Motorcycle test 2024 – module 1: official DVSA guide

module one lasts about 20 minutes it'll take place offroad and you'll start by doing slow maneuvers such as manual handling parking one of the bays and put the bike on its stand take it off again and we look backwards to the other Bay then put it back on its stand slalom and figure-of-eight steer between the cones then write in a figure of eight for two full circuits slow ride ride slowly in a straight line and pull up inside the area marked by the cones you turn do a u-turn between the lines and pull up on the opposite side then you'll do high-speed maneuvers such as cornering and controlled stop exit the band then break to a normal stop with a front wheel inside the area marked by the cones cornering an emergency stop when you exit the band you'll be given a signal to do an emergency stop cornering and hazard avoidance exit the band and steer between the two cones coming to a controlled stop at the end of the test your examiner will give you your results and feedback found this useful then give it a thumbs up and check out our other video on the module 2 test