Driving a van: weight limits and loading

it's really important to keep your van weight safe and legal as overloading is dangerous to you and other road users let's have a look at the basics when a van is empty but fueled its weight is called the unladen weight your van also has something called the gross vehicle weight or maximum authorised mass this is the maximum weight that a van is legally allowed to weigh when loaded it includes the van the fuel you owe and any passengers and anything else you're carrying we've loaded our van with these light boxes between the axles and it stayed within the gross vehicle weight it could even carry these heavy boxes and still be legal but if we move them towards the front of our van the front axle could become overloaded if we add other heavy boxes across the axles a van could go over the gross vehicle weight so let's swap that last heavy box with two light boxes it's now back within the limit remember the physical size of the boxes or how full the van is doesn't matter is the box's weight and where they're place the camps and remember whatever your load you need to make sure it's secure be safe don't overload