DVSA Hazard Perception Test – How to Pass (2021)

watch this video clip and look out for developing hazards as you're watching the clip decide when you would click the mouse let's watch the clip again and talk about some things you could have noticed if you look to the left you'll see a gap in the hedges where tractors could come out of and now look left and right you'll see another gap and you'll see a sign telling you the road narrows on both sides this is where you need to start clicking the white car is going to cause us to slow down or stop this means that the white car is the hazard we should have been expecting a hazard like this because we knew the road was going to get narrow on both sides if you click now you've left it too late you won't score keep watching the clip remember that one clip will have two hazards and you won't know which clip that will be you can see another gap on the right here and notice the road goes round to the left you don't know what's coming towards you the gate on the left is closed so you're not in danger of anything coming out of there notice the warning signs on the left warning you of a hump bridge and cows in the road keep looking out for pedestrians animals and other vehicles you