How do you know your head restraint is in the correct position? Driving theory hints and tips

hi everyone Chris from the driving theory workshop and today I'm talking about how you know you have your head restraint in the correct position to make sure you get maximum protection in the event of an accident now it's important that we have the rigid part of the head restraint supporting the center at the back of our heads this way ensure that if we do have an accident it minimizes the risk of whiplash or any serious injuries to make sure we do that and easiest way to do that is to line our eye level or the top of our ears up with the middle of the head restraint this will ensure that we have the maximum protection in the event of an accident if you want to find more useful videos the same you can subscribe to our youtube channel by searching for the driving theory workshop please give this video a like or a comment if you've got any questions or if you want to join our online theory course visit w-w-w dot driving theory workshop co dot uk' you