Van driver’s walkaround checks: outside the van (1 of 2)

So as we walk towards the vehicle, check that
it's sat correctly so we can see if there's any obvious problems with the tyres or suspension. Quick look down and underneath, are there
any signs of any leaks, fuel, oil, or water? Check all the lights including the side repeaters. All the lights are on and working. Any signs of obvious damage. Have a look at
the windscreen from the outside and just check the wiper blades for condition. Check for anything insecure or damaged, sharp
edges. Check the mirror's secure, side repeater, and moving down to the tyre and wheel. Same checks on every wheel now. Check the
tread for adequate tread all the way across. Any signs of damage, cuts, exposed cords,
that kind of thing, any signs of severe damage to the wheel. Check the wheel nuts for security. Tyre pressure
looks OK, and it's sat right, the suspension looks good.

Check the door shuts securely. As we come
down the side just seeing if anything is likely to fall off the vehicle, any sharp edges that
might injure any other road user. As we're walking round if we can see underneath
it's a good idea to have a quick look underneath to see if anything's loose, fallen off, insecure.
If there is, report it. Even if you don't know what it is, tell somebody about it, don't
take the vehicle out until you know it's safe. OK, so once we've done that, same checks all
the way along, anything damaged or insecure. Coming around the rear of the vehicle, same
again, see if anything's loose or insecure.

Check the lights, are the number plates secure,
and the number plate lights are working. Check the side lights are working, fog light,
indicators, and stop lamp. Check the rear doors open, and check your
loading area, any load in there is secure and that it's safe for you if you're getting
in and out, you're not going to fall over anything. All the panelling's secure. We've got a side loading door. Check that
opens, works on it's runners and check your step area and everything's safe and secure
in there. Check that the door operates correctly and closes securely. Onto the fuel cap. Check the fuel cap seal
and there's no sign of any leaks. So from the fuel cap, you're onto the passenger
door. check for any signs of damage or sharp edges. Check it opens, operates and closes
securely and you can the other passenger seat belts and seat while you're there. Check the mirror, the same checks on the tyre,
check the side repeater, and then we're round to the front. Under the bonnet.

We need to check our levels,
so brake fluid level, on this we've got power steering fluid, water, and washer. Make sure
they're topped up before you leave. Then look for any obvious signs of leaks, damage, anything
that doesn't look right report it and get it looked at if you're not sure. Check your
oil level which we've already checked. Fan belt, and see that it all looks correct. Anything
that's not right, report it and get it checked.