How To Approach And Turn Right Roundabout On Driving Test Car

hello everybody hope you're all well so in 
this video on the roundabouts again am going   to finish off now with this one and what am 
going to do now is before the first one we did   driving test center we came out turn left, left 
at the dual carriage right on the first roundabout   and then we went ahead on the second which you 
just want to stay in your lane uh and then we what   we did then we went back in the test center again 
and we did right at the end of road, right at the   lights and we went ahead on the first one and then 
left on the second I brought you back around again   to show you a head ahead and we're just straight 
on here now am going to be coming from this side   and we're just going to be doing a right because 
you do when they're coming back from the test   center this one when you're coming out you'll be 
to the right on that one's exactly the same just   getting the right hand lane come around here 
make sure you indicate left which am going to   show you now and rather than explain to you 
the other thing am going to show you this,   this road am in now is just around the corner 
from these roundabouts.

And what you do is they're   looking to see how you respond to traffic signs 
and you'll notice the traffic sign in the moment   when i get to the bottom of this road, but the 
main thing is that you know we're going to be   doing this we're going to be turning right okay 
so it's this will be a right so it'll be the first   exit on your right all you need to do if examiner 
say's turn right, get in that lane here and turn   right but when you get to this point indicate left 
to let this traffic know that you're leaving this   round about and then we'll turn left into us 
into the background but this is this is where   you'd be finishing your test and you just bring 
it around especially if they're a bit early you   know you're tested like everywhere you went are 
green light you might get her back early you so   they'll waste a few minutes by taking you around 
there and we'll end up back in the test center   again and i'll just show you okay don't forget 
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test centre but you know you might have a double   roundabout in your area.

I don't really know 
um but I hope it solved a few of your problems,   you know i should say solutions give you 
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i'll get back to you as soon as possible   okay and that's just going to quickly show i 
want to see if you can notice this sign at the   end of this road which is telling you basically 
which way to go and that's what they're looking   for this one's a no-brainer really because you 
can only go one way but there's some of them   it might be you know anyway i'll just give you 
that last little look at this get a good look   at that especially if you're going on Norris green 
uh if you've got a test uh just that today today's   the 11th i've been doing a few videos one day well 
it's quiet we're allowed to start work tomorrow   yeah and uh i've just been talking to an examiner 
i'm gonna have to test and he's just come to pick   all these stuff up he's gone to another test 
center then he moved them around quite a bit   and he said this that they've been told they're 
starting test on the 22nd okay so we're going to   show you how to do this right the main one but i 
also want to show you the end of this road is that   this is where there's a sign telling you basically 
what you've got to do you don't respond to it   obviously in my opinion and so you've still got to 
do the mirror signal manoeuvre as well by the way   yeah okay then so i'm going to show you 
how to turn right at the roundabout okay.

It's got the auto stop see this and you keep 
forgetting that you know when this goes off so   always make sure to do this first because this is 
always when you get in the car put your seat belts   on first and turn the engine on clutch down look 
all around to the left these are all new blind   spots by the way you open to the left look right 
around to the right check your mirror obviously   then look around to the right there and there's 
no one here i don't need to give anyone a signal   press the gas pedal. 2020 zone and you can see clearly the signs kind 
of you see the first one is that that is like   basically telling you it's actually got it on the 
floor so if you didn't see that one and nothing   then obviously you're obviously going back on your 
test now so yeah am gonna mirror indicate left   as well you braking gently and i'm gonna watch 
so he might do a you turn he might go in there   no he's actually gone in that road so yes check 
this i've got crossing them together so you know   what's up with this i've got to notice i've gone 
straight into this lane because i know right away   there's parked cars there, there's no point 
going over there and moving over there   especially when there's no one 
behind you okay so we're coming   up to the roundabouts again so we're just 
going to do a right on this roundabout.

Right good thing about it the visibility is all 
right you can see pretty clearly just pat me   these park cars man it'd be fantastic so i've got 
to slow down and yeah you can see there's nobody   there but you can see them when we write something 
and i'm turning right but when i get to this   position now i'm gonna mirror mirror indicate left 
let them know that i'm coming over to the left,   see where that car's gone left that's where 
they'll take you back a minute indicate left again   they can gently clutch down push up hold 
them in the bite let's get the engine braking   off the brake better gas and here we go 
again back to the broadway off the gas comes this can be quite busy as well like as i said 
because it's a sunday today so it's fairly quiet   it's not too bad but during the week but 
the shops pretty sure this place will be   this is generally where all the taxis are as 
we'd end up end up out this side of the road   along this side there is where 
all the cabs will be parked   and obviously good that all the shops 
and all that [ __ ] there's not many   around you see the odd one around the 
junior channel so it's the 12th of april okay so where's this little [ __ ] i'll do 
this in another video this round about the   shape like you can see look at her on phone you 
know what i mean ridiculous in it unbelievable   and that's one thing you've got to watch out 
for i brought that happening because you can   see it i was expecting it to come out there dude 
the one stopped you see that's all slowed down   they're just too busy on the phone they 
are dangerous but what can you say there's   nothing you can say to them just hoping that 
the next time they cross the road that they   will make sure they're not on the phone or at 
least if they're on the phone they can have a look   and as you can see we're going 
to head back to the test center   and the type of experiences that you're going to 
get on on the road especially when you're using   it every day you've got a job where you're going 
to be working on the road all day so this would   be the traffic light just before the test center 
so where them cars are down there we're going to   be turning left back to the test center so one 
thing i had where a few years ago shouldn't live   down the corner from here she stopped here and she 
she stopped in third and she said to me oh peter   only had to go to the test center what happened 
was she forgot to put it in first and she tried   to take off stalled again installed three times a 
stall and he said to her am awful sorry you're in   the wrong gear well she was broken hearted she 
only had two minor faults and he failed it for   that day the lights had changed she's definitely 
gone over the stop line man so where we go back   into the test centre mirror mirror indicator 
left am gently breaking again am going to get   my speed right down to near enough stopping
am going to go in to first because i know   you're put to see where it comes 
indicator off i'll put it back on and i don't know what this car is doing here 
but i could before what i did before i would   have been indicating to go into the here so i'm 
just going to show you there's the test center   there you move in there I can't cos a car is 
there and you make sure you don't cut the line   there you turn it today and there's obviously 
someone there that must be a parent or something   and then we're going to pull over here now 
you get a good look at the test center look   at the go back a little bit 
you'll get a better look here that's it let me just see it there okay so that's 
the last of that then the Norris green roundabouts   and as i say it's you know this is the official 
by the way this is the manager out of here you   can see that's uh the government Logo Sign you 
can see that on there driver you can see it like   so driving one of the driving vehicles standard 
agency that used to be the dsa but now would   you put a v on it do i have a vehicle it'd just 
use to be the driver's standard agency as easy   uh anyway hopefully i've started that solved 
a few problems for you there and and as i said   before i'll be very grateful if you would just 
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in the next video so it's bye for now.