DVSA earned recognition

DVS a earned recognition is a new way to
prove that you meet driver and vehicle standards you regularly share
performance information with DVS a in return it'll be less likely that your
vehicles will be stopped for inspections saving you time and money it's designed
to work for both goods vehicle and public service vehicle operators no
matter what size your business is here's how it works you'll need to pass a known
recognition order and have IT systems for vehicle maintenance records and
drivers hours these will monitor if you're meeting a set of key performance
indicators or KPIs your systems stay secure and DVS a won't have direct
access to them or any of your data every four weeks your systems will tell DVS a
if you've missed any of the kpi's by a set amount if you do miss a KPI DVS a
will get in touch and work with you to fix the issue when you join the scheme
you'll get all the benefits including being able to prove you're an exemplary
operator when you bid for contracts being able to use the DVS a earned
recognition mark being recognized on gov dot uk'
the official government website being less likely to have your vehicle stopped
at the roadside or having DVS a visit your premises having direct access to a
DVS a earn recognition business team find out more and apply to join the
scheme at gouf dot uk'