How I Spend my Google Salary | Software Engineer Living in Bengaluru

Hi everyone, I am Fraz. And I've been working at Google for the past 1 year. In this video, I'll tell you how I spend my salary, living in Bangalore. So the first expense is house rent, now it varies very much, some people live in PG, some share flats, and those who have to make videos,
get individual houses.

So it starts from somewhere around 10,000, you'll get a very good pg in 10,000,
with maintenance and everything included. Besides, there's no limit on flats in Bangalore specially, so when I started searching houses, I was shocked, I mean there were houses of 80-90-100 thousand on rent. So I got a decent house, it's a one BHK apartment. So my rent is 16,000, maintenance is 2.5 thousand, and around 500 is the electricity bill. So it is around 19,000 per month.

Okay. Besides, it's up to you, you can spend as much as you want. I will tell you another thing here, there's a security deposit, when you rent a house, so there's a security deposit of around 6 months, right, but my owner is very good, so he did not charge me this. Others have to give it. And you don't have to give this amount in PGs. Next expense is, food. Now what happens is, you get Google's food in Google, which is very delicious, and whenever I got to office, I have food at Google, breakfast and lunch. I usually do dinner after coming home.

But there are few a days when I am not going to office, on those days, I have to order my food, there are three meals, and for one meal it's almost
200 including delivery charge and everything. The other alternative, that people usually prefer is, to keep a cook, they have a cook, and they get healthy food. I was not able to keep a cook because I am usually at office, or went outside for weekends, so this is the reason, and I am living alone, so I think for me individually, cook's expense is too much. Cook is better in sharing. So if I tell broadly, the food's expense is around 9000 per month.

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Definitely you can register, and check it out. Alright, now let's move on in the video. Next is one of the most important thing, that is, travelling. I travel usually on weekends, either I go to a college, so a trip to airport happens on weekends, or I go to meet someone, on weekends, so the cab charges here are very high, so it is almost around 1000. And if you consider eight weekends in a month, so almost around 8000 is spent on cabs.

It is better to have a vehicle, but the traffic's problem is there, so I don't prefer that, you can definitely save that, so you can travel in buses, you can do rapido, rapido is the bike, it has very less charges. I prefer cab, or auto, that's why it gets high. So you can save all of these things. Now people like to travel very much, they take trips, Chikkamagaluru, Munnar, Pondicherry, etc. But I am not able to take so many trips, my trips are usually college trips, so when a college invites me, I go there. Besides, whenever I go to meet an old friend, or someone in Bangalore, so almost two times a month, not more than that.

There is a little bit expense there, and that is around 2000, either lunch or dinner. So we can assume, your expense in outing can be around 4000. But if you love travelling, you can easily be spending around 8-10,000. Next is lifestyle. In this, if I like to play sports, so I go to badminton, book its court, is one of the expense, then I go to swimming, so these are little expense, not much, and it will be somewhere around, 1000, because usually whenever I go, I go with someone else, so there's a little bit of sharing. It is around 1000 per month. Okay, after that, shoppings. Sometime I go shopping, get some t-shirts, or shoes or whatever. So there are little expenses in that, which is around 5000 per month, if we are working so hard, then a little bit of expensive is just. So I am spending around 46-50,000 living in Bangalore, which is too much, because Bangalore is a little expensive, and the second thing is, I am living alone, if you live in sharing, a lot of your expenses are shared, people can also get their expenses under 20,000, and there are people living with this expense, so it all depends upon you, how you spend, so these are expenses, now what do you do with the remaining salary? So I divide the remaining salary in two parts, in the ratio of 80-20, I keep 20% as a liquid money, if I require it someday, in emergency.

Or if I have to buy something, so I keep it liquid, and I invest the 80% of the remaining. I do very safe investments, in safe projects, or in very safe mutual funds, I invest. So I don't have that much knowledge, but with time, I'll gain that knowledge and then invest properly after that. So these are my expenses, but everyone has individual expenses, living in Bangalore, I gave you a broad idea. So, yes, this is it for the video, hit the like button, and if you're new to the channel, Subscribe to the channel. Let's meet in the next video..