REAL Live Driving Test FAIL – Traffic Lights – Dashcam Footage

and it starts very very well so she's got to the 
gates here and there's a little bit of a path in   front of the gate so she's just going to pause 
there just so she can look both ways before she   goes over the path and onto the road in this 
test center you always seem to turn left   and that takes you up to some traffic lights 
now she's starting off really well because   there's a van that's reversing in front of 
her and she's made a space on the road and now   she's going to use that space she's 
she made the space by slowing down   she's got a uh nice position on the road 
here as she's going past these parked lorries   what you'll see here as well is she positions 
the car very well kind of equally distant between   the parked cars and the oncoming traffic so 
everything is going fine um it all seems quite   smooth you'll see how the road opens up for 
her and now she's going a little bit quicker   so everything is going well we're 
coming up to the traffic lights now and uh she's gonna stop the car in the 
traffic queue uh just behind this skip lorry   and it will look a little like 
she's stopped a little too far back   uh which could be the case but also 
sometimes from the kind of um dash cam   from the angle of that um it can look as though 
it's a bit bit further away than it actually is   i actually think she's stopped a bit a little 
bit too far back at the moment the lights have   gone to green and she's going to go through these 
lights now the traffic becomes very heavy and the   traffic lights will change just as she's crossing 
the line or just before she crosses the line   there she still crosses the line but she can't 
go forward because she's being blocked off   and by the time the white 
lorry gets to move out the way   the rest of the traffic has started to move in 
front of her the examiner has put the brake on   and it's been two minutes and nine seconds of 
a test before the examiners put the brake on   actually if you look at this position she's in 
quite a safe position actually here well the   examiner stopped it in a quite quite safe position 
because they're still inside the junction they're   not impeding the traffic on the main road and if 
if my student had to stop the car at this point   i don't think that's a fail uh it probably 
might be a minor fault because she went over the   light and it was just going to amber 
you might you might argue that she was   quite on top of it there and it wasn't time to 
stop although in my opinion that probably was so   that might be a a minor fault there as well or a 
fault but here the examiner has stopped the car   so the test is effectively over now and he's going 
to then direct it back to the driving test sensor