What’s involved in the B+E test for caravanners

hi I'm Liz from Caravan guard insurance in this video we go through what's involved with the B&E test with towing solutions [Music] how long's the be precedes us take approximately an hour and turn now and 15 minutes you can book your beep let's see test by either going on the government websites or or tersely it goes through trading provider who will do all the paperwork for you administration book the test what the instructor are they the beanie test costs ability 115 pounds that said if you go on the test with no prior training there's a strong possibility you're not going to do very well probably failing it could go to an organization that gives you instruction yes it will cost more for the use of the instructor potentially the trailer of the tow car tries to instruct you it what you're getting the benefit of all that prior knowledge and the knowledge of how the test works you're likely to require to take a B or C test particularly if you took your driving test to drive car as Group B after January 1997 after then restrictions came in in terms of what you can tow and the size of what you can legally get so in terms of the Carolina [Music] the people C test involves primarily once you've arrived then you checked in the testing center going out with you examiner he'll then require you to do a reversing maneuver after that maybe a uncoupling and re coupling maneuver check in your vehicle over check in your trailer over make sure it's Road worthy and fit for the road section called the course show me tell me show me how you use your hole and how you check your horns working as an example one of the number of questions and then when you complete on the test sensor itself you don't do the on the road driving section which is the the bigger portion of the test probably fifty fifty five minutes long if you split those into different elements they can be moved around the in terms of order if the ten cents is very busy you might go out for the drive first bank come back do the reverse then on couple and couple so they can move them the segment's all around [Music] vaguer that's all you need to know about the B Placitas in the description of this video you can find links to the gov dot uk' website and also at owen solutions who we'd like so big thank you to and from our hints and tips why not head on over to the caravan guard blog thanks for watching [Music] [Applause] [Music]