Show me tell me ford fiesta car uk driving test questions ????????????????

UK Driving test Questions ok show me tell me questions for 2016 then Theres your hazard light button or if you want to chack the indicators with the indicator stick you just have to do the 2 clicks of the ignition and you'll have to pop out the car and check the lights outside and then pop back in the car to check the lights the other side so its easier with the hazard lights so make sure you get out and check all the bulbs dont forget those ones at the back then we have to press the brake padal to check out the lights ask the examiner to pop around the back you will have to do 2 clicks of your ignition to get anything electrical working and then we've got the bonnet release catch just hidden under there the second latch just pushes across as you lift the bonnet up then you can pop the bonnet bar into it's little latch up there and first of all we've got the window screen washer bottle just have a look at the liquid on there to make sure you've got some and then we've got the coolant bottle it's got some little heat waves on the top of the cap there and there's your max and min markers on the side of the bottle then we've got your oil so check it with the dip stick pull it out wipe it clean pop it in take it out again, check your level then we've got your brake fluid it's got your max and min markers on ther side there and just checking the brakes to make sure they feel normal and your steering wheel, thats locked then with two clicks of the key, you've got your unlocked but still no power steering then when you start the car you have nice light steering that just shows thast the power steering is working for the question on the air pressure you'll find it in the manual and on this car its also on the passenger door frame and then to check the hand brake, you just want to pop your foot brake on put the hand brake down and back up and your head restriant wants to be in line with the middle of your head tyres, you want to be checking for any bulges or cuts to make sure you havent scraped a kerb and then your tread depth wants to be 1.6mm across the middle 3/4 around the entire tyre thats the horn and then 2 clicks for the rear window and front window washer so it's just pushing the button in on that stick to do the front and then pulling it back twice towards the steering wheel to do the back wiper there we go two clicks again for your dipped headlights then you just walk around the car to check there working and then to de-mist the windows you want to crank that fan speed up get it aimed at your windscreen which is that last picture on the dial there and then you can pop your rear heated screen on with that last button there ignition for your normal dipped lights before you can turn the fog light on you do need your normal lights on first that shows on the dash with the orange light that the rear fog lights on and i'm just showing you there that the fog light turns off when you turn your normal lights off and back on and the little amber ABS picture there if there was a problem that would stay on and then 2 clicks again to put your dipped headlights on and then with this stick on the left we pull it towards the steering wheel to get your main beam on and you pull it twice if you want it to stay on thats just indicated by the blue light in the middle there, bit hard to see thank you very much for watching please like and subscribe for more