No Picture on 32″ LED TV Screen | Not CKV Issue, VON is not output from SM4186 IC , LSC320AN10-H07

When this 32-inch LED TV is turned on, a dim light appears on the screen. With the stroke of the hand, Light is scattered on the screen. So there is no image, & no graphics on the screen. Dear viewers & all my steamed subscribers I am M.A. Mustafa from Ornate Peexels, Welcome you all to today's video on LED TV repair. According to the symptom, first, we measure the power supply voltage of the panel. Voltage in 12 Volts. VCC 3.4 Volts or about 3.3 volts OK AVDD 15 Volts but here are only 5.1 volts VON or VGH there is no voltage, but here will be around 30 volts. Dear friends, we understand that there are missing 30 volts of VON. So we need to understand VON voltage is output from which pin of the IC. Look here, VON voltage will be output from pin 41. there will be 30 volts. to collect the datasheet of SM4186 IC & know details you can visit Ornate Pixels' website the link is in the video description. Well, We found that, VON is output from pin 41 and there 2 filter capacitors connected from VON to ground.

So if this capacitor is shorted the VON voltage will not be output so let's measure from pin 41 to the ground. Dear friends, we have found a short circuit here, so let's open this 2-filter capacitor. OK Now let's measure again. Very nice, No more short circuits now, so I am connecting a 4.7uF capacitor for testing. well now hope VON voltage will be okay 33 volts, very nice Now let's see, what happens on the screen.

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