Theory Test – Tricky UK Road Signs That Could Catch You Out 2023 (quiz)

Welcome to our UK road sign theory test. If 
you're revising for your theory test or just   looking to refresh your knowledge then hopefully 
this will help. There's 50 signs in this test,   so let's get started and see 
how many you know. [Music] Road narrows on both sides two-way traffic. Slippery road. Level crossing with a gate or barrier. No vehicles except pedal 
cycles being pushed by hand. No u-turn. Crossroads. No motor vehicles give way to oncoming vehicles. National speed limit applies. Zebra crossing. Traffic queues likely ahead. No towed caravans. Hump bridge. This overhead gantry sign has 
red lamps flashing from side to side in pairs   together with a red cross. Do not proceed in the traffic lane directly below. Road narrows on right. Migratory toad crossing. No vehicles carrying explosives. Riding of pedal cycles prohibited. Maximum speed limit. No-entry. Priority over oncoming vehicles. No through road. Minimum speed permitted. Ahead only. Okay, you're halfway through. Just to let 
you know that after you finish this test   we've got some free mock theory tests 
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Anyway, let's get back to the road signs.

One-way traffic. Hospital ahead with accident 
and emergency facilities. This overhead gantry sign has two pairs of 
amber lamps that flash from top to bottom. The lane is closed ahead and traffic 
should move to the next lane on the left. Mini-roundabout. Uneven road. No overtaking. Two-way traffic crosses one-way road. Level crossing without a gate or barrier. T-junction with priority over vehicles 
from the right. Loose chippings. Electrified overhead cable. End of minimum speed requirement. No waiting. No stopping.   Tthis overhead gantry sign has two pairs of 
amber lamps that flash from top to bottom.

Leave motorway at the next exit. Opening or swing bridge. Roundabout. Vehicles may pass either side 
to reach the same destination. Turn left ahead. Road humps. Keep left. Side winds. No vehicles over maximum width shown. Steep hill downwards. Pedestrians in road. You made it! That was a lot of signs. Let us know 
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[Music] Good luck if you've got 
your theory test coming up soon. You can do it!   Thanks a lot for watching and bye for now. [Music].