Forward Bay Parking with Reference Points – Driving Test Manoeuvre

The examiner might ask you to drive forward into 
any bay on the left or right finishing within the   lines. You can choose which bay to drive into, 
so to make it easier, pick a bay where there   aren't any other vehicles nearby. If you want to 
drive into a bay on the right, then if it's safe,   position your car to the left so you have more 
space to swing into the bay and straighten up. This is the bay I've chosen. Now this is when I need to turn. The first line 
of the bay I want disappears into the car here. Make sure it's safe to turn first 
by checking the interior mirror,   right hand mirror, quick right shoulder check 
and signal if there's anyone to benefit. Now I'll steer full lock, maximum to the 
right, driving slowly but steering quickly. Once the car is in the bay and almost straight, 
straighten the steering back to the left.   You know when the car is straight as the dashboard   will look like it runs parallel 
with something in front of you.

Stop when this line touches 
the bottom of the mirror.   You might need to stop sooner if 
there's something sticking out   in front of you like a bush or another 
vehicle that's sticking out in your bay. On the driving test, you must stop 
before driving into the bay in front.   Parking brake on, select neutral. You're allowed 
to open your door to check if you're in the bay   as long as it's safe.

All reference points shown 
may look slightly different to you as it depends   on your height, seat position and the car 
you're driving but they will be similar.   If you're not in the bay then you're allowed to 
reverse and readjust it back in. But remember   to keep observing to make sure it's safe. 
You will probably get a driving fault for   correcting the manoeuvre but at least it won't 
be a serious fault for not being in the bay. The examiner will now ask you to reverse out to 
the left or right. Observe all around including   the rear window and if there isn't any vehicles 
next to you then you can steer immediately.   Reverse slowly and stop if anyone gets near you   but continue if it's safe. Straighten the 
steering. Make sure it's safe and drive on. If you want a bay on the left, then if it's 
safe, start away from the bay to the right.   When to turn into the bay is 
the same, just on the left side.

Observe, signal if necessary 
and if it's safe, turn. Watch this video next to find out how to 
parallel park using an imaginary slice of pizza.   As always, thanks a lot for watching. 
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