4th Driving Test – Is This the One?

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driver insurance. Hello, I'm Chris. Natalie has   a driving test coming up soon and wants to do a 
mock test. I've never met Natalie before as she's   come over from another instructor. So let's go and 
find out more about her driving experience. Well,   thanks a lot for coming today. So you've just 
been telling me that you've had how many tests?   This will be my fourth test coming up. Yeah. 
And when is it? 12th of August. In about two   weeks now. Yeah. And you said that your theory 
test expires on the same day. So if I don't pass   then game over. You have to redo the theory 
again. You failed for a couple of things   didn't you? The hill starts? Yeah, I failed 
for the hill starts, elevated roundabouts,   some observations, turning right. Yeah, yeah, 
wide range. And what would you like to get out   of today doing a mock test? Well I would like 
to get more experience on the road and also   the fact that I'm watching myself doing it 
because when you do your test you obviously,   the examiner tells you what you did wrong but 
you can't physically see what you're doing wrong   so I think looking back on it I'll be like 
okay now I know what to do and what not to   do on the test.

And how many lessons have you 
had? I've had over like one and a half years   experience. I cannot quote the hours right now. 
No. But I've had a lot of experience, yeah. And   you feel quite confident today? You feel like you 
could pass it? I feel, I feel confident but then   I don't feel confident because the thing about 
driving, anything catches you out. So I'm like,   I wouldn't say I'm that confident because I know, 
like a cyclist could be in the corner something.   Say I'm an average confident. I think it's only 
fair that we go for a little warm-up drive because   you don't know this area do you? Never driven this 
car before? We went for a 10 minute warm-up drive,   had a quick refresh on hill starts and then 
started the mock driving test.

Tell me how would   you check the power steering's working before 
starting a journey. So, I'd switch on the engine   and then I would steer to the left and to the 
right. It shouldn't feel firm or heavy. It should   feel light and it shouldn't really lock to any 
side. Okay, thanks. The examiner will then say,   throughout the drive continue ahead unless traffic 
signs direct you otherwise. When I want you to   turn left or right I'll tell you in plenty of 
time. Although on this test, Natalie's going to be   following the sat-nav straight away. Drive on when 
you're ready please. As usual, during the test,   I'm going to be giving you commentary at key 
moments to help you understand what went right   or wrong.

Natalie got the tell me question correct 
and good all-around observations. Turn left.   Although Natalie's failed three tests before, she 
stands a better chance of passing the next one as   she's worked on her weaknesses, she's got more 
driving experience and she's really determined   to pass this time despite the added pressure 
of a theory test certificate about to expire. Good road position, ready for the oncoming 
vehicles. Turn left. Natalie's been doing   well with her mirror checks so far, I 
really hope she keeps it up. Turn left. Natalie tries to move off in the 
second gear but stalls the car,   but restarts the car quickly and manages 
to get the car going in second. These kind   of mistakes are common near the start of 
the test as you're at your most nervous. After 200 yards turn right, then go right 
on the roundabout and take the second exit. Good checks of the mirrors before signalling.

It's a mini roundabout, but will she 
try to drive around it correctly? Yes,   she does but bear in mind, some mini 
roundabouts are impossible to drive around   properly because there's an obstruction 
in the way such as a parked vehicle. Go right on the roundabout and take the second 
exit. It's tricky to see at this roundabout.   Natalie chooses first gear which is correct and 
drives around the roundabout really well. Don't   forget that Natalie doesn't know this area 
at all and apart from a ten minute warm-up   drive has never driven this car before. 
Pull up on the left in a safe place.

Good   parking and I'm pleased she didn't block 
the driveway. Drive on when you're ready. Really good all-around observations, 
including the blind spot and I really   like the way that she waited for the 
road to be clear before she signalled. Little bit early with the signal but it 
hasn't confused anyone and it's not worth   a fault. Really good observations. I like 
the way that she checks and double-checks. After 300 yards, cross the roundabout 
and take the second exit, then turn left. Cross the roundabout and take 
the second exit, then turn left. Nice control. After 100 yards turn left. Before driving around a parked vehicle, 
make sure you check your mirrors first,   just in case someone's overtaking 
you, such as a motorcyclist. She avoids the cycle lane and steers 
around this tight turn really well. Natalie does well slowing down for the oncoming   vehicles but she didn't need 
to come to a complete stop. Natalie's checking the mirrors really well. After 200 yards, cross the 
roundabout and take the first exit. Cross the roundabout and take the first exit.

We're going to go ahead at the next one as 
well. Okay. The second exit. Yeah, I see. Cross the roundabout and take the second 
exit, then at the end of the road turn   right. The sat-nav didn't give very good 
verbal directions back there with the two   mini roundabouts. If this happens on your 
driving test then the examiner will help you   out with some directions. At the end of the 
road turn right, then take the second left.   Good use of the mirrors and I'm pleased 
that she waited for the oncoming vehicle. Turn right, then take the second left. Turn left, then take the second left. A little bit 
late with the signal but not quite worth a fault. I'm pleased that Natalie spotted a 
20 mile per hour speed limit sign. After 200 yards, turn left,   then go ahead at the roundabout. Okay. 
The sat-nav is a bit confusing there. Turn left, then cross the 
roundabout and take the second exit.

After 100 yards, cross the roundabout 
and take the second exit. Good road   position on this tight road, not too close to the   vehicles on the left or the right. Cross 
the roundabout and take the second exit. Cross the roundabout and take the first exit. 
It's really difficult to see at some of these   mini roundabouts with all the parked vehicles. 
I like the way that Natalie is leaning forward   to try and get the best view to the right. 
It's really difficult to see at this junction,   there's parked vehicles on the left and the 
right. A little rollback, no one behind,   not worth a fault. But as Natalie creeps out 
she should be double-checking to the right,   left, right as it was so hard to see. 
This is a driving fault on observations. When it's safe, can you show me how 
you'd use the horn please.

Thanks. Natalie realises that she's not turning left and 
cancels the signal. She done the right thing. Take   the next road on the left. At this junction 
Natalie has a chance to go straight away but   she wasn't prepared. As you approach the junction, 
observe early, plan to go but be prepared to stop. After 300 yards turn left. Nathalie keeps a good safe distance behind the   cyclist but when she overtakes, 
she gets a little bit close. Turn left. Natalie observes well, ready for anything 
there might be in this road. In case you   didn't already know, let me tell you about the 
different type of faults and how many you're   allowed.

You're allowed up to 15 driving faults 
during the test. Often called minor faults. These   aren't potentially dangerous, but if you keep 
making the same fault throughout your test then   it could become a serious fault. A serious 
fault is something that could potentially be   dangerous and a dangerous fault involves 
actual danger to yourself, the examiner,   another person or property. If you get a serious 
or dangerous fault then it's a driving test fail. Natalie is keeping a good distance 
away from the obstruction. This   helps her see further ahead and it's 
also easier to manoeuvre around it. Good checks of the mirrors. Natalie's doing 
really well on this tight difficult road. The sign says to give way to oncoming vehicles. 
Natalie spots the sign and does just that. As usual, good checks of the mirrors. At the end of the road turn right. 
Natalie signals a little too early   which could be misleading to other road users. 
For example, they might think she wants to park.

The roads clear. A good chance 
to go, but Natalie's not ready. Hesitating at junctions and not taking 
opportunities can be frustrating for   drivers behind. This is a driving fault but if you 
persistently kept hesitating on your driving test,   then you would eventually get a serious fault. 
A good check of the mirror before slowing down. After 200 yards, cross the 
roundabout and take the second exit. I like the distance and Natalie's keeping from the 
vehicle in front. This is important in case they   roll back when they move off or if they breakdown 
Natalie will be able to manoeuvre around them. Cross the roundabout and take the second exit. Natalie done well waiting for this red car. After 100 yards, cross the roundabout and 
take the second exit. Cross the roundabout   and take the second exit. I'm really pleased that 
Natalie stops before the zebra crossing and not   on it.

It's good that she was cautious of this 
pedestrian in case he wanted to cross the road. Now at the roundabout, she 
has to follow the road ahead,   second exit. She will need to keep 
in the left-hand lane for this. Really good position on the 
roundabout and especially   important as we briefly had 
a motorcyclist next to us. Good hill start. I like the way that Natalie's checking the 
crossing to make sure no one wants to cross. After 300 yards turn right. We're turning right at the traffic lights but 
Natalie signalled a bit too early. There's another   road on the right that other road users might 
think we want to turn into. At the traffic lights   turn right.

The car in front is slowing down to 
stop and we should be going. Natalie   was just a little bit slow to move 
off as the vehicles on her left and   right have already started to go 
and we were almost in their way. After 300 yards turn left. Good checks of the mirrors. A little early signalling but it hasn't 
affected anyone. Not worth a fault. After 200 yards turn right, then you have 
reached your destination on your left. Turn right, then you have reached 
your destination on your left. Okay,   that's the end of the independent 
driving. I'll direct you from here.   Pull up on the left in a safe place please. 
You have reached your destination on your   left.

Good parking. Time for a hill 
start. Drive on when you're ready. A tiny roll back but not worth a fault. 
Good all-round observations. setting the   gas and getting the biting point is 
essential when doing a hill start. Pull up on the left in a safe place please. 
Think carefully when you choose to signal   just in case there's another road on the 
left and you don't want to confuse anyone. Natalie's parked close to the kerb but the front 
of the car is overhanging the driveway. This will   be a driving fault. Okay, the reverse parking 
exercise. I'd like you to drive alongside that   red car.

Reverse back in within a space of 
two car lengths and reasonably close to the   kerb and parallel with it. You can ignore the 
driveways on this occasion. When you're ready. Good all-around observations 
before starting the manoeuvre. It's essential to check all around the 
car before you steer into the space,   as the front of the car will swing out and Natalie 
remembers to do this. You're allowed to move the   mirror down for this manoeuvre if you need to but 
be careful not to stare at it. Don't forget that   someone could walk out behind the car at any point 
during this manoeuvre or even park behind you,   so make sure you keep observing all around 
and be careful not to stare at just one point. Have you finished? I know it's very wide. Can I try again? You won't be able to try again. 
But have you finished? Yeah.

Drive on when you're   ready please. Natalie parked a bit too far from 
the kerb, resulting in a serious fault. But I   was hoping that she was going to check all 
around to make sure it's safe, pull forward,   bring it in a little bit, correct it and if 
that didn't work check all around again and   then reverse back and try and bring it in that 
way. It would have cost her a driving fault but   she would have avoided a serious fault. 
At the end of the road turn right please. At the end of the road turn left please. Some new drivers drive a little bit too slow 
on this road which can be frustrating for   drivers behind but it's really good seeing her 
picking up some speed as it's safe to do so. At the traffic lights turn right to please.

Changing down to first gear on the approach 
means that Natalie's ready to go straight away. Difficult to see oncoming vehicles at 
this crossroads. I like the way that   she's leaning forward and trying 
to get the best possible view. Take the next road on the right please. Natalie's following the road 
ahead at this crossroads. But positions the car a little bit to the left. 
If there was a driver behind who is going ahead,   they would probably assume that we're 
turning left and drive around us. Good speed and position. Nice approach here with the oncoming vehicle and   times it really well without 
having to stop unnecessarily. Natalie's following the road 
ahead again at this crossroads   and has a better position than the previous one. Pull up on the left in a safe place please.

Natalie again lines up well with the kerb 
but she's blocking a driveway. This is a   driving fault. Okay, you can switch off now, 
thanks. That's the end of the test. [Music]   Unfortunately Natalie wasn't successful this 
time. We had a chat after the test and here are   the highlights. I think I, don't know, okay I'm 
not too sure we're a bit dodgy with the clutch   at times and yeah well I know. Well, on the whole 
you did really well considering the conditions,   being filmed, different car, different area. 
The reverse parking. Yeah, that was very wide.   Do you normally have success with that one? So 
we normally have like a little sticker there. Oh   yeah. So that's our kind of point of turn but now 
I don't know. I kind of felt like if I go forward,   then come back I would have done it right 
but I was so far out. I could see from that   left mirror. But yeah. I think the position and 
everything was okay, but I was very wide. I could   see it. Now on the test there the examiner 
gave you a little hint because they said,   have you finished? And when they ask that you know 
that's when they give you a little chance and any   idea what you could have done to correct it? I 
could have gone forward.

I mean come back just to   like make it perfect. And you would have passed 
then. Yeah. As long as you're looking around a   lot. On the whole though, good control of the car. 
Really like your mirror checks. So many people   forget to check the mirrors and you're really good 
at that. Got some faults on hesitation. You was   turning right and the oncoming car was slowing 
down to stop and you was a little bit slow to go   because the cars on the left and right, they were 
moving, so a little bit slow on that. It could   have been worse if they started to get closer to 
you and you're still in the middle. There were a   couple of junctions where Natalie stopped and 
missed opportunities to move out. And I think   you said about your instructor suggested sort 
of observing as you approach the give way, just   be a bit more ready to go rather than wanting to 

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