Helping you stay safe on Britain’s roads: DVSA’s strategy for 2017 to 2022

with a driver and vehicle Standards Agency or DV FA as part of the Department for Transport we're helping you stay safe on Britain's roads we do this in three ways we'll make sure you have the information you need to learn to drive such as how to choose the best instructor new drivers need to be trained by highly skilled instructors so we'll continue improving the standards for driving instructors Theory tests and driving tests we'll keep up to date with vehicle and technology changes to make sure you learn the skills you need to drive safely we'll make it more convenient to take your tests at a time and place that suits you and will work with other organizations to make it easy for you to keep your knowledge and skills up to date for the rest of your driving life we'll make sure you know what checks to do throughout the year to be sure your vehicle is safe when it's time for your MOT we'll make it easier for you to get it done on time and know where you can get it tested testing will keep up with changes in vehicle technology so all types of vehicle tests will check the right things at the right time to keep your vehicle safe we'll continue to professionalize the MOT industry so you're confident that your vehicle is being tested by a qualified expert to the right standard we'll open up our data about vehicle testing so that it's easier to make decisions about the next vehicle you buy and how to keep your vehicle safe between em OTS will investigate whether commercial vehicle operators with excellent safety standards should be given permission to test their own vehicles so they can keep their fleets moving effectively will investigate the consequences of unsafe drivers and vehicles and will do more to stop them from causing accidents in the first place we'll work with vehicle manufacturers to prevent vehicle safety defects but we'll continue to make sure any vehicles with safety defects are recalled and fixed quickly we'll encourage commercial vehicle operators to share their data with us so we can leave the best operators to go about their business will target our inspections and roadside checks at those most likely to be a danger to your safety we'll stop operators and drivers who deliberately put you at risk from using our roads working with our partners will find and prosecute anyone who tries to keep the systems that are in place to keep you safe whether that's people giving a legal driving instruction cheating is a theory test or fraudulently passing vehicles at an MOT we have a clear vision for the future safer drivers safer vehicles safer journeys for all