Will the Driving Examiner Try to Trick You

Hello and welcome to another short. Will the 
driving examiner try to trick you in the driving   test? Well here in the UK, I can definitely 
tell you, the answer is No! The Examiner will   not try to trick you during the test. You'll 
be asked to pull up on the left several times.   It's very important that you do listen to the 
examiner. They may say to you. "I'd like you   to pull up on the left somewhere conveniently 
safe." Now that is up to you to decide where to   stop and where not to stop.

So for example, you 
wouldn't stop on a driveway or a yellow line.   On the other hand, the examiner may say to 
you," I'd like you to pull up on the left   just behind that blue vehicle." In that case, it's 
not a trick. You should stop behind the vehicle,   regardless if there is a yellow 
line, regardless if there is a   driveway there. The Examiner is not there 
to trick you. Thanks for watching. bye!.