Book A Driving Test In TWO WEEKS – How To Get An Earlier Driving Test

hi, everyone, have you been struggling to 
get a test date well here is a very very easy   simple two-step method where you can get a 
driving test date within as little as two weeks   stay tuned hi guys I'm Sean from uh driving test 
wizard and we're gonna rip up those l plates   rip up your old plates okay then how 
to book a driving test for two weeks   time since the end of the pandemic lockdowns it 
has seemed impossible to get a UK driving test   if there are any test dates available 
therefore six seven or even eight months time   here is a super easy proven two-step method to 
get a UK driving test in as little as two weeks step one go to the DVSA booking page at this 
link this link will be shown in the description   and it will bring you to this page once you're on this page follow the process 
and book the first driving test you can   for anywhere in the country don't worry how far 
it is away from your area or how far it is in   the future just get a test booked for somewhere 
step two download a drive-in test cancellation app   this one is called testy again there'll be a 
description there'll be a link in the description   for this app this is the one that I usually 
recommend but there are others on the market set it for your area you'll be alerted 
for the next driving test near to you book the test using the app done you