Forward Planning – the #1 Skill You Need To Pass! | Learn to drive: Driving Test Tips

[Music] in this video we want to keep things simple and give you our number one tip to pass your driving test no top 10 just the number one tip if you can master this one aspect of driving it will prevent almost all of the other mistakes from happening and give you a much higher chance of passing first time before we start if you would like to watch our next video as soon as it's released then subscribe to our channel now and click on the notification bell also if you have any questions then please leave a comment and we will reply as soon as we can [Music] every year the DVS I published the official list of the most common reasons driving tests are failed but almost all of their faults on the list could be prevented if the driver gave themselves more time to react more time makes everything easier such as judging other traffic checking mirrors changing gear braking smoothly etc inexperienced drivers can be easily surprised and find it difficult to handle a tricky situation they haven't seen before however experienced drivers just seem to have more time to use when they spot a hazard so what are they doing differently to give themselves more time it's called forward planning forge planning is the ability to look ahead and take notice of what is happening as spot hazards difficult situations or anything that will force us to take action we all use forward planning to a certain extent after all we can already look forward spot junction ahead and plan how much distance we will need to brake for a give way line what is important is how far we forward plan 20 meters ahead will give very little advance warning 50 meters is a little better but if possible we should look at least 100 meters ahead of our car if we can look 100 meters ahead of us observe carefully and plan what we need to do to keep safe we will find it far easier to react to whatever we see we need to be able to take notice of what is happening around us and in front of us as far as our eyes can see we shouldn't concentrate on any single point but instead keep our eyes moving and think about what we can see take notice of anything that could become a hazard or cause a difficult situation checking our mirrors regularly is also useful so we are aware of any vehicles near us once we spot a situation ahead we should take whatever action is necessary such as changing our speed gear or Road position it is always much easier to do this when we have space and time to think so the earlier we can spot the hazard the better for the last 10 years the most common reason to file a driving test has been poor observation at junctions if we can use good forward planning to spot the approaching Junction as early as possible then we can make it much easier to handle the junction safely once we spot the junction ahead we can start breaking change into a suitable gear and still have plenty of time to assess the traffic flow and decide what to do sometimes we can spot a safe gap and keep rolling or if we do need to stop at the give-way line we can use our forward planning skills to decide when it's best to go here are a few more situations that will benefit from forward planning pedestrians can be unpredictable so we must be prepared for them to cross the road in front of us even if it's not a pedestrian crossing we may need to give way to them if necessary we are especially cautious of children as they might not look for traffic before crossing traffic lights can change at any moment so we should plan from what could happen if it's showing green we consider our approach speed and how much distance we would need to stop in case it changes to Amber if it shows red we get our car ready to go so we can move away properly [Music] traffic light controlled crossings that have pedestrians waiting as we approach unlikely to change if we see the wait light illuminated on the crossing control board this will give us another clue that we might need to stop in urban areas there are often parked cars at the side of the road when outside of the road is blocked we must plan for meeting oncoming traffic and give way when needed if Park cars are on the other side of the road anticipate having to slow down or stop to allow an oncoming vehicle to maneuver into a space between cars when approaching a roundabout we must plan ahead to keep safe we need to decide which lane to use and get into it at the correct time our approach speed should vary depending on the amount of visibility we have so when our view to the right is blocked we must slow right down in case we need to give way to a vehicle on the right if turning right we also need to plan where we will change lanes before taking our exit doing any of these things without forward planning could surprise other drivers and put us in danger so it doesn't matter where we are driving good forward planning is an essential skill to keep safe whether we are trying to pass a cyclist here an emergency vehicle or driving through a busy residential area we should look ahead as far as we can and consider what could happen if we lose concentration or miss something we could find ourselves in this situation that forces us to swerve or brake suddenly but if we forward plan effectively this will very rarely happen we hope we have shown that good forward planning will make almost any situation easier to handle which will really help anyone taking their driving test on the test the examiner will be looking for us to take every opportunity to look see and act on what's happening around us we need to recognize the potential hazards that other road users and pedestrians can present and act accordingly if their hazard develops if we need to adjust our speed or Road position we always use the MSM routine to ensure everyone's safety [Music] so remember to look at least 100 meters ahead recognize any potential hazards consider what is likely to happen and adjust our speed or Road position it needed [Music] if you found this video 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