Drivers Ed Zone – Parallel Parking in Five Easy Steps

hello and welcome to driver's ed zone I'm Kara here with Jeremy our shield driving-school instructor great to be here Kara how are you I'm good so we have a lot of great instructional videos here on our channel so if you want more of that make sure you hit the like and subscribe button below now today we're going to be talking about something that I personally struggle with and I know many others do as well pay low parking parallel parking is easily the biggest question that we get here at shield driving school we teach this in five very simple steps now keep in mind for you at home this is the Pennsylvania standard Pennsylvania requires parallel parking as part of your driver's test but not all states do so make sure in your state you check to make sure if that's required or not but I'm going to teach you a very simple way to get into that parking space here and we're gonna get in the first try okay great to do it yeah let's do it let's go all right Kari you're ready to do a little bit of parallel parking here I'm ready okay first thing you have to decide is can my car actually fit in that space right so you pull up you see that it's gonna fit in that space okay now we're gonna teach you how to get into that space five very simple steps we're gonna walk you through them step by step and get you in that space first try the first one is your set up so what we're gonna do is we're gonna make our approach we want to pull up to the second set of barrels up there and get those bears to our rear bumper but first thing you have to do turn signal right you want to indicate your intentions you want to take that parking space you got to put your turn signal on so when we start right turn signal and then you make your approach nice and slow you want to be about three feet away from those barrels okay and nice and slow approach trying to look alright so you put the car in reverse and steps two three and four very simple right straight left turn the wheel the entire way to the right until it doesn't go any farther right nice and slow you're gonna start to back in the space now what you're looking for is the back curb side barrel we're gonna start to reverse keep it on your driver side mirror and you're gonna see the first barrel second barrel third barrel and as soon as you see the entire third barrel stop steer straight one complete turn the steering wheel it's looking at you just like that nice and slow deeper into the space your next barrel is the one right here beside you you want to take that first barrel there and just see half it take the top six eight inches and stop when you see that in your windshield okay next you're gonna turn the left the whole way turn the wheel until it stops nice and slow put your right beside the curb now as you're backing in you want to keep an eye on your passenger side mirror watch the curb over there you also want to watch your rear view mirror for the barrels behind you don't want to hit them all right that's one of the rules put the car in drive just straighten wheel out and just pull for maybe a foot or so and you're done put the car in park and it's just that simple well here we are here we are so you're not done yet you got to get out right wait you want to pull out into traffic so first thing you have to remember is again you want to indicate that intention left turn signal to get out of this parking space and then you always really go reverse first you don't want to hit the car in front of you so back up just a foot or so put it in Drive make sure you turn it look right there's traffic out there potentially turn the look and then it's a hard left turn to get out that parking space so you're ready to try this I guess so I think so I think you're ready for it let's give it a shot so car and drive nice and easy move forward get those barrels to your rear bumper again you might be about three feet away [Music] but nice and slow again there's no trick to this you just have to turn and look to see where those barrels are you get them to your rear bumper all right excellent put the car reverse steps two three and four right straight and left so take that steering wheel turn the whole way to the right all right keep an eye on that driver's side mirror you're gonna see the first barrel up here then the second and as soon as you see the entire third stop all right straight one complete turn and you're gonna go deeper into space and watch this barrel right here beside you now as you go deeper into space you're gonna cut that barrel right in half and put half of it and your windshield there okay turn the wheel left take it the whole way and bring the nose of the car and just watch your mirror it's gonna put you right alongside that curb watch your rear view mirror make sure you don't hit the guys behind you there okay strain the wheel out put it in Drive and just more move forward a foot or so [Music] put it in park but it's just that simple right straight left and now you just parallel park how easy was that I was easy McGill much less stressful than I thought exactly so step number five again is getting out of the space so don't forget use your left turn signal put it reverse back up just a little bit and then steer out don't forget to check your traffic make sure that it's clear and you just parallel park well that was way easier than I thought now I don't have to waste all my time driving around looking for a new spot exactly don't be intimidated by parallel parking it really is just this simple we teach you very very simple method and it's those little things that we teach that make things so much easier great well thank you Jeremy for that and for those of you at home if you want to learn the step by step instructions Jeremy taught me we have a link of those in the description below and you can print those out to help you parallel park if you like these videos don't forget to Like and subscribe below and thanks for watching you