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hi guys so this is a video about the show me 
tell me part of the driving test so just a   brief overview of the show me and tell me Parts 
the show me part uh is for you to operate one of   seven controls whilst you're driving along now 
always before the examiner asks you to operate   the control they will always start with when 
it's safe to do so so for example they may say   to you when it's safe to do so I would like you 
to operate the rear demister so because they've   said when it's safe to do so it's important that 
you don't necessarily have to rush and do that   immediately you might be dealing with a hazard or 
a roundabout or some parked cars or things like   that so don't rush into doing it take your time 
and pick the right moment to do it okay and we'll   show you the the seven controls that you might 
have to use if you forget where the control is   that's not a problem because the examiner will 
actually pull you over at the side of the road   and they'll actually show you where the control 
is because this is not a test of you knowing where   the control is this is a test that you know that 
you can operate it safely without losing control   of the car the tell me part of the test that 
consists of 14 questions and the examiner will ask   you one tell me question at the beginning of the 
test um now you can't fail for getting the tell   me question wrong you can get a minor fault but 
my view is that you should study and you should   know because First Impressions count and it is 
your first chance to impress The Examiner so the   examiner will ask you at the test center either 
when you're outside of the car if it's one of the   questions that can be done outside or inside the 
car to tell you something about the car you've   got the document that you can download and what 
I would suggest is that if there's any questions   that you're really struggling with put them on a 
Post-It note and put it somewhere where you'll see   it every day especially question two and question 
four about the tire pressures and tire Treads   because they're the ones that people struggle with 
so I put those answers on a Post-It note stick it   on your wardrobe or on your mirror on your laptop 
or whatever you wherever you spend most of your   time during the day and that will just help you to 
remember the answers I've got a document for you   uh you can go into the description and download 
the document which is a good idea because then   you can print it off you can highlight off 
any questions that you might struggle with   um we're going to start with a show me questions 
first in the tell me questions the questions   number two and four are usually the questions that 
people struggle with they're the ones about the   tire pressures and the tire trades but we'll go on 
to the show me questions first there are several   of them um now these these are questions that are 
done while you're driving along so when you're on   your driving test the examiner will ask you to do 
one of these seven things while you're driving and   this is not a test of you knowing where the 
control is this is a test of you being able   to operate the control without losing control of 
the car so for example you shouldn't be swerving   while you're operating control you shouldn't 
take your eyes off the road for too long and   you shouldn't slow down too much that's a common 
one that people's come off the gas and slow down   while they're working the control so it's more of 
a test have you been able to operate the control   um just on that note as a backup plan if 
you were to forget where the control is   you can just mention that to the examiner 
and surprisingly they will actually pull   you in at the side of road they'll show you 
where the control is then they'll get you   to drive on again again and then get you to 
operate control while you're driving along   so there's actually seven of uh the show me 
questions and we're going to start with the   first two which are the front and rear demisters 
now my car's a voxel Corsa so they might be   different on your car so you should get used 
to your controls on your car or on your driving   instructor's car so I'm going to start with the 
first two which are the front and rear demister okay so the front demister is just here on the 
Corsa and we'll press this and you'll see it   lights up you can hear it also is blown into 
action after we turned it on hopefully without   losing any control then you'll be asked to 
switch it off as well so that's the front   you mister on the other side next to the other 
round button so it's quite easy to find is the   rear demister here and simply press that one 
you'll probably drive on for a few seconds   and then they'll ask you to switch it off so 
there's the front and rear demisters for you okay so next we're going to move on to lowering 
the driver's side front window and the buttons   just here press the button down window will go 
down if you hold it for a few seconds it would go   all the way down and a few moments later you'll be 
bringing it back up so hold the button let it go   after a few seconds and the window will go all the 
way up so moving on to the next show me question   and that would be when it's safe to do so show 
me how to Sound the Horn so this is a nice easy   one on the Vauxhall Corsa we would just press on 
there and as you can see that will Sound the Horn   okay guys so moving on to the windscreen washers 
now this is our wiper control and if we pull the   wiper control towards us we can see that washes 
the front screen and if we push it away from us   you won't be able to see this in a video but as I 
push it away from us it's washing the back screen okay finally we're moving on to the light switch 
as you drive along the examiner will say to you   okay when it's safe to do so I'd like to show 
me how to turn on the headlights on the course   of the light switch is just here and we turn 
it two clicks to the right one two our dipped   headlights are on and then a moment later 
we'll turn it two clicks back to the left   which will put it back on the automatic setting   okay moving on to the tell me questions 
now and probably the easiest way for me   to do this is read off the sheet and give you the 
answers and we'll do some demonstrations as well   um so there's 14 tell me questions and 
remember you can't fairly test it get   them wrong but first impressions count so do try 
and revise these questions and get to know them   um so question one is tell me how you check 
those brakes are working before starting a   journey and the correct answer to give is that 
the break should be tested as you set off the   brake should not feel spongy or slack and your 
vehicle should not fall to one side question two   is tell me where you find the information for the 
recommended tire pressures for this car and how   the tire pressure should be checked now this 
is one of the questions that people struggle   with because it's actually a five part answer so 
I would suggest putting this on a Post-It note   um the first party answer is the information is in 
the manufacturer's guide we should use a reliable   pressure gauge that's a gauge not a Gorge check 
and adjust the tires when the tires are cold check   the spare tire and remember to read your valve cap 
so that's the five parts of the answer to that one   um question three is an easy one tell me how 
you make sure your head straight is correctly   adjusted so it provides the best protection 
the event of a crash so the correct answer   here is that the rigid part of the HEPA strain um 
should be behind your eyes and ears and as close   to the head as comfortable and the reason for 
that last part is because some head restraints   are just backwards and forwards mine don't it 
just goes up and down but it's as close ahead   as possible or as comfortable um question four 
tell me how you check the tires to ensure they   have sufficient tread depth and that their General 
condition is safe to use on the road now this is   another one that pupils find really hard to learn 
and on your cheat that you can download you'll   notice that the first part of the answer I've 
put in bold because quite often pupils forget   to mention the first part of the answer so the 
first part of the answer is that there should   be no Cuts or bulges in the tire and the second 
part is that the tire should have at least 1.6   millimeters of tread depth across the central 
three quarters attire and all the way around um question five is tell me how you check 
the headlights and tail lights are working   um The Examiner will say to you don't need to 
exit the vehicle because uh a few years ago you   had to get out but you don't need to now um so 
your answer for this one would be that you would   turn the ignition on and your headlights on and 
then you'd walk around the vehicle and check that   they're working um as is to tell me question 
you don't have to physically check the lights   question six tell me how you know if there's a 
problem with your anti-lock braking system quite   an easy one this one and the answer you give to 
the examiner is that a warning light should come   up on the dashboard if there's a problem with 
your anti-lock braking system uh question seven   tell me how you check the direction indicators 
are working you don't need to exit the vehicle   um again fairly straightforward answer this you 
don't have to have the ignition on but the answer   would be a simple one that I put my hazard warning 
lights on and then I'd walk around the vehicle and   just check that all the indicators are working 
there has been occasions when the examiners   um have uh asked the pupil to actually do it 
using the indicator switch rather than the hazard   warning lights but I don't think that's likely to 
happen now because you don't have to physically do   the check um question eight uh tell me how you 
check the brake lights are working on the car   um so on this one we'd say I would turn the 
ignition on and then I press my brake pedal and   ask somebody to check for me or I could make use 
of Reflections in Windows or doors Etc um question   eight tell me how you check the power assisted 
steering is working before starting a journey   um so I'll actually demonstrate this one for you 
I'll turn my engine off for the moment so when the   engine is off the power steering feels very heavy 
and then if we check handbrake and neutral before   we restart the engine restart the engine once the 
engine started the steering feels much lighter so   that's how we would check the power steering the 
examiners may ask you to give a demonstration of   that they may not okay so it might be just enough 
to just explain it to them um question 10 tell me   how you switch on the rear fog lights and explain 
to me when you'd use them and again they'll say   to you don't need to get out of the vehicle so 
um we'd have to have the ignition on for this   so we would the answer we would give is I'd turn 
the ignition on and the headlights on and then   put the rear fog lights on and a warning light 
will come up on the dashboard and Rear Front   lights must only be used if visibility is less 
than 100 meters okay so that would be ignition   on headlights on fog lights on and only should 
be used when visibility is less than 100 meters   question 11 um this is the last one before we need 
to get out of the car so uh tell me how you switch   your headlight from dipped beam to main beam 
and tell me how you know the main beam is on   um well I'll demonstrate this one as well so 
I'll get the um ignition on turn my headlights   two clicks to the right and then for the main beam 
I use this stalk here push it forward and how I   know the main beam is on is because a blue light 
has appeared on the dashboard and that tells us   that the main beam is on okay so we're gonna get 
out the car now to do the last three questions   because these all involve opening the Bonnet 
um so we'll see you on the outside okay so the   next three questions all involve lifting up the 
Bonnet so to lift up the Bonnet fee down in the   passenger side here we've got this lever which I'm 
going to pull you might hear the Bonnet pop open   and then as it come out it's a good idea to 
close the door in case the wind catches the door Vauxhall core so it's quite easy to find 
where we open the Bonnet because there's   like a little Gap or a hole here so slide 
my hand in and this is what I was pressing   bring this up and then we have to move around 
slightly take the prop and pop it into here   so first of all underneath the body we're going 
to look at checking the oil and we will explain   to The Examiner that we would remove the dipstick 
take it out and wipe it and then put the dipstick   back in take it out again and check that your 
level is between minimum and maximum The Examiner   might then ask you where would you need to add 
the oil if it needed oil and we would point to   this one here um there's no need to touch anything 
don't get your hands dirty they don't want you to   touch anything you've got to get in the car and 
drive in a moment so just just point to whatever   you need to um the coolant is the next one so on 
the Corsa the engine coolant is just here and we   would just check that the level is between the 
minimum and maximum and that's all we need to   do so point to The Container explain it should 
be between minimum and maximum and then finally   the brake fluid over here and it's the same 
amount so point to this container and we explain   that the brake fluid level should be between the 
minimum and maximum so thanks for watching please   give us a like and share if you enjoyed the 
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