One Day Until the Driving Test

Hello, I'm Chris. In this video, you're 
going to see Ayaz take a mock driving test.   He's got his real driving test tomorrow and wants 
this mock test as a practice run. Any faults made   will be shown on screen in real-time and explained 
as they happen to help you learn from them   To help you even more, I'll also be giving you 
commentary at key moments during the drive.   Ayaz has had 43 hours of driving lessons 
and no private practice. So let's meet him   and find out how he feels about his driving 
test. I'm feeling pretty confident. I think, erm,   I think the main thing for me is just uh keeping 
focus like um I think, just keep on planning ahead   and I think, uh yeah, I think 
I should be good I reckon.

Yeah   I think if I was gonna fail for 
something I think it'll probably be, um,   meeting traffic, just because that requires a 
bit more planning ahead. And would it make a   big difference to your everyday life getting your 
license tomorrow? Uh, at the start, I just, once   I get it, probably not, but you know once, when 
I, when I like finished uni and stuff then, uh   yeah then, uh hopefully I'll get my own 
car and then, yeah, then it'll be good.   You're allowed up to 15 driving faults during 
the test, often called minor faults.

These   aren't potentially dangerous, but if you keep 
making the same fault throughout your test then   it could become a serious fault. Get a serious 
or dangerous fault and it's a driving test fail.   A serious fault is something that could 
potentially be dangerous and a dangerous faults   involves actual danger to either yourself, 
the examiner, another person or property. Have a look at our free online driving 
modules on our website for tips on how   to deal with junctions, roundabouts and 
the different driving test manoeuvres.   Don't forget, it's completely free! 
There's a link in the description below.   Let's catch up with Ayaz as he's 
about to start his mock driving test. Tell me how would you check the brake lights are 
working. So, uh, you would uh, press on the brake   and then uh, you'd either check in like 
reflections in the mirror or have a friend and uh,   they'll go back and they'll tell you if your 
brake lights are working or not.

It should   like come up red, so yeah. Okay, thanks. So, we're 
going to follow directions given by the sat nav.   I'll let you know when the independent driving's 
finished. Drive on when you're ready then please. Ayaz got off to a good start by 
getting the tell me question correct.   All round observations were great and 
he reacted well to the oncoming vehicle. He's planning ahead well, being ready for more 
oncoming vehicles. You might have noticed how   Ayaz prefers to cross his arms when steering. As 
long as you keep the car in control when doing   this then you won't get any faults for it on 
your driving test. After 100 yards turn right. Good checks of the mirrors and signal timing. A very busy first junction. It's at 
junctions like these where you'll be   waiting and maybe start worrying about 
if you've missed any chances to go.   But be patient, stay calm and just 
take a safe opportunity to go.

Patience pays off and good observations. Keep an eye on the speed when driving 
downhill. The car picks up speed so quickly. Ayaz has to turn left at 
the roundabout first exit. It's a busy roundabout today. 
Ayaz is observing early. And takes a good opportunity. After 300 yards turn left. When it says bear left, it means turn left, okay?   It can be a bit confusing when the sat nav 
says bear left, as it can mean turn left or   just follow the road round to the left. The 
examiner will help if it's misleading and   don't forget to have the occasional glance at 
the screen. Good mirror checks before signals. Pull up on the left in a safe place please. Nice parking. Drive on when you're ready. Make sure when moving off that you don't cause 
another driver to slow down, stop or swerve. Ayaz waits for a safe and comfortable opportunity   and while he's waiting he's updating himself all 
the time, checking the mirrors and the blind spot. Good mirror checks before moving out around the 
parked car.

At the end of the road turn left. It's getting tight ahead but Ayaz keeps 
it slow and judges the gaps really well. Turn left A little bit tricky to see here 
but Ayaz is really observing well.   Looking both ways and double checking, triple 
checking, to make sure it's safe. There was a   slight roll back at that last junction, but 
it was so slight it wasn't worth a fault. Good road position. the last signs just showed us that the next bend 
has an advisory maximum speed of 20 miles per hour Ayaz   is keeping a good safe distance 
away from the vehicles in front.   There's no advantage getting really close to them.

Ayaz forgot to check the mirrors 
before moving out around this vehicle.   It's important to check for anyone 
overtaking you, especially motorcyclists.   This is a driving fault. 
You're allowed 15 of these.   Although if you keep making the same fault then 
it will become a serious fault and a test fail. He keeps a good safe distance 
away from the van in front. Ayaz is turning right at the traffic lights 
and gets into a good position. Turn right. The markings are faded. They're showing 
a nearside to nearside position. Always keep an eye on the sat 
nav screen. At the top of it,   it shows you how far away your next turn 
is and which direction you need to turn. Ayaz slowed down well for the cyclist 
and kept a safe distance but should have   checked the interior mirror before slowing 
down to see how close following traffic is.

The sat nav shows that at the end 
of the road he needs to turn right   and at the end of that road, 
he also needs to turn right. At the end of the road, turn right, then   take the third right. Ayaz anticipates the van 
well, checks the interior mirror and slows down. He's going to be turning right at 
the next set of traffic lights.   He'll then be turning right again, 
so he's in the correct lane. At the end of the road turn right, then take 
the third right. Turn right. Because the signs   and markings allow you, you can actually turn 
right in the left-hand lane here, but because   he's going to be turning right again very soon, 
it's easier to stay in the right-hand lane.

After 100 yards, turn right. Good checks. Turn right. There's two lanes for 
turning right. He's not overtaking,   so he's kept in the correct lane. The hill start lacked a bit of gas but at least 
it didn't stall. Now he just needs to keep in the   left-hand lane as he goes round to the right 
as there could be other vehicles next to him.   He kept in position and good checks at 
the end as the lanes merge into one. After 300 yards turn right. Good mirror checks, but Ayaz 
should signal before changing   lanes to tell other road users, rather than after. Turn right. It's a big crossroads and Ayaz positions 
the car in the correct position.

After 300 yards, cross the 
roundabout and take the first exit. He judged the gap really well.   Don't forget, the tighter the road, the 
slower you should drive and he judges this   really well. Turn right on the roundabout 
and take the third exit, then turn left. Ayaz forgot to check the interior and right mirror 
before moving out around this parked vehicle.   Turn left. Good mirror checks. It's just making it a habit,   keeping up-to-date with what's ahead 
of you, to the sides and behind. Good speed through here, it's quite 
tight. After 200 yards, turn left,   turn left. A good turn without swinging out. When it's safe I'd like you to pull up on 
the right-hand side of the road please.   The pulling up on the right-hand side of the road 
manoeuvre and then reversing two car lengths.   Turn left, then at the end of the road, turn 

Ayaz observed well before moving over.   Okay, thanks. And pulled up 
on the right successfully. Now I'd like you to reverse 
roughly two car lengths,   keeping it reasonably close to the kerb please. Good all round checks before starting. A nice slow speed. The examiner 
tells you when to stop.   Okay, you can stop there thanks. Drive on when you're ready please. A good manoeuvre, no problems. After 90 yards, turn left then at 
the end of the road turn right. Really good early observations and 
well prepared for the junction. Pull up on the left in a safe place please, you 
can ignore the driveways this time. Turn right. Nice parking. Time for a hill start. 
Drive on when you're ready please. I'm really pleased Ayaz spotted 
this car in the mirrors. And a good hill start without rolling back. Nice control and mirror checks. Turn right. Ayaz emerged out of this road a little 
late and he got a bit close to this car.   It's a driving fault this time, but 
something he needs to be careful of   and that's getting the timing right so 
that you don't affect or scare anyone.

Keep planning ahead, scanning the road,   looking out for any potential 
hazards, road markings or signs. I'm pleased Ayaz noticed the 40 mile per hour 
sign. After 300 yards turn right. But before   accelerating, you should check the mirrors first 
in case someone's about to, or is overtaking you.   Turn right. A good turn and the speed limit 
is still 40 miles per hour. After 400 yards you have reached 
your destination on your left. You have reached your destination on 
your left. Okay, that's the end of the   independent driving. I'll direct you from here. 
Ayaz notices the speed limit sign but slows down   too much. Luckily he didn't affect anyone behind 
or otherwise this would have been a serious fault.   There was also the 30 sign that came up um and 
I kind of braked quite hard yeah, that one,   like I think it was because um that 
it was kind of covered with like,   a like, like a branch or something like this   and I thought, oh it must be saying 40. 
But then I just realised that last second.

At the roundabout, follow the 
road ahead please, second exit. Ayaz will need to keep in 
the left-hand lane for this. Ayaz kept in position but forgot to check the 
mirrors and signal to exit the roundabout.   I think um yeah, there was one roundabout. I 
was going ahead and forgot to signal to exit. At the end of the road, turn left 
please. Ayaz mentioned at the start   of the test that meeting traffic could 
be something he might fail his test for.   He might meet some traffic on this road 
and there's not much of the test left now. Good observations. Take the next road on the right please. 
Ayaz moved into this space but should   have checked the mirrors before 
moving over in case of any cyclists.   If he makes any more faults in this category, 
then it will be a serious fault and a test fail. The markings are a bit faded here but he just 
needs to follow the road it round to the left. Ayaz did well and checked the 
mirrors before moving back out. I'd like you to pull up on the left just 
before that black car down there please.   Try and get reasonably close to it, but 
leave enough room to get back out again.   You can ignore the driveways this time.

Unfortunately, despite some good parking earlier 
during the test. Drive on when you're ready   please. This time he's hit the kerb. This is 
a serious fault. If you just touch the kerb   then I have seen some examiners in the past give 
just a driving fault. But hitting the kerb could   damage your tyre and wheel. The other thing, I 
think on one of the uh parking up on the left,   I think one of them I clipped the kerb, the 
tyre that one, oh that was, that's not me. Ayaz judges the gap really well. At the roundabout, turn right second exit please. Ayaz timed it well with good mirror checks. Take the next road on the left 
please. Good mirror checks. Ayaz slows down to a good safe speed. You never know what's in the next 
road that you're turning into. Take the next road on the right. Next road on the left please. Pull up on the left in a safe place please. Ayaz parks really well. Alright, you can switch off now. 
That's the end of the test.

Cool.   How do you think you've done? Ah I know I made 
some faults. Ayaz got a total of 10 driving faults   and one serious on this mock driving test. 
Unfortunately, he wasn't successful today.   We continued to chat about what went well 
and the areas that need a little improvement.   Thanks to Ayaz for taking part and thanks to you 
for watching. Please like and subscribe if you   found this video helpful. In the meantime, 
take care on the road and bye for now!.