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Hey viewers . Welcome back to the channel. I hope you guys are doing extremely well So from last few days, a question is coming in my inbox repeatedly That placement is in 3-4 months Or we are looking for a switch Please give us a roadmap so that we can cover everything And tell us from where to study So I have been telling people that do this, do this , do from here This should happen within this much span Follow this trick And this question is coming repeatedly because placement season is coming by So I thought , instead of saying everyone Individually Why do not I make a roadmap for 90 days where I will share with you a proper timeline Which you guys can follow Also I will be sharing with you some resources So that you guys from there Means you do not have to search They are tried and tested resources By following that Easily in 90 days That are asked in interviews I am not saying SDE 2 interview SDE1, entry level software engineering That are asked in their interviews Which is specifically DS and Algo Projects Core subjects Object oriented programming These 4 things are asked So I have made their resources and a proper timeline So that if you follow this timeline religiously I think you should be more than ready to crack any of the interviews At any of the popular product based companies like Amazon , Microsoft, Flipkart or any of the startups like Swiggy, OLA, Zomato Paytm etc.

Anything say in India . You can easily crack Okay So video is going to about this I am going to give you proper timeline So lets start the video without any delay So you must be seeing the roadmap on the screen And I have made this roadmap on this assumption that You know the basics of a language Basics means , lets say C++, Java, Python You should know its basics Like how to reverse an array How we find second largest element in an array You should know the stack, Queue You should know all of these things I am not saying that you should know all the tough questions on stack You should definitely know the basics of everything Okay So on the basis of that only I have made roadmap of 90 days So in first 45 days I have one goal only I will strong the DS and Algo And to do that I always believe that you have to do that set of questions Which you haven't done before Like if I know the binary search And I will do the binary search again So am I going to learn something? Obviously not So I will do those binary search questions that I will not be able to solve Only then I will learn So that is where you can do Striver's SDE sheet I made this SDE sheet 1 or 1.5 years ago And this became so much popular If you want to check its success stories You can go on my Instagram Highlight And you will easily get 500-1000 success stories easily So what is there in the SDE sheet In SDE sheet, you will get day wise solutions of all the topics You will get those day wise problems, when you will submit those problem You will feel that by doing this problem I am learning something today And you will not be able to solve every problem And that is why this SDE sheet I So that you Because if you are doing a question that you are unable to solve Eventually you will learn something And there are 180 questions If you will keep doing every question in flow So eventually every problem will teach you something And I make sure that all the topics have been covered And if you want video solution on any topic Like recursion So I have given proper C++, Java code I have given practice links too I have given video solutions too So you will not face any problem Just in case you are stuck And you need not to see any paid resource So this is what you need to do in 45 days Now people get a very common doubt that Striver we are able to solve questions Lets say I did a question today on array But when I see that question again after 50 days I forget that The question is famous but I forget If it is asked in an interview tomorrow, so I do not recall that Because it is an algorithm.

If I know I know If I do not know I do not know If it is skipped from my mind, I cannot drive that there So for it , What I followed at my time is I have written that on next You have to make a notepad Make Notebook or notepad anything Okay And every question you are doing What you have to do Write that question in two lines And write the approach by making bullet points It is not like that run this loop in step one Write a small approach So that if you will read it again, it will be recalled Okay And after that there is no need of writing the complete code Write the small functional pseudo code And write time complexity below So you have to set this on one page And what you have to do Like you are solving SDE sheet daily Lets say I did four questions today I wrote four questions on notepad When I will wake up tomorrow morning, my first task will be to revise those four questions Then I will do new four questions Okay I did four questions in whole day Again write on notepad It become 8 questions Woke up next day, then again revised four questions Like this did four more, then wrote four They become 12 So doing like this, you will be piling up Notepad will be larger And eventually you will notice If you will revise daily You will feel like this This question This will be solved like this This This will happen like this This This will happen like this And eventually every question will get set in your mind When you revise daily You understand algorithms in more detail It happens you are not able to understand some part When you will revise daily And you will know that nicely And if a different question comes You can easily tackle So you have to do this You have to wake up every morning and revise One moment will come how will I revise complete 180 questions in one day Trust me this one thing will happen Okay this like this, this like this, this like this It will take hardly 10-15 minutes to revise If you are doing daily So that is how you strength your DS and Algo You have to do this for 45 days for sure With this a thing is not mentioned Let me tell you Weekly contest happens on leetcode Okay On codestudio , it happens on Friday And on leetcode , biweekly contest happens These three contests are like Where interview centric questions are asked So you have to give these three contests religiously Weekly, biweekly of leetcode And Friday contest of Codestudio All these questions are interview centric So you keep giving Keep giving everyday Start giving from today If you do not know , even then keep giving You will keep learning something From every contest It is very important to give contest So keep giving So this is for first 45 days So we covered DS Algo by solving SDE sheet So before moving to the next part of the video I would love to thank the sponsor of this video which is Coding Ninjas Coding Ninjas is India's leading tech platform If you want course of DS Algo, Competitive programming, Machine Learning, Data analytics, Web development, Android development, You just keep telling the names If you want any course in technical field You can definitely check out courses at coding Ninjas Why Coding Ninjas Because there courses are very well structured So that no obstacle comes in your way of learning And also all of the courses are very well curative Because these courses are prepared by people who have been at IIT's as well as Stanford And by the people who have been to Amazon and Google And if you do not believe it You can check out Facebook as well as Google ratings Of Coding Ninjas The best thing about then that I found personally is The doubt resolution time Like the average doubt resolving time in last one year has been 10 minutes Like if you raise a doubt, it gets solved within 10 minutes So that is the most amazing thing That they do provide So if you are looking to buy any of the courses You can check out the link in the description You can easily get an additional 20% discount on whatever price that is being going there on So guys make sure that you check out Coding Ninjas .

The link is in the description Next comes up project Many people tell me , we have project If you have , then it is a great thing If you do not have, then what you have to do Most of the people do not have the project So I say to many people that Make one project Make full fledged project Make a big one That will suffice Or make a basic one Make a big one, that will also suffice No need to make 6-7 projects So if you have less time So what can you do? Just go to Udemy And you can pick up any course on development Like I am taking example of development If you want to pick up on machine learning or on any other thing You can do that as well So pick up a course from there Do that course And on Udemy, there is a specialty on every course that They make you do a full fledged project And what can you do on that project You can add some of your features, changes, whatever comes to your mind Then that project becomes a full fledged project Invest 30 days on this Invest religiously 30 days on it You must have to do one thing in 30 days Revise SDE sheet everyday in the morning So that you do not loose the touch of DS Algo And you have to give all the interview contest that are happening on every Friday, Saturday, Sunday in these 30 days That is for sure that I will do And I have given five links here Nodejs, Spring Boot,, Angular, React, Full Stack Whatever you want to do, see properly If you are thinking that I will make a project on frontend Or you are feeling that you will do full stack Or I will do backend Whatever you find right Whatever field you are interested in You can do that thing My interest is more in backend So I make backend projects So it depends It depends person to person what is your interest Invest thirty days on it Now after that we have 15 days left Because 45+30 Becomes 75 Now we are left with 15 days So how to divide 15 days What I have done with 15 days, I have divided first 4 days We have to study DBMS in first 4 days Because generally what happens in interviews is Many questions are asked from DBMS Okay So here I have put a proper playlist of Gate Smashers 120 videos are there Videos are small You have to watch videos and make notes Now you will say that how it will be done in four days When I used to give semester exams I used to study complete playlist in two days Complete So you have to study like that You have to study from that perspective You take 10 days in place of 4 days, I do not have a problem You have to complete this playlist.

If you complete this playlist I think you will be covering up almost everything that is going to be asked in DBMS Similarly next 4 days, next fours days You have to do operating system, Computer Networks Again I have linked playlist And after that comes object oriented programming Now a days I have seen some of the concepts of OOPS are asked from freshers And it can happen you are of C++ So I have attached a 1.5 hour video of C++ as well as Java You can see any OOPS concept Means you will be able to answer questions But if someone is asking low level design in interview That is not asked usually For that you have to study by yourself after researching I am not keeping that So if you do all these things in ninety days Or in 120 days If you follow all the things religiously Make sure you have to make note of everything So that if interview comes in future So you do not have to read again and watch video You could revise easily And keep revising notes continuously Keep giving interviews And there is one more thing That is something known as Pramp This is website on which you can give mock interviews Try giving more and more interviews So that You can replicate the original interview scenario You do not be nervous while you are giving your first set of interviews Keep doing this also One more thing Keep giving contests I have said many times Please give contests Give every contest Give Leetcode weekly, Leetcode biweekly, Friday contest of Codestudio All the three are interview centric If it is happening at some other place like on GFG, then give there also If interview centric contest is happening anywhere, you have to give that if your target is interview So that is what you need to do in 90 days I will leave The link of this complete article, SDE sheet in description Make sure you check it out Start SDE sheet And if you have some other question You can reach out to me at my Instagram Id Text generally after 11 PM So that I can reply You can join telegram group also I remain active there as well So all of the links will be in description Make sure you check them out And yeah with this lets wrap up this video Make sure that you share this roadmap With your friends And yeah lets meet in some other video Bye bye take care