Examples Of DANGEROUS Faults on the Driving Test

[Music] Hello, I'm Chris. Alexis has a driving test coming 
up soon and wants to take a mock driving test to   see how ready she is. I've never met Alexis before 
as she's come over from another driving school. So   let's go and meet her. Thanks a lot for coming 
today. Thanks for having me. That's alright. So   you've got your test coming up soon then? Yes, 
on the 7th of June. And how many lessons have   you had? I've had 10 hours. In 2 hour blocks in 5 
lessons. Do you feel test ready? I think so,   yeah. So you feel pretty confident? Yeah. I think 
I'm like a normal driver. Well shall we go for a   little warm-up drive, so you get used to the car? 
And then we'll start the mock test.

Alexis hasn't   had much driving experience but is confident 
and has a driving test coming up soon so we   went for a quick warm-up drive and then started 
the mock test. Tell me how would you check your   brake lights are working. So you need to put 
your foot on the brake after you've turned on   the car and then like checking mirrors or windows 
or ask someone to check if they're working.

Okay,   thanks. Drive on when you're ready 
then please. A good start to the test   getting the tell me question correct. 
A show me question will be asked later. Yes, press it to start. Just go when they're safe. I had to 
use the foot brake as it wasn't safe   to move off. Unfortunately, 
this is a dangerous fault. Mistakes can happen at the start of 
the test as that's when you're most   nervous. Hopefully Alexis will start to relax. Good road position ready for a car emerging 
out of the side road. Pull up on the left in   a safe place please. Good checks of the mirrors 
before signalling. Alexis was going to scrape   the wheels on the kerb. She saw I was going to 
help and steered more. This is a serious fault.   Thanks. I'd now like you to follow directions 
given by the sat nav please.

Drive on when   you're ready. The examiner will tell you when the 
independent driving is finished. Alexis raises the   clutch too fast without enough gas causing 
the car to stall. It didn't affect anyone,   not worth a fault but she did forget 
to check her mirrors properly and the   blind spot. Alexis hasn't released the 
parking brake, this is a driving fault. At this junction Alexis stares too long 
to the right and almost hits the kerb. After 300 yards turn right, then take 
the third left. Good road position. Turn right, then take the third left. Always   check your mirrors before you 
signal to make sure it's safe. Alexis tries to move off in third gear causing 
the car to stall. You're in third gear okay.   You need to press the button to restart. 
All we can do now is wait for it to be   safe to go.

Just wait for a moment. I gave 
Alexis a little bit of help to get through   the junction and now she needs to take 
the next road on the left. She forgot to   check the mirrors before signalling and took 
this turn too fast and too wide. If I hadn't   pressed the foot brake then this could have 
been much worse. This is a dangerous fault. Good road position. I like the way she's keeping 
a doors width away from these parked vehicles. Don't forget to check your interior 
mirror before you slow down to see   how close following vehicles are. Really 
good judgement of the width of the car   but Alexis is driving too slow in third 
gear causing the car to stall.

You're   in third okay? As there's vehicles 
behind us, this is a serious fault. Good road position before moving back to 
the left. Always check your mirrors first,   especially looking out for cyclists. At the end of the road turn left, then 
at the end of the road turn right. Alexis forgets to check the mirrors before   signalling. This is a driving fault. 
At the end of the road turn right. Alexis turns a bit wide on this 
turn. She's already got a serious   fault for steering so no more faults are 
recorded in this category. Alexis changes   from first gear to first gear resulting in a jolt. I'm really pleased that Alexis spotted 
the yellow box and stopped before it.

At the end of the road turn right, then take 
the third right. You would normally drive in the   left-hand lane unless the road markings or signs 
tell you otherwise or there's an obstruction,   you're overtaking or turning right soon. We are 
turning right a bit further up the road and it's   quite congested so this position is okay. Alexis 
didn't check the interior mirror before slowing   down and brakes a bit too hard. Using the parking 
brake makes hill starts easier but it's essential   that you set their gas and find the biting point 
or you could roll back.

Alexis has already got a   serious fault for moving off under control, so 
no more faults are recorded in this category. Alexis is turning right ahead and there are 
two lanes for turning right. Unless you're   overtaking or turning right straight after turning 
right, then choose the one on the left. This helps   traffic flow. Alexis already has a serious 
fault for road position, so no more faults are   recorded in this category. If you persistently 
make the same driving fault, then it will   eventually become a serious fault. Good checks 
of the mirrors before moving back to the left. Good position for turning right. And a nice turn. Good road position. Don't forget to stay aware of   who might be overtaking or driving too 
close to you by checking your mirrors.

Good mirror checks before driving around 
the park vehicles. After 300 yards cross   the roundabout and take the first exit. Make 
sure you check your interior mirror before you   slow down. Although I'm glad that she did 
slow down and choose second gear. Although   she should have released the clutch to 
avoid coasting. Alexis judges the width   of the car really well and don't forget 
apart from a ten minute warm-up drive,   she's never driven this car before. Cross 
the roundabout and take the first exit. After 300 yards cross the roundabout and take 
the second exit. Now I'd like you to ignore the   sat-nav just for a minute. Turn left at the 
roundabout and take the first exit please.   So it's only if the first exit? Yeah. Good 
checks of the mirrors before signalling. I   just wanted to slow this next part down for you 
as it's a common mistake when learning to drive   a manual car. Alexis is trying to change 
to first gear too early before she slowed   down. It won't let her change to first, 
so she looks at it and then forces it in.

Only now releasing the clutch. You'd normally slow 
down first and then change down to a gear that's   right for the speed. For first gear it's below 10 
miles per hour. Yes please. It should be nice and   easy to change gear and you should never have to 
force it. Before you move over to the right, check   your mirrors first in case someone's overtaking 
you, especially lookout for motorcyclists.

Before   entering this car park Alexis should have looked 
to the right. There might have been another   driver, a pedestrian or even a cyclist. 
This is a serious fault on observations. Just follow it round to the right again. Okay, the forward bay parking exercise. You 
can use the bays on the left or the right,   so you end up within the lines please. Make sure 
that no one is going past you before you turn into   a bay. You must check your mirrors and have a 
quick check over your shoulder before turning. Lift up this little collar and then go 
to the left and then forward.

I see. Have you finished? Okay, when it's safe, 
I'd like you to reverse out round to the   right please. Alexis could have reversed more, 
steered left a little and then drove forward,   straightened up and corrected it. But she said 
that she's finished and we're out of the bay,   so this is a serious fault. Don't forget, you 
must check all around including the rear window   before you reverse. Okay, just drive forward 
towards the exit please where we came in. You can follow the sat-nav again now please. Alexis judges the width of the car really 
well. After 80 yards take the first exit. Go left on the roundabout and take the first exit. Alexia waits for a good opportunity 
to go at the roundabout.

When it's safe, can you show me how 
you'd demist the rear window please. Thanks, I like the checks of the mirrors. It's important   to make this a good habit so 
that you know who's around you. Pull up on the left in a safe place 
please. Alexis remembers to check   the interior mirror but forgot to check 
the left-hand mirror for any cyclists. She's parked close to the kerb and 
parallel with it. Drive on when you're   ready. If she'd stopped a bit earlier or 
after the bend then it would have made   it safer for others to go round her. Good 
all-round checks but is she prepared to go? Before driving around parked vehicles, check 
your mirrors first in case of anyone overtaking   you. Especially look out for motorcyclists.

really pleased a Alexis slowed down for this bus   but she chose second gear. First would've 
been better for the speed she was driving.   She's already got a serious fault for gears, so 
no more faults are recorded in this category. If you keep making the same driving faults 
then it will eventually become a serious fault.

Checking your mirrors at the 
right time is really important   and it should be second nature by the 
time you take your driving test. Cross   the roundabout and take the first exit. A 
good opportunity to go at the roundabout. If you persistently keep making the same 
driving fault, such as forgetting to   check the interior mirror before slowing 
down then it will become a serious fault. Alexis is doing well holding back waiting for a 
safe chance to overtake but don't get too close   to them. Don't forget they could fall off at 
any moment good. Good opportunity to overtake.

Alexis is driving at a really good speed here. 
Great conditions, good visibility, but we've   just passed a 40 mile per hour speed limit sign. 
Did she notice it? After 300 yards turn right. Turn right. Alexis notices the motorcyclist and gives 
them time to move over but we're still on   a 40 mile per hour speed limit road, will 
she notice? Well we have good conditions,   a clear road, Alexis should be 
getting up to 40 miles per hour now.

This is a serious fault for appropriate speed,   driving too slow which could 
frustrate drivers behind. And we're back to a 30 mile-per-hour speed limit. Alexis has changed down to second gear 
but is now holding down the clutch. This   is called coasting. It gives you less 
control and although the car is moving,   it's not being driven by the engine. Instead, 
we're freewheeling downhill. Alexis has to brake   more as there isn't any engine braking. Only now 
releasing the clutch. If the directions given by   the sat-nav are a little confusing. The second 
one. Then the examiner will often help you out.   Turn left, then turn right. A nice turn and we've 
just gone onto a one-way road. Hopefully Alexis   has seen the sign. She's noticed that it's a 
one-way road and is taking a really good position.

Unfortunately, Alexis has pulled out at the wrong 
time and caused the driver behind to slow down.   This would be a serious fault for observation. 
She's already had a serious fault on observation,   so no more faults are recorded in this 
category. Alexis is following the road   ahead at this roundabout and should be 
in the left-hand lane. This would be a   serious fault on road positioning but she's 
already got a serious fault for this earlier,   so no more faults are recorded in this 
category. It's really important to keep   in lane on a roundabout as there might 
be someone next to you turning right. I'd like you to pull up on the left 
reasonably close behind that car please.   You can ignore the driveways for now. Try 
and get reasonably close to it but leave   enough room. Bit close to the kerb there. 
Try and get reasonably close to the car but   leave enough room.

You can stop there. To get 
back out. Thanks. Drive on when you're ready   please. Alexis was about to hit the kerb 
and I had to intervene to save the wheels. Just steer more to the right okay? Bit 
close to the car. Alexis moved off too   quickly and steered too slowly. I 
had to help the footbrake so that   we didn't hit the car. After 200 yards, 
bear right then, turn right. The sat-nav   says to bear right and it's just a 
bend that she has to follow around. This is just a bend, OK? Good road position, I'm pleased 
that she's not cutting the corner. After 200 yards turn right. Turn right. Alexis turns with the 
clutch pressed down, this is coasting. Pull up on the left in a safe place 

Just here if you can. Good   checks of the mirrors. Time for a hill 
start. Drive on when you're ready please. Alexis managed to move off on this big hill 
but she should have checked her mirrors and   blind spot before moving off. After 100 
yards you have reached your destination. Turn right, then you have 
reached your destination. Okay, that's the end of the independent 
driving. I'll direct you from here.   Just follow the road round to the right. Great control through here, it's really tight. 
At the end of the road turn right please. At   the end of the road turn left please. Good 
checks of the mirrors before signalling. Driving a little bit too slow for second gear 
but at least it didn't stall.

At the end of   the road turn left please. Great checks 
of the mirrors again before signalling,   hopefully she'll make this a habit from now on. Pull up on the left in a safe place please. You can switch off now please. 
That's the end of the test. Unfortunately Alexis wasn't successful today 
but we've got to remember that at the time of   filming Alexis was still learning to drive and 
this mock test was just a small part of that   process. We had a chat after and here are the 
highlights. I know I definitely failed but you   know I just need to calm down.

I just panicked. 
Too quickly. Basically because the first few   lessons I had. I was panicking like a lot, a lot. 
For the first 4 hours maybe. I would stall like   every time I panic. Like this if that one it's 
just a key but this one's like so confusing. Hold   the button. I didn't get it. I think I should 
have checked the mirrors more. I think when I   reversed when I was doing the parking part. Oh 
yeah. I don't think I looked. No you didn't.   When I looked, it was really late. What checks 
should you have done before you turned into the   bay? So, I was supposed to have checked who's 
behind me. Should have checked all around. Yeah   and your right shoulder check as well before 
you turn right into the bay. When Alexis did   turn into the bay, she ended up on the line 
on the right.

You did have the option though,   any idea what you could have done to 
sort it out? Could have reversed out   and went round and went in properly. You coud have 
reversed out and then readjusted and went forward   into the same one. Yeah that's it. What about 
at the start of the test when you pulled away.   Do you remember? Oh yeah a car came. I'm kind 
of like figuring out how to move and like when   I first checked the car was quite a way behind. 
And when I figured it out, he was really close.   We went on a one-way road earlier. I'm really 
pleased you spotted the signs and moved over to   the right-hand side of the road. That was really 
good but what about when you pulled out of that   road it was quite a big road wasn't it? You pulled 
out in 2nd gear and there was a car coming from   the right and the left. You definitely slowed 
that car down that was coming from the left so   that would have been a serious mistake there yeah. 
So how are you feeling about your driving now and   your test? Well, I've booked more lessons.

good. I definitely need more. I've got a couple   more lessons of the week of my test. My test 
is on a Friday, so I've got lessons on Monday,   Tuesday, Wednesday. So I should be okay. Oh 
that's good. Well just practice those things we   mentioned then and I'm sure you can do it. Just 
put in the work and you should be fine. Are you   quite happy you done the mock test today though? 
Yeah, yeah I'm very happy I did it because then,   it's just so different driving another car and in 
a different area as well.

A big thanks to Alexis   for taking part in this video. The good news is 
that Alexis learned from her mistakes and passed   the driving test with 6 faults. Congratulations. 
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Good luck if you have your driving 
test coming up soon and bye for now! [Music].