google) and type in "BMW recall".

That will 
bring up a website, where you can enter the chassis   number of your bike, and that will tell you, whether 
there is a service notification present on your   motorcycle, and that it needs to be returned to BMW
for some work. Now, the thing is: do we need to worry   about this? Now, I've put my chassis number in this 
afternoon, and my bike is one of the bikes, that   are affected. It doesn't have this drain hole and 
this valve on the bottom, so it needs to   be returned. But after chatting for quite some 
time to the dealer, I don't think, there's any   need to worry about it. I was quite concerned. 
I'm due to go on quite a long tour of Norway   within the next couple of days, and I was worried, 
that I'd have to return the bike for some major   work.

But that's not the case. Now, it seems, that 
this will be done, this work will be carried out   under normal conditions, when you take your bike 
for a service, for some maintenance or some repairs.   It's already on all the dealer network systems. 
So you don't really need to do anything.   So I think, we don't need to worry about it. The 
the only thing, I would say is – I'm not a proper   off-road rider.

And I think the vast majority 
of you are probably not, too. But if you do take   your bike into the river or into streams, where 
there's water, and you do that on a regular basis,   ring the BMW dealer, tell them, what type of riding 
you do, explain to them, that you're going off-road,   and you're going through streams and shallow 
rivers, and they'll probably get you in quite   quickly to carry out this modification. So I hope, 
that helps, hope, that clears up some of the stuff,   that's talked about on the internet. So let's 
move on. The only twist to this whole process…   when I called my dealer today, they said, even if I 
wanted to have the work done, they couldn't do it,   because the tooling, that BMW need to supply them, 
to carry out the modification, isn't there. And from   what I found out this afternoon, there are quite 
a lot of dealers, that don't have the equipment   to carry out the modification.

So hopefully, 
the information I've given you tonight will   just put you at ease, and you now understand, what 
this current service notification is all about   and whether it affects us with our GSs and 
what you need to do and whether you need to   be worried or not. – So what's coming up in the 
next part of the series? Well, in episode 9 –   those of you, that are eagle-eyed will have 
spotted, there are several new accessories, that   are fitted to the GS. So in the next episode, it's 
all about accessories and finding a budget option,   because accessories for our GSs can be very, 
very expensive. So I fitted 17 new accessories.   I made a list of the the top brands, that I would 
like to fit, and I was shocked, when I found out,   how much it would cost me, to buy all the parts, all 
of the accessories, that I wanted to fit to my GS.   So I set myself the task of reducing at least 
50 % of the cost and still maintaining   good quality parts, that I as a technician and 
engineer, I find acceptable to fit to my own bike.   So that episode is finished.

I'm just currently 
doing the editing, and it should be up Thursday   or Friday next week. So, as always: thank 
you very much. My name is Carl. You've been   watching "Just The Way It Is", and hopefully 
I'll see you again soon for another episode :-).