Avoid getting in Wrong Lane | DTC UK | Driving Test UK

Hello, My name is Shak. Today i will be talking about how to avoid getting in the wrong lane. And more
importantly, if you do find yourself in the wrong lane how best to deal with it.
Now at the beginning of the driving test, the examiner will ask you to follow the
road ahead unless road signs or road markings
indicate otherwise or unless he or she has asked you to do so. Our normal
driving position is in the left hand lane. However sometimes the left hand
lane is marked for left turn only. Now this may seem obvious but all the
road signs are on the road itself. So if you're going to drive bumper-to-bumper you
will not be able to see the road and therefore you will miss the markings on
the road. So the first most important thing is to keep your distance away from
the driver in front.

Now road markings are usually enforced by road signs. So, if
you're approaching a set of traffic lights and the left-hand lane is
dedicated for left turn only, not only will you get markings on the road but
usually you will get a road sign. You will get a board indicating that that
particular lane is marked for left turn only. Let's just assume for one second
that due to test nerves you missed the board, so you did not see
this board, marking that the lane is for left turn only. Also
let's assume that you do not see the arrow on the floor indicating that that
particular lane is for turning left. Furthermore, let's assume that you do not
even notice these traffic lights indicating that the left-hand lane is
strictly for left turn only. So you've ended up in the wrong lane. Well it's no
point panicking because you're already in that lane. However, if you did go
straight on in that lane, the driving examiner will have no choice but to fail

In fact, is actually a motering offence to go straight on in a lane
that's dedicated for left turn only. You could end up with three penalty points
on your driving license plus a fine .Now if you do find yourself in a lane that's
dedicated for left turn only, all you need to do is simply check the mirrors,
indicate left and turn in that direction. The driving examiner cannot and will not
fail you for that,. You will not even get a minor fault. The examiner may take you
all the way around and bring you back to the same spot, therefore extending the
time of your driving test by two or three minutes. However, it's not a fail.
Please remember that prevention is better than cure. So if you're actively
watching out for all road signs and all road markings then you will not make
these mistakes. If you enjoyed this video please give
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Drive safely!.