90° Reverse Bay Parking | 2023 UK Driving Test Manoeuvres

[Music] the UK driving test includes the option of the reverse Bay parking maneuver we always recommend reversing into parking bays when ever possible as the car is more maneuverable and it is much safer to drive forwards out of the bay afterwards in this video will show how to reverse Bay Park safely with an overview of the manoeuvre from outside the car and then a more detailed view from inside the car if you have any questions about the video then please leave a comment and we will do our best to reply [Music] the driving examiner might ask you to do this maneuver at the very start or end of your driving test they will direct you towards a suitable area in a car park and then say I'd like you to reverse into a convenient parking bay finishing within the lines we can choose which Bay we park in and we don't have to tell the examiner which one we have chosen we will be using the 90-degree method in this video as we fear list is the most reliable for new drivers if you prefer using a different method that's fine as long as the car finishes with all four wheels inside the bay lines we choose to park on the left in front of the lamppost we position our car in the middle of the road to give enough room to turn check to our left for any danger and signal we need to stop three bays past our target bay so we drive slowly and stop level with the third bay we select reverse gear check all around the car for danger and start reversing very slowly when the next Bay line becomes level with our shoulders we quickly steer left to full lock as the car slowly turns we look around again for danger then use the blind spot mirrors to check our rear wheels are going to finish within the bay once the car is straight we steer right to straighten the front wheels up and stop once the whole car is in the bay knowing exactly when to steer into the bay is key to a good bay park once we have chosen a target bay we drive slowly and stop three bays past once reversing we normally turn when the first Bay line becomes level with our shoulders but for more precision in our learner cars we have stuck a dot on the top of each door different cars and seating positions may need slightly different turn points so if needed experiment until you find your favorite time to steer into the bay in this video we have concentrated with parking on the left but the technique for parking on the right is exactly the same position in the center of the road and stop three bays past the target Bay then stay quickly right to full lock once the next bay line is level with our shoulders as always keep looking around for danger until the car has stopped if possible we would normally choose to park in a bay that has empty bays next to it as this allows more room to maneuver the car however if the car park is very busy we might have to park in a bay next to another vehicle we will need to be extra careful so we drive very slowly to ensure we don't cause any damage if we turn into the bay or straighten our steering at the wrong time then the car might stop at an angle to the bay if we see that our wheels are on or outside the bay lines we must tidy up our cars position by carefully driving forwards out of the bay and then reversing back in again to straighten the car up car parks are often very busy so we must look carefully all around the car before driving forwards and once again before reversing back into the bay if we spotter hazard near our car we should stop until we are sure it is safe to continue another method to Bay Park is to position the car next to the target Bay then turn the car 45 degrees before reversing at an angle if you prefer to use this method then as long as it is completed safely then it will still pass the driving test [Music] so remember stop three bays past the target Bay look all around before reversing slowly turn into the bay precisely and straighten the steering once the car is straight [Music] if you found this video interesting then please click our logo to subscribe to our channel as it really helps other people find our videos if you would like to help support this channel then please click the patreon link to find out about our crowdfunding campaign thanks for watching [Music]