How to pass the UK Motorcycle Theory Test

The DVSA's Motorcycle Theory Test. It takes one hour of your time and 23 of your pounds sterling. You can book a slot at your local test centre, here. The test comes in two parts: The theory part is multiple choice. You get 57 minutes to answer 50 questions. You need to answer 43 out of 50 correctly to pass. Most questions are common sense 
really, but some might catch you out: craftily using very similar road signs. Is that no stopping or no waiting? And does the dual carriageway 
end or does the road narrow? Some questions use scenarios – things 
you see every day on the roads like   blinking your hazards to say 
thanks but, according to the law, Any question you're not hundred percent 
about – use the flag for review feature.

You get to review every question at 
the end anyway but flagging the ones   you're unsure about lets you prioritise those. No need to rush, just take 
your time to make sure you're   happy with your answers before you submit them. When you're finished with 
the theory section you'll be   offered a three-minute break before 
your hazard perception test begins. Consists of 14 video clips.

In 13 of 
which you'll see one hazard unfold,   and in one clip there'll be 
two hazards – so stay sharp! It's essentially a very banal video game where the   only input needed from you is 
a click of the computer mouse. A click at the moment a hazard would force 
you to change either your speed or direction. The sooner you identify hazard 
the more points are awarded. If you don't click in time you get zero points. Now, you're not going to lose points 
if you click at the wrong thing, but if you click too much or repetitively – 
you'll forfeit that clip and get zero points. Identifying the hazard is usually fairly obvious.   In-fact it's possible to click 
too early and get yourself a zero. I read about a… which worked for me, so click once when you see any 
potential hazard developing. Then, if it continues to develop, click again, then once again. So you've got three clicks in total.

Just be careful you don't follow that up 
immediately with any speculative clicks   and you'll pass no bother. Guaranteed! Here's some of the places you 
can expect hazards to come from: side roads, pedestrians, take your time girls. And look at this honey badger! Slip roads, animals… Just watch out for signs or obstacles that might 
make drivers change lanes or swerve into your lane Likewise, be suspicious of any vehicles 
that might have a different driving style.

Right, so, all being well you'll pass and you'll 
get a pass certificate number there and then. Keep it safe – you won't be allowed 
to do your Mod 1 or Mod 2 without it. And that past certificate 
number lasts for 2 years. If you do fail you'll have to wait three 
working days before you can sit it again and it's going to cost you another 23 quid. I'll leave the full length clips at the end 
and check my other guides for doing your CBT,   Mod 1 and Mod 2 tests. There's also a free online practice test   you can take for both the hazard 
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Anyway… thanks for watching and good luck with your test.