100 Days DSA Roadmap! | How to start from zero and crack Amazon, Microsoft and Google | How to Code?

So, I want to start learning coding. But I am unable to understand where to start which language i should start with or what data structures we have to learn How to do coding So, if you have such doubts in your mind. You are in 1st year or 2nd year or 3rd year You still haven't done anything. Your internship season is going to start or your placement season is going to start You need a strong thing, in 90 days-100 days someone explains you everything from the starting till the ending You need someone to help you learn from the starting till the ending or you can understand yourself. You just need a roadmap These are the things you have to do and you will do accordingly, then you are good to go In today's video, I am going to discuss this I am going to set the accountability partner I am going to create a flow for you that how you will Other than that, I will discuss some mistakes with you If you have not started coding, then in starting you should know what are things you should not do Then you will be able to start doing coding effectively You can learn your dream job So, Let's start the video without further delay I have a request to you that, make some comments as you are starting your challenge Which date it is and Please do like my video Hi Guys, I am Nishant, I am a software engineer at Microsoft And in this video, we will be talking about all these things, what I told you till now Lets start What are mistakes not to do The most important point is, do not just see the tutorials and if you go to tutorial hall and see those study materials.

But when you will sit for test or any contest, you will not be able to implement those Recently I have made a video, if you want to know in details Like, what not to do if you want to learn coding and why people fail You can see that, hope this is coming in the screen and eye button You can definitely check that out Second thing is, do not compare yourself with anyone like a topper in your class or with any of your friend, who is very good in coding You start comparing that, he knows very well and I know nothing and I will not be able to do anything So, don't think like that Compare with yourself only like, if you had started something, a few days back, are you able to do something better than that Let's say, you have started working in anything like web development or android development All these things take time Like if you start going to gym, you need time to make your body You will not see changes in 1 or 2 or 3 days but you will start seeing that after 3 or 4 or 5 months Same is the case with the coding You will not get instant results You will get the result gradually But if you are following the process correctly then great results will definitely come Third thing is make a group with your peers Find at least one accountability partner You have to make such one friend, with whom you can sit for the contest And can discuss after contest that I have learnt these things, then it will be great Other than that, I have switch on the comments option in the telegram group I will go there everyday and post a comment there for you That what you did today? Than you will have an accountability, if you are taking this challenge for 100 days That what I have done in day 1, day2 , day3 and so on.

You will see, so many people are doing this so I also can do that Your motivation will increase also You will get the link of the telegram channel in the description Please go and join there positively If you want to start from today then today will be your day 1 From today we will start as day 1 Next thing is, learn a language C++ I have already taught you in code in 10, how to install BS code I have already told you how to use basic strings and arrays I had explained everything that, what is loops and FLs You can go and check that You will learn loops, FLs and all other things there, so, you will have basic idea How to code in C++ If you want to learn Java then you can go to google search and you will get many results You will get many playlists, you can learn from there There will be no problem at all.

After you learn this, your 100 days coding challenge will start So I have given here your roadmap, what you have to do in these 100 days starting from day 1 Before starting this you have to learn language You will take 1 or 2 days and you will understand the basic what are loops and FLs and how to write the functions After that you will print the patterns Then you can start this You take extra 1 or 2 days for that There is an amazing free source for you, which you can use in this whole preparation time That is Code studio You will get guided paths in Code studio like you have learnt C++ but you have not understood , how to learn java, what are the topics you have to learn You can check that in the guided path You can check in the guided paths basics of java. If you want to lear that You have to click on the start learning You will get everything here, what you want to learn in java To maintain consistency, you will get the problem of the day here The benefit of this problem of the day is, everyday you will solve at least one problem This is when you have basic understanding of all the data structures You need to practice and your exams are near then you have to take 1 hour or 1/2 an hour in a day at any cost for this And you will solve this one problem everyday and by that you will be able to maintain your consistency Other than that, you will get mock interview scenes also Also you will get interview experiences here 2000+ problems are there to practice You will get company tags.

You will also be able to know that the problems are hard, easy or moderate According to your level you can choose that and you want to do it or not You can live in that interview experience You can be there virtually You can also participate in the monthly contests, which happens here By taking part in the contest your consistency will become great Other than that, you will be able to understand, that, whether you are getting any benefit of whatever you have learnt here. You will get the link in the description, you can definitely check out code studio At first you have to learn time complexity and space complexity When you are going for an interview and writing codes, you need to know how much space and time it is taking to run Interviewer will definitely ask you this question. So, first side this question First you learn, how time complexity works when loop or recursion happens Learn the normal loops once Then next step, in 3- 10 days you have to learn recursion and back tracking I have made a series in coding 10 for recursion and back tracking If you check, you will get everything there The whole playlist is there for recursion There are lessons for basic backtracking also.

If you learn from there you will understand completely So, Day 3- Day 10, you have to do this Next step is from Day 11 to Day 30, you have to learn basic data structure You will learn, what is arrays, ling list and stack view I have taught arrays and ling list in Coding 10, so you can check it there You will learn both 2D arrays and arrays Ling list is not completed yet, but till you reach that point ling list will also get completed I will check whether I can complete stacks and queues by then, else there are many resources in you tube also for that You can learn What is stacks and queues, from there You can do questions also After doing all these when you will complete 30 days, you will have a basic understanding of stacks and queues How you will solve the questions, how you will code and do other things Now comes the time, when you will start giving contest I have written here in the important suggestions that, start giving contest After completing 30 days, when you have done stacks and queues It is very important to give contest then When you will be in 31 days, you will have some complex data structure In complex data structure you will have searching.

Sorting. hash maps, trees, heaps and sliding windows These are your techniques and algorithms which you have to learn techniques, data structures and algorithms In searching, you have to learn basic binary searching, which is the most important They ask questions mostly from binary searching and not from anything else, so you have to binary search I have given 5 videos on sorting for basic algorithm in coding 10 and I have precisely explained also You can check sorting from there Till you will reach this level, you will also get questions and videos of searching and specially in binary search So, it is sorted After that you can do hash maps for which I have made a complete playlist Then there are trees, heaps and sliding windows You can practice in these topics These are all okay but you will have a question that, where from we will practice questions I got it covered.

I have given a link of a DSA sheet here for that Here you will get all the questions, you have to practice You will get questions in all the topics here So, there is no tension at all You can practice and learn things comfortably Next step is Day 46 – Day 75 Two most important points are Graphs and DP People mostly ask about those in interviews and tests So, you have to give time for these, which is very important So, for these I have kept 30 days, you have to learn graph and DP I have given all the topics also for graphs and algorithms, which you should know You have to do questions related to that, which you can check there Other than that, you have two things for dynamic programming Memoization and tabulation If you have done recursion and backtracking very well then you will do it very easily So I have taught recursion and backtracking very well You will understand things. there, TLE will come in all the things But when you will add DP there, all of your questions will be solved.

So this is something graphs and DP. You need to invest a lot of time here, so a lot of time is allotted for this Last comes, from 76 to 85 days, here you will learn about OOP's By the time you reach here, you will find about OOP's in one video in Code in 10 So, till now I haven't told you to subscribe. If you think its valuable, then you can go definitely and subscribe to Code in 10. From some time, the consistency became very less. But we will be back soon Now last comes is the last fifteen days left. If you have done all of these things till 100 days So what you have to do in the end is the topics which if you do will be good for you It's number theory. Its required a lot in computer programming They ask for some online tests.

Bit manipulation and tries These are some topics which if you do will be good for you Like, questions will come from here. You should know all these things My friend was asked all questions about Tries in the interview To show how to implement tries Why we use tries and where it is required These are such questions, which people will ask They will ask a basic question, what is try? Now it is up to you how you will show them So, this is the whole roadmap I have told you about 100 days that what you have to do Out of that, I have taught many however some are left I will try to complete all those things as well And I hope it will help you a lot If you are in 1st or 2nd year and you have not started coding, give your 100 days If you have exams in between, Give a pause and start again Finish your exams, that is not a problem But try to complete all these things You should complete the question list, which I have given And you are good to go The whole DSA list you will get in code studio They have made a full list on my name You directly go and practice there, so that will also be good I already told you that, you will get the link of telegram in description Definitely go and join that Because If you join the telegram group your accountability will increase Other than that, If you are trying this, try post it in linden and Instagram In every 15 days or 1 month you should write your achievements there, like the milestones If you write there everyday, it will look like a spam I would not ask you guys to post everyday But if you write there in every 15 days or in 2 -3 weeks time, then it will help you to track your progress also Like, what I told you in the beginning we do mistake to compare ourselves with others, but here you can compare with yourself only That, I have done these things in last two weeks and I will do these much in next two weeks Next, I have a request for you that, comment here that, when you are starting this challenge and what is the date Please do like the video It will reach to more people, when you like the video It will help more people and it will be great Your response has been very good If you want videos related to anything or if you have any suggestions or anything, you can write in the comments I really want to help you out If you don't have anybody to guide you.

I am there, I will help you out Please do write in the comments section. I cannot reply to all the comments as I have to manage many things with my job I can not reply to all, but I definitely read all the comments If you have any feedback, I definitely go through it that, how I will improve these things. So, that's all i hope you are getting help from this. Thank you so much for watching this video. Please do like the video and subscribe if you have not done it yet. see you in my next video. Till then, Bye…..