CBT moped/motorcycle training 2023: official DVSA guide

you need a good knowledge of the highway code and traffic signs before going for your CBT course on the day take your driving license with you and wear suitable clothing like this the course usually lasts a full day but can take longer depending how quickly you learn there are five parts to the course the first is element a your trainer will cover basics like the importance of motorcycle clothing in element B you'll get hands-on with the motorcycle so you know how it works and feels you'll begin riding in element C and practice things like riding in a straight line riding slowly timing left and right riding a figure event doing a u-turn and doing an emergency stop in element B your trainer will make sure you've got all the information you need to be safe and legal on the road element is the last part of the course you'll ride out with your trainer for at least two hours complain to DVS a if your trainer cut this short you'll have to prove that you can deal with things like traffic lights roundabout junctions Bend u-turns and emergency stops when your prey now is happy you're safe to continue learning alone they'll give you a CDT certificate you've then got two years to pass your theory and practical tests or you'll have to take another CBG Cour