Steering With One Hand (Don’t do THIS in Driving Test)

Should you steer with one hand when you're doing 
a driving assessment? Is it safe, do people do it   in everyday life when they get their licence? 
In the driving test, you will lose points if   you if you're palm steering, so this is what we 
call palming. Is it safe, can you do it? Yes, 100 per cent.   So you know we've got uh obviously power steering 
and you know hydraulics do all of this, but uh in   the test it's not permitted to do this okay. 
It's one of the rules that they never changed   since hydraulics became standard. Hydraulics is 
power steering so you know it's uh it's very   easy to do. Back in the 70s and 80s the cars 
were with just normal mechanical steering wheel,  but obviously today we can do it effortlessly like 

Now if you do your driving assessment avoid   doing that except when you change gears when 
you're doing manual transmission so obviously   at times you will have to take your left hand off 
and change gears. So are there any other times when   it's acceptable to steer or control your car with 
one hand? If you're going straight so there's no   active turning clearly if you if you're using the 
windscreen wipers you know, your air conditioning   or any other controls for that matter, you can 
take one hand of steering wheel okay. Most of   the time you keep both hands on the steering wheel 
it's just a requirement to score enough points.   How difficult it is to to steer with one hand? 
It's not difficult at all and you can try it in   in a controlled environment you know if you're 
inexperienced and you know basically would press   onto the steering wheel while you while you're 
steering so you know it's pretty effortless if   you ask me.

But uh like I said, since hydraulics 
became standard they never changed that. A lot of   things will change soon because technology is you 
know going at a you know fast pace and you know   nowadays we even have cars with the push start 
button and uh you know button handbrake. So even   up until recently they used to knock back cars 
you know they used to decline vehicles with uh um   with a reverse camera. So that's no longer 
the case, nowadays you can turn up with the   uh reverse camera and in fact uh you're not gonna 
be uh you know, you're not gonna lose points for using   reverse camera.

Now in saying that you've got to 
understand that you shouldn't overuse the reverse   camera because we still have people complaining 
about how they failed. How not to overuse your reverse   camera? So combine all the available windows and 
mirrors and that way it's definitely going to be   the safest way to reverse because like I said many 
times human beings never do anything backwards.   So maybe you know, backstroke swimming. Check our 
video on posture when you're reversing, how you   need to look around, how you need to combine if 
you've got a reverse camera. You've got to check   all of the available windows and to understand 
you know that's the only way to do it properly   to ensure that nothing slips your eye.

Thank you 
for watching and I'll see you in the next video..