NEW! Show Me, Tell Me Questions 2024: UK driving test questions

Hello everybody I'm Chris. Today we're going 
through all the show me tell me questions,   also known as the vehicle safety questions. The 
examiner will ask you one tell me question at   the beginning of the driving test before you 
start driving, where you'd have to explain   how you'd carry out a safety task. You'll also be 
asked one show me question where you'd actually   have to show the examiner how you'd carry out 
a safety task while you're driving. The show me   question can be asked at any time during your 
test including the independent driving part.   If you get one or both questions wrong then you 
won't fail your test but you get one driving   fault or a minor as they're commonly called. 
I'm going to give you the full answers and   demonstrations using this Ford Puma which is 
currently one of the UK's best-selling cars.   So let's get started.

Firstly how to open the 
bonnet. There's three questions you might get   asked that involve you having to open the 
bonnet. I'm using a Ford Puma but a lot of   cars are similar. To open the bonnet of this car 
there's a catch just here on the passenger side.   Pull that. Then go around to the front of the car 
and to the left of centre there's another catch.   Just push that to the right and hold 
it as you start to lift the bonnet. Pull the bonnet stay up into the 
hole and make sure it's secure. Question number one.

Open the 
bonnet and tell me how you'd   check that the engine has sufficient 
oil. Now this is a tell me question,   you wouldn't have to physically do anything 
apart from open the bonnet, point at the   dipstick and explain to the examiner what I'm 
going to show you. You'd pull the dipstick out. It'll be covered in oil. So you'd get a 
cloth, wipe all the oil off, put it back in… Pull it back out and it will leave an oily 
mark on the dipstick between the minimum and maximum markers.

If it needs oil then it goes in here. Open the bonnet and tell me how 
you'd check that the engine has   sufficient engine coolant. The 
engine coolant is just here.   Check it down the side. The level should be 
between the maximum and minimum markings. You'd   open this only when it's cold to top it up. Never 
open it when it's hot as it could be dangerous. Open the bonnet and tell me how you check that 
you have a safe level of hydraulic brake fluid.   The brake fluid reservoir is just here. It has a 
little circle on the top in between brackets. You   can check it down the side. The brake fluid should 
be between the maximum and minimum markings. To close the bonnet, lift it slightly as 
you pull the bonnet stay out of the hole. Push it back into the clip. And then lower the bonnet. Mind your fingers   as you can drop the bonnet 
just before it's fully closed. Let's have a look at all the other tell 
me questions that you might be asked.   Tell me how you'd check that the brakes 
are working before starting a journey.   Now this is a tell me question but again I'm 
going to show you it just to help you remember.   Tell the examiner that you 
would drive forward slowly,   press the footbrake and it shouldn't feel spongy 
or slack.

Also the car shouldn't pull to one side. Tell me where you'd find the information for 
the recommended tyre pressures for this car   and how tyre pressures should be checked. 
Tell the examiner that you would check and   adjust all the tyres including the spare tyre 
when they're cold with an air pressure gauge. And don't forget to refit the valve caps after. 
Tyre pressure information can sometimes be found   in the car manual or there could be a sticker on 
either the drivers or passenger's door pillar.

Tell me how you make sure your head restraint 
is correctly adjusted so it provides the best   protection in the event of a crash. The 
head restraint should be adjusted so the   rigid part is at least as high as your eye 
or top of the ears and as close to the back   of your head as comfortable. If you do need 
to adjust it, there's a little button at the   base of the head restraint that you can press 
and then move the head restraint up or down. Tell me how you check the tyres to ensure 
that they have sufficient tread depth   and that their general condition is safe 
to use on the road. You would check all   the tyres with a tread depth gauge. The tread 
depth should be no less than 1.6 millimetres   across the central three-quarters breadth of the 

You check this all the way around the tyre. There also shouldn't be any 
cuts or bulges on the outside. Tell me how you check that the 
headlights and taillights are working.   You don't need to exit the vehicle. This is a 
tell me question but to help you remember it   I'm going to demonstrate what you'd tell 
the examiner. You turn the ignition on. Turn this once to the left 
for the dipped headlights   and then you'd walk around the car to check 
that the headlights and taillights are working. Tell me how you'd know if there was a 
problem with your anti-lock braking system   or A. B. S for short. You tell the 
examiner that if there was a fault   this ABS warning light would 
stay on when you start the car.

Tell me how you check the direction indicators 
are working you don't need to exit the vehicle.   Tell the examiner that you'd press the hazard 
warning lights button. It's identified by this   red triangle, then you'd walk around the car 
to make sure all six indicators are working. Tell me how you check the brake lights are working 
on this car. Another tell me question. Tell the   examiner that you would press the footbrake and 
either see reflections in windows or a garage door   or you can ask someone to help and 
check the brake lights are working. Tell me how you check the power assisted 
steering is working before starting a journey.   Again I'm going to demonstrate 
what you'd tell the examiner.   To check it's working I can give the steering 
a little pressure as I start the engine.   There's slight movement as the power steering 
begins to operate so I know it's working.

Also,   as soon as you move off you'll feel the 
steering is light to turn and not heavy.   Tell me how you'd switch on the rear 
fog light and explain when you'd use it.   You don't need to exit the vehicle. Tell 
the examiner that you would use the rear   fog light when visibility is less than 100 metres. To turn on the rear fog light you would 
firstly need to turn on the ignition.   Turn on the dipped headlights and then press 
this button here for the rear fog light.   Tell the examiner that you know it's on because 
you would see this warning light on the dashboard.   Don't forget to switch them off 
once conditions have improved.

Tell me how you switch your headlight from dipped   to main beam and explain how 
you know the main beam is on.   Tell the examiner that you'd have to turn on 
ignition. Then turn on the dipped headlights. Then push this stalk towards 
the dashboard for the main beam and tell the examiner that this blue warning 
light shows that the main beam is on. That's all the tell me questions. We're now going 
to have a look at all the show me questions.   You'll be asked one of these while driving but 
if you're unsure how to do it when driving on   the test then the examiner will ask you to pull 
up on the left when it's safe and convenient   and ask you to find the control.

It's a good idea 
to get familiar with where the controls are and   how to use them before you try it when driving. 
Let's go through each of the show me questions. When it's safe to do so can you show me 
how you wash and clean the rear windscreen.   Let's have a look at where the control is before 
driving. It's just here. Look for this symbol.   To use it, push it away from you, towards the 
dashboard and hold it as long as necessary   to wash the rear windscreen. The rear 
wiper turns on and off automatically.   You'll be asked this question when driving 
but just like all the other show me questions   only demonstrate it when it's safe 
and there's not much going on. When it's safe to do so can you show 
me how you wash and clean the front   windscreen. The control for this is on the 
same stalk as the rear windscreen washer.   This time you'll have to pull it 
towards you.

Hold it as long as   necessary to wash the front windscreen. 
The wipers turn on and off automatically.   Only use it when it's safe as it might be 
hard to see out the windscreen for a second. When it's safe to do so can you show me 
how you'd switch on your dipped headlights.   The switch for the dipped headlights is just down 
here. Turn it once to the left to turn them on. This light on the dashboard shows they're on.   Then turn it back once to the 
right for automatic headlights. When it's safe to do so can you show 
me how you'd set the rear de-mister.   The demister controls are all here. 
This button is for the rear demister.   Press it to turn it on. Don't forget 
to turn it off by pressing it again.

When it's safe to do so can you show me how you'd 
operate the horn. This is where the horn is.   When there aren't any other 
road users nearby just press it. When it's safe to do so can you show 
me how you demist the front windscreen.   Don't forget all the demister controls are here.   To demist the front windscreen press 
this button to direct air onto it.   That's a good demonstration for the driving test 
and don't forget to switch it back off after.   But if the windscreen is extremely 
misted up then press this max button.   If your car doesn't have a max button then direct 
air on the front windscreen again, turn the fan up and the temperature and turn 
on the air conditioning.

When it's safe to do so can you show me 
how you'd open and close the side window.   The controls are on the driver's 
door. The button on the right   is for the driver's window. Press 
it down to fully open the window. Pull it up to close the window   again. Only do it when it's safe and try 
not to look at the controls when driving.

Well that's the end of all the show me tell me 
questions. Hope you found it useful. We also   have a free quiz on our website that might 
help you learn all the answers to the show   me tell me questions. If you've got your 
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