SHE DID IT!!! Learner Driver Shows How To Pass Your Driving Test

We done?
Yep. That's the end of the test. Right.
So, yeah. How do you think you did? I don't think anything awful happened. So do you think you passed or failed? I'm not sure because I don't know
what you're meant to do in order to pass. Right. Tash, I'm happy to tell
you that you've passed. Really?
Oh, my God.

Hey, guys, in today's video we have Tash, who is here to find out if
she can pass a driving test. Yeah, she's got a real test
coming up in a few weeks. Before we get started,
tell us about your driving. How many lessons and that have you had? Yeah, I've had about 10 hours
with an instructor, probably just over. And then I've been doing quite a lot
of driving with my friends and family. Okay, so you got about 1015 hours.
You got your own car? Yeah. No, not yet, but I've
just been driving in. Okay, cool. My friends cars, we're only about
10 hours with an instructor. Yeah.
Okay. Are you going to pass today? I hope so.
Need a pass? We haven't had a pass for a long time.
On the channel.

Any questions before we start? Okay, so, guys, Tash hasn't
driven in this area before. It's the first time she's
driving in Wolverhampton. And any of you that think you can pass one
of these driving tests or just when you're driving tested, drop me a message
on Instagram at DJN driving. And we just select learners randomly. Right then, tash, we're going to start
off with the tell me question. Could you tell me how you would check that
your power assisted steering is working? Yeah.
So when the car's, like off like this, the steering should feel heavy and you
won't be able to turn the wheel.

And then when the ignition is on, it
should turn really easily and feel light. That'll do. Right, so whenever you're ready,
you could move off. So we're not going to be
following the sat nav today. I'm going to make you
follow signs instead. Yeah.
Okay. And if I don't say anything,
just continue driving straight on. Okay.
She moves off with good observations. Remember, guys,
the examiner will be looking out for the right blind spot check whenever
you move off from a parked position.

End of the road, turn left, please. This is quite a sharp corner. Tash steers too early and our
back tire mounts the pavement. This wouldn't be a serious fault, just
a minor, so don't stress if this happens. No danger was. A sharp corner. Sorry. We'Re approaching a bend and because of the park cars, Tash has to position
to the right onto the other. Side of the road. She's keeping around a meter of space
from the park cars, which is what you should normally do,
but because of the bend, she should have slowed down a bit more
and positioned slightly closer to the cars, just in case any
vehicle is approaching from ahead. There was a vehicle approaching. Tash should have anticipated this. So, Tash, is there anything in your driving that you're not too
confident doing at the moment? I don't really know. I've been driving a couple
of different cars, so I don't know. I just think I need to get used to different roads because I've just got
so comfortable with my current roads. Cool. And then, like, getting used to different
cars, it's quite hard as well.

It does make it more difficult when
it's a different car in a different. Area, I think paying attention
to sort of signs and stuff. Like, I haven't seen a single speed limit sign since I've been here,
so I need to work on that a little bit. These two lanes merge into one,
so it's important to look out for anyone that could be overtaking,
like this gray car behind us. Tash checks the mirror as well. So what are you doing at the moment? Studying. Finished my studies and then, I mean, I'm. I'm that old to be dry because I had lessons when I was like 1718 for uni
and then had to then save for uni, so stopped then and then came home
and then saved again and then. Now is just a good time to. Get that license. Yeah, good. Get it done.
I'm enjoying it, though. I quite like driving. Turn right, please.

Tash positions really well at this right turn because of her positioning, vehicles
going straight ahead can pass on our left. You can see the yellow car parked
in the road that we are turning into. Just as we turn into the road,
there is an oncoming vehicle. Tash owes good awareness and holds back. Well. What happened?
Sorry? The lights never on your side, are they? Okay, so we've got a roundabout
coming up here now. Yeah. And at this roundabout I want you to go
straight ahead and take the second exit. Yeah.
And then follow signs to Warsall. Okay,
so there's no signs here, but as soon as you exit this roundabout,
there will be signs there.

Okay. Is it about a four, six, three. That can go both ways? So, yeah, we want
the a 460 towards Warsaw. Okay, so look out for Warsaw. This roundabout, she approaches well and shows good
lane discipline by keeping to the left. It. Again, good observations
before joining the carriageway. As we approach this crossing, there is plenty of space for our
vehicle after the crossing. It's good that Tash was thinking about not blocking the crossing,
but there is more than enough space.

Can I get bored? Here's. You know you're a good driver. If your instructor is risking a hot drink whilst you're driving,
take it as a complimentary. It. Right, sorry for interrupting the video,
but this is something really important for those of you who are learning
to drive or about to start. So on your driving lessons,
it's your instructor's job to give you the correct knowledge of the topic
before you go out and practice it. The driving instructor will take out their folder, iPad, tablet or whatever they use
and then start to explain everything about the topic that you're
going to be practicing. So this is where some instructors,
they don't explain enough. So you're basically doing a topic without the correct knowledge or some that go on
for ages and waste a lot of lesson time.

Now, this is where the ultimate
driving course comes in. So there's a video on every single topic. So, for example,
say if you're doing roundabouts, you watch the video on roundabouts
before you go to your lesson. So you're entering the car with the correct knowledge and you
know what you're supposed to be doing. This is obviously going to save a lot
of time on your lessons and most importantly, you're going
to have the correct knowledge. So to save time,
money and get ready for your driving test a lot quicker, I strongly recommend
downloading the ultimate driving course. That's it, really.
Let's get back to the video. Tash approaches and enters this roundabout well, but after entering,
instead of keeping to the left, he steers slightly towards the right,
into the center lane. Oh, my God.
You don't want to be next to that thing. Guess you donate buries.

No, it's just like, how does
it know where its back is? The signs are still saying Warsaw,
so that's a good sign. Now, for me, this was probably the most
impressive part of Tashi's driving. She notices a sign which tells us to get
into the right hand lane for Warsaw. She then notices the roundabout sign which
tells us that Warsall is straight ahead. She then questions why the signs told her to get into this lane if there is no left
turn and we are going straight ahead. This shows me that she hasn't experienced this before and rather than staying quiet
like a lot of learners do, is asking why this is a sign
of a good pupil who is keen to learn.

It's all sort of straight ahead.
Second exit. Yeah, it's a first exit, straight ahead.
Okay. There's no left exit. Okay. See what you just did there?
Yeah. That's absolutely fine doing
on your real test as well. I swear, the signs told
me to get in this lane. They, like, pointed, but, I don't know. Making things up just to let you know.

The signs were telling you
to get in this lane for wars. They were.
Okay, cool. Why then, if, like, there's no. Okay, so left hand. Good question. Basically, it's for after the roundabout. Is there another roundabout?
No. The left lane heads off towards a Hampton,
and the right lane goes to Warsaw. So if you use this lane from here now,
you'll exit onto the correct lane. You understand?
Yeah. Good. So this kind of stuff you probably
haven't dealt with over there yet. This is a good damning point. If you could park up anywhere
safe on the left, please. She parks up well by using the mirror
signal maneuver routine in the correct order and not rushing
for the clutch pedal. And move off when you're ready. So, Tasha, what's the worst thing you've done on your driving lessons or
driving with a family member? Haven't actually done anything too well on
my driver's lessons, but trying to think. I got my first middle finger
from the driver last weekend, and it's because the l plates
fell off the front of my car.

Off the front of the car. And so they just didn't know.
But I was the learner, so I think they're just a bit more,
like, nasty to you, aren't they? And I was going down, like,
a really thin bridge, and it's like, you have priority, but they had priority,
but I was already on the bridge, and then they drove onto the bridge,
and I was like, I'm not going to move.

And then they flicked me off,
and I was like, okay, leave me alone. I'm just a learner. So did you give the middle finger back?
No, I didn't. I just was the bigger person.
Sorry. I was just like, sorry. Tash positions well at this crossroad
because of our good position, vehicles that are going straight ahead
have enough space to get past on our left it, again, really good
positioning at this right turn. As she positions in the marked area. For our turning stop.
Okay. Tash does the emergency stop well, her braking is firm, and she remembers to
check both blind spots before moving off. Stop. We stopped. Okay, and move off when you're ready. Please. Thank you. Yes, we did stop you. I may done that once. Is it a 40? I feel like it might be a 40. You know, I say you can ask questions. What questions can you ask?
Not those ones. Yeah, not those ones. You know, when you asked
daily about direction.

That's okay.
Okay. Stuff like this,
I'm going to have to guess. I'm going to guess 30
because of the driveways. Yeah, that's it.
Good. So you know where there's street lights?
Yeah. I can't always trust it, can I?
Okay. When it's safe to do so. If you could park up on the right
hand side of the road, please. I've asked her to do the parking on the right maneuver and this was
the closest hash got to failing a test. She parks opposite another vehicle. This narrows the space
in the road for passing vehicles. It. Thank you.
And if you could reverse two columns now.

Okay. That's not okay. Does it move down anymore?
Is that what the service. Down it goes?
It must be the service. Down it goes.
That's fine. Before reversing, she does check all
around, including out of the back window. But whenever she stopped for the oncoming vehicles, Tash didn't look
out the back window again. And another thing to be aware of is
that you always have to stop for the oncoming vehicles as you
are on their side of the road. The vehicles approaching from behind don't
normally affect us whilst we are reversing because they are on the
other side of the road. But if you're in a situation like this where there are parked vehicles
on the opposite side of the road, you may need to stop for them
if they are getting quite close.

Luckily for Tash, this road is wide enough for those vehicles to pass
without us having to stop it. It. As she's finishing up reversing, Tash stares to the left and is
slightly wide from the curb. She does tell me that she hasn't yet
covered this maneuver with her instructor. Oh, my God.
I'm going further away. Is that far enough?
Yeah, that's fine. Yeah. And move off when you're ready. Please think you're doing so far it.

Okay. I forgot to mention, I've never done that reverse thing before,
so that was my first time. Oh, was it?
So I think I might have. I don't know. I think everything else has been fine,
but I don't know that one. That's one of the driving test I. Know my driving test is. So again, really good positioning at this crossroad and she doesn't
panic when the lorry flashes. What? Yeah, because it's so much further forward
than we thought it was going to be. We just haven't got a chance of it. Now.
Here, someone sounds a horn. It wasn't at us. I think it scares Tash a little. Don't know why I say that sound. Sorry. Now I'm going to ask Tash the show
me question, which she does well.

Okay, Tash, when it's safe to do so, could you show me how to wash
the front windscreen, please? Thank you. I wanted to end the test here,
but Tash just didn't want to stop. Tasha, park up. Anywhere safe on the left, please. It feel like might have missed
an opportunity there. Not just once. There kept being bends, like, in the road. In, like, bends,
maybe slight little curves. Safety first. Tash does eventually park up, and it's time to tell her that she's
passed something I don't say too often. Thank you.
And if you could close your window.

Please. And switch off the engine.
We done? Yes.
That's the end of the test. Right.
So, yeah. How do you think you did? I think the general driving was okay. I don't think anything awful happened. So do you think you passed or failed? If it wasn't for the maneuver,
I'd say I passed, but I'm not sure because I don't know what you're meant
to do in order to pass on. You did say you're under
the maneuver before. Yeah.
Right. Tash, I'm happy to tell
you that you've passed. Really?
Oh, my God. We've finally had a pass on the channel.
That's so good. Brilliant.
That was a very, very good drive. Yeah, a really good drive. Like what?
You were right. The closest you came to failing was
that maneuver, the reversing part. So what was the.
Just the observations, really? You were a little bit wide.
Yeah. Just instead of steering to the.
And then I realized. I was like.

But then the observation, Jeff. So your checks at the back, you were so
focused on staying close to the curb. Make sure you turn your head
around and check around the back. You did do it before reversing.
Yeah. But then every time you stopped,
so you had to stop for the oncoming cars. Brilliant.
Check again. You know, the cars that were overtaking,
they don't normally really affect us because they'd be on the left hand side of
the road and we're on the right hand side. Yeah, but those park cars.
There's a park cars.

So just be careful. The road was still wide.
Enough. If it was any narrower, you could have got a serious fault
for not stopping for those cars. Okay.
But that was it. Apart from that, there's nothing that. No minor faults that kept happening. All these are like good points.
Okay, cool. Yeah.
So obviously the stealing at the start. Like at the very first bend when. It'S quite tight corner, and then after
there's park cars and there was a bend and, yeah, you were avoiding the park
cars, but you should have been a bit more aware that somebody could come
around that bend like they did. You should have positioned
a bit more to the. Yeah. My instructor always says that I
go too wide when there's cars.

It's because I'd rather
be too wide than not. That's absolutely fine when there's no
incoming cars, but when you're approaching a bend, anticipate somebody coming
around that bend quite fast. There was a vehicle there, but
they could obviously see our position. Yeah, they did. Slow down a little bit.
Okay. Just be careful. So that and the maneuver with the two
of the closest things you got to failing. Okay.
Apart from that, a really good drive. Really good.
Yeah. I would be gobsmacked if
you failed your actual test. You've jinxed it. To drive in a whole new
area in a different car. The route wasn't the easiest.
You did really well. Thank you.

Those crossroads that you said
you haven't done much before. Brilliant.
Yeah. And especially your knowledge on those,
the Warsaw signs where you're like, okay. It just shows that the level
of understanding you have because you're like, so why is he asking
me to get in this lane? Warsaw straight ahead, which is brilliant. Mainlanders wouldn't even. So they just do as the instructor says.

But, you know, when you question.
Just want to know the why. That's brilliant.
Thank you. Well, then.
Right, tash, thank you. Thank you very much for coming down to the
mock test and good luck for your driving. I'm pretty sure you're not
going to need it, though. Yeah.
Okay. And guys, like always,
thanks a lot for watching. That's the back camera.
It just fell off. Yeah.
Good timing. Thanks a lot for watching. Don't forget to like and subscribe
and I'll see you in the next video..