American Driver Takes UK Mock Test | 2023 UK Driving Test

Emilia has a full driving licence in the
United States but now she has lived in the UK for one
year she needs to pass our driving test to continue driving.
She has had a few driving lessons with us to get used to our highway code
and has kindly agreed to have her mock test filmed for you to see
let's see how she gets on before we get started please consider
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similar way to a real driving test to make it realistic on a real test the
examiner would check the candidate's driving license
and test their eyesight before getting into the car
we'll join the test just before the tell me question uh now i'll ask you um tell me a
question could you tell me how you would check
that your power steering is working properly um how might you test it um
just move the steering wheel a bit and see if it's
moving yeah how should it feel it should feel
um smooth yeah great thanks that's good and later on i'll ask
you a show me question where i'll ask you to demonstrate
something um okay so the test will last about 40
minutes in total uh just follow the road ahead at all
times unless traffic signs or myself ask you to turn if you're confused at any point feel
free to ask uh we'll be doing one maneuver we may do an emergency stop
and we'll finish back here okay all right so uh we'll start with the
independent driving section with the satnav
in this case and um i'll guide you out the car park
and then hand you over to the sat nav um for the next 20 minutes
and after that finishes i'll direct you manually for the last part of
the route so all ready yes great so uh if you're ready
uh pull away and go out that road please you will arrive at your destination at 1
05 pm let's just wait for a second i don't run
him over yeah so down that road thanks yeah so we'll go down to the next giveaway
line then turn left towards the fire station turn left then at the end of the road
turn left this isn't a proper pedestrian crossing
but since we're driving very slowly it's okay to stop and wait if someone
needs to cross yes i'll leave you with the satnav now
so feel free to ask if you get stuck turn left then go right on the
roundabout and take the third exit go right on the roundabout and take the
third exit c emilia did cross the giveaway line
before it was completely safe but since she didn't get in anyone's way
it's not worth giving a serious fault okay so slightly gone off route we
wanted the third x actually uh not to worry let's see if the sat nav
gives us a plan yeah so what we'll do is we'll
take the next turning on the left please turn left then turn around when possible
driving the wrong way isn't a problem as long as your driving is safe
so if you want to pull up pull over and stop next to that second lamppost
around when possible then turn right in that parking bay though
okay thanks all right so i'd like you to turn the car around to face the other
direction and use the forward and reverse gears if
you need to this is the reason that we should still
learn how to do the turn in the road maneuver okay so we'll carry on then thanks uh
taking a right and then following the sat nav again turn right then go right on the
roundabout and take the third exit after 100 yards go right on the
roundabout and take the third exit go right on the roundabout and take the
third exit yeah so we want to go down that road so when you get a chance could you show me
how you open and close your window please okay thanks remember
if you forget how to complete your show me question you are allowed to pull over
and find the button you need after 200 yards go left on the
roundabout and take the first exit go left on the roundabout and take the
first exit so so
we must always check our mirrors before changing our road position
in case of any danger behind us so
a little closer than necessary to the parked vehicles there
ideally we should leave a doors width or meter gap
if you could pull over on the left again at a safe place so
thanks a lot and drive on again when you're ready we will be asked to pull over and drive
on again several times during the test the examiner needs to check that you can
do this safely even with other traffic nearby after 200 yards turn left then
turn right turn left then turn right turn right then take the third left and if you can find a safe place and
pull over on the right hand side of the road after 100 yards turn left emilia hasn't parked very well here
which hasn't left the other driver much room to pass her you happy parking oh i could be a bit
closer to the curve feel free to adjust things so so so
okay thanks so much this is the right reverse maneuver so i should like you to
reverse the car approximately two car lengths
staying reasonably close to the curb and don't worry about any driveways behind
us okay okay thanks so much lovely uh so we're back to driving again
if you can continue to follow the sat nav
uh for now turn left we can see from the road
markings that the sat nav instruction is incorrect
so we won't give a fault for the unnecessary indication at the end of the road turn left then
turn right this residential road is quite narrow
so amelia is driving well below the speed limit
good judgment turn left then turn right turn right then turn right turn right after the bend if you could pull over on
the left-hand side of the road please great thanks okay shortly i shall ask
you to do the emergency stop routine and i will give the signal to stop so
i'd like you to stop the car as quickly as you can under full control
i will check it so to do so but please wait for the actual stock command
okay okay uh if you're ready drive on again
approximately one test in three is asked to do the emergency stop routine so stop thanks very much i won't ask you to do
that again drive on when you're ready emilia's blind spot check was fairly
poor fortunately there wasn't any nearby hazards after a real
emergency we would be more careful before pulling
away after 200 yards turn left then
at the end of the road turn right turn left then at the end of the road
turn right once more the sat nav is a little misleading
so we won't give a fault for the left signal around this bend
turn right then take the third right this junction has very poor visibility
so it is worth being extra careful here after 100 yards turn right turn right so after 300 yards bear right then
turn left can you pull up behind the silver car leaving about a one car
length space please just enough room to pull away
great thank you and then when you're ready drive on again
good judgment here far better to wait than pull away and obstruct the silver car bear right then turn left after 100 yards turn left
turn left all right that's the end of the
independent driving section i'll direct you from now on so since we have a cycle lane to our left
it's extra important to check our left mirror
for careless cyclists before turning at the next roundabout if we could drive
ahead second exit please notice the single 20 speed limit sign
this is easily missed but amelia spots it and doesn't speed matt doesn't give directions here as the
road markings and no entry signs should tell drivers where to go and if we could follow the road around
to the right up here please down to very set impossible yeah the next action if you could keep to the
right indicating would have helped the car
behind understand where we intend to go we like the ample following distance
amelia has here just in case the car in front stops suddenly yeah just follow the red head thanks at the next roundabout if you could turn
left first exit please so the next round about if we could go
ahead first exit so
and then left first exit this time so
this time the other car moved out to help amelia join
but we should remember traffic on the dual carriageway has priority
and we should be ready to give way if needed so if we could take the next exit and
then turn left at the roundabout first exit yeah so at the bottom of the road left
first exhale to run about so it's easy to speed after driving on
faster roads but amelia spots the 30 limit sign and
drives carefully despite the van tailgating us at the next roundabout if we could go
ahead second exit so and again i had a second exit here if we could turn left first exit at the
mini roundabout we're just following the road to the
right here when there are this many pedestrians
around it's worth keeping our speed low don't think of the speed limit as some
kind of target we need to go ahead second exit please this is now the third time we've crossed
this roundabout on this test route and we will be back again in a minute
and then we need the second turning on the left it's just after the traffic lights so this narrow street has double parked
cars and two-way traffic so amelia is correct to drive extra
carefully here at the end of this road if we could turn left so so this roundabout we're going to turn
left first exit and then go straight ahead
at the bottom of the hill emilia has remembered that we must use
the right lane to go ahead at the next roundabout
so get into position early yeah so straight ahead second exit and then we need to turn right back into
the car park this time if you could drive forwards deadhead and then just park forwards and one in
one of the bays against the wall this forward bay park at the end of the
test isn't counted as a test maneuver so it doesn't matter if your wheels are
over the bay lines all right thanks that's the end of the
test okay you'll be glad no you passed i
passed yeah yeah yeah that was all right i
definitely thought i failed what did you think you'd done
i thought one up around about the first two minutes
i went but amelia drove well today and passed her
mock driving test with nine driving or minor faults we will work on these
faults before we attempt a real driving test
so that we have the best chance of passing first time
amelia says that driving here is very different to the united states
but we can see that she has got used to our different rules narrow streets
and roundabouts thanks very much to amelia for allowing us to film her
driving today and if you have your own mock test soon
good luck if you found this video interesting then
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