West Wickham Test Route PART 2 (Towards Addington)

Hello and welcome to part 2 of our exploration of the West Wickham driving test area. I'm Chris and in this video we're going to do some independent driving towards Addington, this is one of the test routes that you might go on. As usual, it's all about planning ahead, looking out for signs. The sign say's that we have to turn left, first exit towards Addington. See a Zebra crossing coming up. The road really widens out here. Really keeping left, observing early to the right. Ready to go. Taking the first safe opportunity. Little bit of an awkward angle that one. Zebra crossing here. Not in use, but it might be in use on the day of your driving test. The independent driving part of your driving test, can last anything up to 10 minutes and there might be up to 3 road signs for you to watch out for.

As usual, plan ahead and look out for all signs. See a sign of a school nearby. Zebra crossing, scanning both sides, making sure that no one wants to cross. If you do forget where you're going on your driving test then you can always ask the examiner for help. You won't get penalised for that. See a bus stop coming up. Cycle path on the left, which we'll avoid. Markings in the centre of the road are telling us that we must keep left and no overtaking. See a van parked on the left, not in the road at all. Another bus stop. A double bend coming up. We're going uphill slightly, but the car is not struggling so there is no need to change down gear. Bend to the left. Markings in the centre are telling us not to overtake.

Another sign coming up. Sign is telling us to turn left, 1st exit for Addington. Keeping in lane, observing early to the right. Might be clear, slow down, change down. Keeping left, two lanes merging into one. Going down Gravel Hill. It's quite steep here, I've kept in a low gear here. Use a bit of engine braking, this keeps the car slow and in control. But when the hills not as steep then you could change up, but be ready as the car will try and go a bit faster. Make sure that you have that brake ready. Now the road splits into two lanes here. We see a 40mph sign, but it's only 40mph once you've PAST the sign. So don't speed up when you see the sign. Only get up to 40mph if the conditions allow it and it's safe to do so. We're keeping in the left hand lane as we're not overtaking.

Planning ahead all the time. See some traffic lights coming up. Pedestrian crossing and then we have a tram crossing, anticipate that the lights might change as you approach those green lights. We're still following the road signs towards Addington. The next sign is telling us that we need to turn left, first exit. We'll have to change into the left hand lane. We're checking the mirrors, blind spot, signal. Look out for this pedestrian crossing. Got a really good view on this roundabout, observing early. Make sure that you cancel the signal here in case people think that you want to turn left. Another tram crossing.

That would be the end of the independent driving section of the driving test. Pedestrian crossing coming up. At the roundabout we will follow the road ahead and it's the 2nd exit, heading back towards West Wickham. Really keeping in the left hand lane. When you go to exit the roundabout there will be a cycle path. Still on a 40mph speed limit road. We're heading back towards West Wickham. That's the end of part 2 of our exploration of the West Wickham driving test area. Again, hope it's been useful, if it has then please give us a thumbs up 'like' at the bottom of the screen and we'll see you on the next video. Thanks for watching!