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So when we do coding Or when we study DSA Then what's the main problem which we face That we cannot stay consistent And because of not being consistent We are unable to achieve our aims We think that we will complete DSA in 3-4 months But we do it for 1,2,3 days After that someone's marriage comes Some's function comes Friend's birthday comes And then our flow breaks Then we become lazy for one more day And then back to square one So for this I have a nice solution That we gonna discuss in today's video So your best free resource to learn data structures We are going to talk about that in today's video Other than this we face one more problem That we did the question 2 months before And then we revisit that question after sometime, we forget that It seems like that I did it It seems familiar But it is not coming in mind We generally do not know that which questions we have to do Do we have to do company wise questions We do not have to do company wise Do we have to do topic wise or not So we gonna talk about all these things in today's video So lets start the video without any delay Before starting the video, do like the video Subscribe the channel if you haven't done yet And now lets start the video without any delay Now you must have seen a video, 90 days DSA roadmap In that I told that how can you complete your DSA in 90 days Now lets go through that once So that you can be helped with your consistency After that we come to our main topic That I am going to tell you.

Best free resources to learn data structures and algorithms Now I know that most of the people have seen this roadmap I divided all the topics in this Let me just give you an overview Other than that, How to use it , you can check out the video. It will be coming in i button But let me tell you once That how and what things you have to do So that you get a little bit idea And then you start your work In first 1-2 days, you can learn basic time complexity and all After that in 3-4 days, you can easily do recursion, backtracking After that by completing, arrays, linked list, stacks, queues, you can start giving contests and all This is also a very important suggestion, important point that we gonna discuss with that platform or that resource After that you can see searching, sorting, hashing, heaps, sliding window, graphs, DP This all is divided So that it is easier for you that what thing you have to start After that which thing you have to do And by following this You can study data structures and algorithms very nicely Now lets come to Geeks for geeks Now everyone has listen the name of geeks for geeks When we come in college in first year So we ask that from where we have to study, how to study So any senior or any other person will say that study from geeks fro geeks And when we get any doubt related to computer science And we do not understand, from where we have to see, what to see So I personally do this I write that question and GFG, and any article comes.

And all the things get solved after reading that article Now if you want to study any topic that I have given there on 90 days roadmap So what can you do You can go to data structures here And then you can read that particular topic from here And when you have to practice for that particular topic, What will you write? Practice Geeks for geeks And you will get here Here each and every question is aggregated Many more things are also here We gonna discuss about all of that one by one So assume you have read linked list In our 90 days challenge, we came to our day 11-30 and after completing arrays, we are doing linked list So what we will do We will go to the linked list data structure Here you will get the complete list Each and every question that is asked And what is its level.

Is it easy , medium or hard So you can do all those things here So what you have to do, you have to maintain a ratio 2, 5 or 3 now what is the meaning of 2,5 ,3 You have to do 2 easy questions, 5 medium questions Because medium questions are asked more And after that you have to try 3 hard questions Of that topic. Means you have to do this for every topic This is the ratio Lets say you have to do 100 questions of a topic Then you will be doing 30,50 ,20 If you have to do 20 questions, You will be doing those questions in the same way So you have to keep this in mind Other than this if you have to prepare particularly for any company Lets say it is amazon If you have to practice for amazon So what can you do You applied that amazon filter And whichever questions are asked in amazon Till now You will get question bank type of that You can practice these questions So that your practice can be done up to a bar level and things get cleared to you Now next thing that comes, that I was saying you from the starting Consistency cannot be maintained 90 days got completed .

You studied DSA nicely What after that? It is mandatory to maintain consistency until you do not get a job Otherwise you start forgetting concepts So we discussed the second point That we start forgetting things So here is one thing named POTD Problem of the day Now GFG has launched this very recently Now here you will be getting a problem daily If you will solve that problem, You will get getting some geek bits You can redeem those geek bits in amazon vouchers, courses, T-shirts, goodees, many things So as you will see here this is the nomenclature Solve a problem to get a geek bit If you successfully solve problems for 8 consecutive days You will get 8 additional geek bits And you must have 50 to get prizes and all So here you can see what things you can get Like this is for today.

Find length of a loop We will go to the solve problem And here you can see , you have to solve the problem Now the UI of GFG's practice portal plus the test cases has improved a lot I remember when I used to practice during my internship Many times , n^3 solution also used to get passed It doesn't happen now So this is a very good improvement, this is a very nice thing And now what happens here Any problem will come.

Like this POTD problem You will get the question here. They will make you understand the question You will get the examples and all You have to code here and submit it You will compile it Other than that there is an editorial If you go in editorial, then you will not get your geek bit If you are unable to solve the question, you can go to editorial And you can read in editorial That how I have to solve this question As you can see here You will get all the approaches A to z Abd in multiple languages C++, Java, Python, Javascript you get approaches and all in all And you get time complexity and all here So you can practice nicely from here Other than this, your submissions comes here That before this, when you solved this question How much time did you take And if your all the test cases were passed or not And what code did you used If you forget that what did you code This is a good way that put comments on this problem altogether I used to make github repository By putting comments altogether And uploaded that code on github So that If I will have to revisit later That how did I solved this thing That time it came in mind But now I am unable to understand what we have to do So saw it Now Geeks for geeks has started organizing so many events too Like many series Like interview series, job-a-thon, Problem of the day.

Let me tell you about these Other than this, many contests happens Hiring contests as well as hiring challenges happens Job-a- thon is for job will tell you later Many webinars happens and workshops keeps happening So you can participate in these Most of these are free Free of cost. You do not have to give money Now let me tell you first what are series Now what happens in interview series There is a test of 3 questions in 90 minutes This happens every Sunday 7 PM IST Abd its solutions remains on YouTube GFG has a YouTube channel on which they discuss the solutions later So if you were unable to solve any question, You can see there Those people will make you understand nicely And what is the benefit of giving this contest I always say that giving contests is very important Now lets say there is a cricketer He net practiced a lot But he hasn't played in the main match Now after net practicing, you will not have that much idea That actually when there is pressure in match, there exists so many people, so much crowd Many things happens Time , balls And if you will be able to perform in that or not Similarly when you sit in a contest Or you sit in a real interview You feel that pressure Time is going to be up You are seeing the list that these people have done these questions So that real world scenario that is created That is created by contest So this is very important When you reach to a decent level, then giving contest becomes very important for you So you can definitely check out this series thing Next is your job-a-thon Now what happens in job-a-thon It is also a proper contest type And many companies conduct a contest in collaboration On GFG And those who are top performers in that They give interview calls to them And then you can crack job and all This is also very good You can see, there are 18 questions and 175 marks and 150 minutes So monthly hiring challenge happens every month So you can participate in this Means your practice will happen by participating And if you get the offer, then it is well and good Other than this they have started 1-2 more things Like Bi-wizard school contest For school kids If any school kid is watching You can definitely check this out And aim GATE.

Like GATE exam happens for that Test series and all are there So for that also they have started You can participate in them also If you are preparing for GATE Other than this, Geeks for geeks also have many paid courses as well If you think that free things don't work for you If you feel that you are not able to read articles on Geeks for geeks Or you feel that free videos are not enough for you So you can try this also Means they are very good So in that, you can use code NISHANT And you will get 10% off And last thing left, you did practice and everything And finally you need a job So for job , they have created their job portal It is here by the name get hired You can see it You just have to apply for the job You will get interview calls and all You just have to give interview then you will get the job So this is the whole scenario, this is the whole thing And thank you so much for watching the video You will get all the links in the description You can check out And start practicing And if you haven't watched the 90 days roadmap video So must see that Thank you so much for watching the video This was all in today's video Lets meet in another video Till then bye