Pass Every Coursera Peer-Graded Assignment With 100 % Credit| 2020 | Coursera Assignment | Coursera

Hey Guys! Welcome to my youtube Channel. I'm Akash And In today's video, we are gonna talk about Coursera's Peer Guided assignments. and how can we complete them? In my last video, I talked about how to get any certificate from coursera in one day! And in this video! I will tell you about three working tricks to solve the assignments very quickly and easily So! in these coursera's assignment, we have to first make the assignment then we submit them and then we have to wait for other students to give us grades! so that's a very long process! 🙁 Sometimes it takes a whole week…

In this video, I will tell you guys.. 3 little shortcut method to complete these assignments even if you don't know anything about them.. so let's get started! first of all! Login into your coursera Account Next open up the course you want to complete.. like i'm doing right now! i enrolled in this courser a long time ago but i didn't completed it … and now i will show you how to pass these assignment for example in this peer graded assignment.. there is no need to watch all the vides and readings no need to solve and wait for the peers to give grades But ideally you should watch everything before doing the assignments xD.

🙂 But if you just want to complete the course and want to download the certificate ASAP then you can use these 3 simple Tricks.. and here's the first one: open up your assignment. and click on the Submission. like in my case they provided a link to the assignment which i have to solve and then submit that to be graded by other students! instead of that you can just go to the submission tab and fill all the details give any title you want and in that submission link put anything you want in that link.. I just copy pasted the same link they provided.. And i will just submit it! You can add anything in this! you just have to check the format in which they want you to upload the assignment Like PNG file, Txt File or code, or jpeg, pdf etc upload anything of that format in this tab After that just copy the URL link to your submission tab and send this link to your 3 friends enrolled in that same course.

They can be your classmates or you can make a whatsaap group by giving joining link in the discussion forums of that course You can also make a new id on coursera to give grades to your own assignments! And just send this link to your friends to give you full credit in the assignment. You just have to get three reviews to pass the assignment. they will open this link and give you 100% …your assignments is done! See.. i will show you how its done i have one more account on coursera! this is my other account. i will open that url from this account and review it! i will give full marks in everything. then i will submit my review Now one review is done! and just two more left my friends will also review my assignments .. and this will be completed! You can use this trick to complete every peer graded assignment on coursera! You can get every certificate from coursera in just one day with this trick! so that's all in first trick..

In the second one you can do one thing. just upload anything in the submission link and when you are done.. they will ask you the review other's assignments You can just copy any assignment or you can use that as a reference to complete your own and after some changes.. you can just edit your submission and upload this correct assignment again 🙂 and the third and the last trick is for people who have done the assignment by themselves. but its taking lot of time to get reviewed Just copy your submission url link and paste it into discussion forums and ask them to review your assignment asap.

Thanks for watching :).