Real Practical Driving Test ||Thornbury Test Routes|| Bradford||

Hello and welcome to five draft school of motoring 
it's Muhammad i hope you guys are doing great   this is another real test video for my students Lamin He passed his test first time 
with us with just a three minor mistakes   The time of the test was 08:10 and the 
test centre was Thornbury. Let's watch his test video Okay, right Lamin is at the test centre now the 
test centre is located on the right hand side   And um yeah they're just going to start the 
driving test so he is just going to move off   So no manoeuvre was done at the start so 
he's just going to move out off the car park Out of the car park and he's going to be 
told to turn left at the end of the car park   Again as the speed limit will be mentioned 
at the top left corner throughout this video Okay so he's going to be taking left turn here 
and here you need to keep to the left there is   No road marking on this road but you can see crack 
throughout that road so that is the centre of the road So you need to keep to the left and this 
lane is quite narrow as well so um so you need to   Be slow so he's coming up to the roundabout this 
is where he's going to be turning left to take   First exit and then examiner will tell Lamin to 
keep to the right behind that white car in front   Again examiner will tell you where you 
need to go so you just need to listen carefully  Okay so sometimes they can say keep 
to the left keep to the right but when you   keep to the right normally you will be going 
into the most right lane like Lamin is now   And now when Lamin is gona to go through this 
set of light which you can see ahead   He going to be asked to stay in the second 
lane from the right okay.

So again you don't   Need to get confused about that uh i'm sure 
you should practice that with the instructor   But you just don't have to signal anything 
just check centre mirror left mirror and get   Into this lane and just follow that lane now 
this lane is going to take you to the right So the speed limit has changed at 30 MPH a bit ago 
and now it's going to change to 40 miles an hour just here If you keep going straight it will 
still be 40 but Lamin is going to be asked to   Take the next road on the left so as soon as you 
turn left the speed limit will change to 30 miles an hour You can see that board on the left hand 
side so it has just changed to 30 miles an hour Right so he's coming up to the traffic lights,
this is where he's going to be told to turn right As you can see the road marking he stayed 
in the right lane here because you can see the   Traffic light there's no filter light at all 
so it's going to stop here and give it the   On coming traffic the light has changed to red 
so he has to clear the junction which he does   So yeah it was dealt with nicely just keep an 
eye on the filter life is on you can just go without stopping At this mini roundabout is going 
to be going straight ahead to take second exit   And there is a sign board on the left hand side 
which is facing the other way.

I've stopped the   video here so you can see speed limit is 20 
miles an hour. Okay but sometimes examiners   Do tell you this is a 20 miles an hour zone so 
yeah just in case they don't just be very careful   Just going to be asked to pull 
up on the left somewhere safe And here Lamin is going to be asked to move 
off park next to the car in front and reverse   Behind it so they're going to carry out a reverse 
parking exercise.

Again examiner will tell you to   finish this manoeuvre within two card length 
space and keep reasonably close to the curb   So he does that manoeuvre quite nicely i'm gonna 
fast forward it so there was nothing wrong so he   He did his observation which was required 
he uh kept reasonably close to the curb   And he does the manoeuvre perfectly fine As you can see the manoeuvre is done so he 
is going to be asked by the examiner again   To move off and then he'll be told 
to take the next road on the left And then he's going to be taking 
the next road on the left again And now examiner will tell Lamin to 
pull up on the left somewhere safe   Examiner will ask you to do that about three to 
four times uh during your test, so it's just going   To be parking here.

It's just a hill start so they 
just want to test your move off on a hill really   So you normally will have to do one hill 
start depends on which which test route you get   And he is going to be asked to move 
off again when it's safe to do so Okay the top of this road is the T-junction 
so he's gonna be asked to turn left here And at the end of this road he's 
going to be asked to turn right Okay the speed limit just about changes here just 
before that roundabout so probably examiner will   Remind you again the speed limit is back to 30 
miles an hour so when you going in it's soon after   The roundabout when you come in out of that state 
it just before the roundabout speed let me change it to 30MPH  Now he's going to be asked to pull up 
on the left again just before the car in front   And examiner is gonna to ask him to leave enough 
room for himself to move off so he's moving off   At an angle exercise you will have to do 
one of these on your test again you don't   Have to get too close to the car in front just 
leave good enough distance for you to move off   Then it's going to be following the 
road ahead at the traffic lights And further down on this road you'll be told 
to pull up on the left somewhere safe there's   A bus stop on the left so he goes past the bus 
stop and yeah and then stops there now this is   Where independent driving starts.

Again there's 
no guarantee that you're going to be doing the   Same test route and you're going to be following 
the same signs so it's just a guide for you guys   Okay so he's moved off and he's he's going to 
be taking a right turn in the traffic light   On this traffic light uh you've got to 
be very careful this particular traffic   Light even if it has got no filter light on you 
can still take right turn i don't know how um   It is different from the other traffic lights 
but normally when the filter light is on you can   Go without stopping but on this one you can go 
anyway because oncoming traffic won't be moving   Okay now here it's going to be asked to 
follow the signs for a Ring Road so you   Can see the sign on the left-hand side towards 
the Ring Road, so further up it's a left turn Yeah so this is the turn towards ring road 
and further up on this road examiner will   Tell learner to pull up on the left somewhere 

Okay from here Lamin followed the signs For City Centre. As as you can see the sign 
board ahead, you can't really miss it if you do   You can always ask the examiner was it a left 
hand or anything, so they will remind you okay   So he's going to be turning a left of this traffic 
light while following the signs for city centre So Lamin is still following signs for city 
centre. As you can see it's a right turn uh   Towards the city center which seems to be 
the third exit. Okay so he is gonna approach   In the right lane because the left lane goes left 
only as you can see now on this roundabout you   You can signal right but you don't have to signal 
left on exit, because if you're trying to signal   Left there are a couple of roads quite close 
to each other so if you're signaling left now   People think you're taking this left hand so i 
will uh recommend you just cancel the right signal   And just check your centre mirror and left 
mirror rather than pulling the left signal on   um anyways uh now he's going to be following 
signs for wakefield so probably you can see   In the video, it's a left turn at the second 
traffic light so you don't really want to signal   Too early because there's a road before um 
on the left as you can see it's just gone   Past so it's not this traffic light but it's the 
next one.

Examiner normally will tell you that it's  a Sharp corner so just take it with care it's 
quite a sharp corners you don't want to swing out   Too far wide and then back in your lane so just be 
careful with this one. Now here Lamin is gonna   Be asked to follow signs for Leeds and you can see 
the overhead sign so it says it's a left turn but   It's not the one coming up now it's at the traffic 
lights and there will be another sign on the right   Hand side to confirm that you are going 
towards Leeds and you can see in front of you   The Leeds is on the left and at 
the bottom of this road it's a give way   So you still have to look on the right before 
you actually go as you can see the give way sign ahead as well  So make sure you do observe because 
traffic could be coming from the right hand side Okay this is where independent driving ended and 
it's going to be turning right at the traffic light So make sure you signal a little early on 
this one because you have to physically change   From one lane to the other, from the left lane 
to the right so you need to signal a bit early   And then this filter light is on you've 
got separate red light to turn right so   You're just gonna turn right there's no 
need to give way to the on coming traffic Okay he's gonna be taking next road on the 
left where the car is coming out from again   It's a very sharp corner so make sure you 
take it very slowly like Lamin is so he was   Well aware of this road and 
he took it nice and slowly At the end of the road examiner 
will tell learner to turn left Okay Lamin is heading back to the test centre so 
there are two lanes ahead examiner will tell   Learner to turn right at the traffic lights that's 
the reason he is approaching in the right lane Again it's a right turn no filter light on so you 
always have to give way to the oncoming traffic   So he didn't really have to stop 
because there was no oncoming traffic at all Now at this roundabout he is going to 
be turning left to take the first exit And now Lamin will be taking the next road on 
the left again that is the test centre car park   So yeah Lamin passed his test with flying 
colors he only got three minor mistakes and   I would like to congratulate him 
on his success and wish him all the best   And you guys um i hope you have enjoyed this video 
and i hope you have learned something from it   If you have please let us 
know and yeah do not forget to   Subscribe our channel and thank you for 
watching this video i'll see you in the next one