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Alarm Rings… Why did you set up at night if you don't want to get up in the morning? I didn’t do anything last night how come this phone started ringing by itself. Shut it down, it's giving me headache from an hour. ohhh! This .Yes I set it there’s weird smell coming out from your room, and why did you schedule an alarm for today. because today I am going to town that’s why why??? today your maternal uncle is coming with sweets (sandaara), you go by tomorrow Uncle never come empty hand, he always brings sweets full of praise for his son about his achievements in Australia like what he is doing there, when he is eating over there and when he is pooping.

We can also compliment you too son but what to do, a person who lies doesn't look good Go ahead… make fun of me but one day when I become successful then you will say that I don’t talk to you anymore By the way no one talks to you in fact. So why are you going to city. *coughs* I have a business meeting at 9:00 Am Then when will you go?? its already 8:30 Oh really *yawns* (shocked) it’s already 8:30 *music* Here is your money Sardar ji. thanks for lending it Is your Son settled in foreign?? Yes yes.. now he is settled. In fact he is the one who sent this money Nice Yes yes Welcome uncle Hello son How have you been uncle Yes everything is fine by the grace of the almighty Dad, I need the car to go to the city BY the way My Sulakhan has also bought a car there. What was its name … Yes Must –Tang Uncle G,it is called Mustang. yes yes Dad keys of the car Ever thought of taking the bike on which you spent 1.5 lakhs Rupees. Dad it is called Bullet Then take that instead *guest laughs* *music* *Kirtan in background* Satti Convenient store .

The design I made is very good. Do you acknowledge me now? It could have been better Next time I should Use ‘T’ instead of ‘S’ then it would be better “T” instead of “S”.Satti… Tatti Why there is prayer session in KALA’s house. Is everything alright?? Kala marriage has been fixed No one was ready to do EMI’s with him.. so, who gave him his daughter Sarpanch of village Chakki But his daughter was my girlfriend But she was going to marry a NRI only No problem.. I am also going to get settled abroad By marrying a NRI boy?? Noo… that’s not what I meant .I am also going to get settled abroad No one is going to give their NRI daughter to a 12th grade failed guy like you. ohhh… Hello I am going abroad by doing ILETS Then before settling abroad, get your brain checked. For when did 12th failed guys started to get VISA Bro I am not 12th grade failed anymore You passed 12th grade??? Yess… I mean noooo.. Why are you talking like that? *wisper*I got the certificate *screams* fake one Calm down, It is not fake.

I got the original one made from Jharkhand board Well done bro.. clever move just like that Then can you get me one also then we both can go to abroad together For going abroad you should know how to speak English not Hindi You are also not that good in English. We were getting beaten up by our English teacher together That is why I am going to learn it for today onwards From where *music* Inder.. smile a bit more. *Inder smile *Sir do like this please. why like this Our boy got 7 Bands If he got 8 bands then what?? then sir like this *Inder gets angry* Inder smile more you got 7 bands but you are making a face like you got 5 bands He( Saman) Should be the one making that face *nervous laugh* Smile sir Inder get this photocopied from the reception..

Yes sir Sir…Look how fine pictures I clicked *mumbles* Sir please don’t upload these photos yet anywhere But why Sir I am not going abroad in this intake . Whenever I will be going then you can upload them Okay its fine Sir I will gave you the edited one Why Inder is not going in this intake Saman? * sarcastically* He will be going abroad. He never went beyond “Jee Ayeya nu” Hoarding of Patiala. His parents had a love marriage. His grandparents live few blocks ahead. Sir remember, during childhood, our parents used to pick us on their shoulder and say see there is your grandparents house, He was actually able to see them. He has one sister Sweeti who is still a bachelor.

They are unable to find a suitable boy for her. She might be very tall.. *sarcastically* Tall…ummmm…She is 4ft 6 inches but tells very good lies. She said to him that after going to Canada you can live with my friend in Surrey. She thought that a fool like him will never clear IELTS exam. But When he received bands, she instantly changed her statement and said I was not talking about Surrey , Canada but the Village Surrey Near Alabgirh Sahib *laughs* My sister is 4Ft 10 inches and also last month she got married You didn’t invite us A lot of money was spent on marriage that’s why Dad said that we should apply after few months. Tell me if there is a change of plan… thought, which country would you like to go?? I Was thinking about Australia Then there is Bansal Immigration who can help you out they will look after your TR,PR work. They also helps in course and university selection and change them if you want. Okay sir I will talk with my father Yes you there(Karma).How can I help? No help required sir I am here to start my ILETS classes.

Have a seat please. your name ? Karamveer Singh What is your educational qualification +2(12th Grade) Which school? jhaaa…. Jhaa…(fumbles)Yadavindra Public School So you are also from YPS? No no, it’s Yadavindra public school Yes that only. In which year did you pass out? This year only But ICSE result is not out yet hahha…Oh I mean I passed out last year but I got my certificate this year only so I feel like I passed out this year So you have one year gap.

yes Okay then fill out this form and when you would like to start the classes. From today if possible Good.. Also these two will be going along with you to class * nervous laugh* We were just going there Yes we are going Smaan?? It’s Saman and you don’t laugh.. When are you bringing your car?? whyyy? Don’t act smart. You promised that once you cleared the ILETS you are going to give us party What party.. Dad is not sending me abroad But he can send you to Shimla Let me ask dad Bro I started the course but what is this IELTS after all?? It’s nothing .It is very easy That’s why you weren’t able to clear it in three attempts.

Yes dad where is the car?? Saman and other will pay for the fuel so please give the car See bro First is listening, which is very easy. Two foreigners are arguing and we have to write the same answer for it. Two foreigners are arguing and we have to write the same answer for it. Then comes the reading, it is bit difficult, but you can pass by with guess work, Guess work?? How that works? Dad didn’t agreed for it Like his father gave him the same answer every time, we also write the same answer in Reading Has dad ever refused before?? He won’t do it today also..

after you beg him after going home. Now go How to give same answer?? I didn’t understand Look.. in case of true and false, we always choose true because we are big fan of Trudeau.. In case of MCQs,If the invigilator is like an aunt then mark A , if she is beautiful then B, if she is cute then c and is it’s a guy then d because our day got wasted. Did you got bitten by spider? why Because then you can go home from second floor by using webs like spider man I will go home let me attend the class once Do you want to attend the class or want to look at Mehar maam.

Then comes writing, which is very hard. Firstly our writing is very bad there goes two minutes in that and then you have to write 400 words which makes you scream. But I heard that people scream during speaking? During speaking there is no screaming . In fact not a single word comes out of your mouth. Leave it.. Speak up Yadi. I have to take speaking of others also Ma’am please ask the question like this in Punjabi also. I didn’t understand it in English She is asking about your favourite website Oh yes…I love many website. but i like making reels so my favourite website is instagram.com His favourite website is not this one but he is very shy to tell it *everyone laughs* Good morning ma’am Greetings ma’am Why is it your favourite website because I like watching videos on it This is correct but he is not telling you the correct website It helps me in many ways in my daily routine like reducing my stress. It affects his health along with his stress Saman.. How did you come to know about the website? This website is suggested to me by ..

Saman He is lying I once saw him running this website with his father Its all lies ma’am But mam I got shocked when his mother told me that she also has a profile on this website Now he has reached my mother. Ma’am please stop him Yadi sit down Thank you ma’am. If you spoke this much English in front of the examiner then you won’t have got 5 bands in speaking look who is speaking who got 5 bands in listening Seriously Saman..5 bands in listening Ma’am I was wearing turban due to which I couldn’t wear headphones properly.

Next time I will wear a parna(small turban ) then I will get 7 bands.. then go with a man bun then you will get 9 bands Always blaming something, turban is just an excuse Tie a turban for once then you will know Ma’am there are girls who wear turbans.. who is the singer of the song on which I made the reel yesterday You can’t remember a name then who name you yadii I don’t remember this either Harshdeep kaur Oh yes I remember Finally.. but her ears are out of the turban but still It is difficult to wear headphones Enough.. Money stand up See Harry Inder is not keeping his promise of car and party It’s not my fault but my dad’s Then consider no from our Canadian friends as well if you go there.

You can live with your sister’s friend in Surrey. Bro it’s too much. Ok, I will try to bring the car by evening Inder Sorry mam You also didn’t get enough band? Is it possible that you teach us and we don’t get enough bands. I got 7 bands Then what are you doing in my class To look at you….. for some fun ma’am. did you heard to look at you…ummmm.. Ma’am please wear small earrings get out So I am free now not you , Inder really mam YES…..please leave he deserves it maam don’t listen to that moron.. These earrings look good on you Ramneek , please stand up Maam I will give the speaking in cabin Describe a time when you first speak a foreign language Never Okay Preet same question for you.

See you won’t be able to clear ILETS like this. Have some confidence. If you are able to speak in front of everyone today then only you would be able to speak in front of the examiner. Anyways we have a new student with us please stand up and introduce yourself I have to tell about myself? Tell her about me then I ….ma’am in English or Punjabi Well being your first day, you can do it as you like then I will do it in Punjabi.. because my English is weak that’s why I came here My name is Karamveer Singh. I belong from Sanur. I completed my 12th from.. ohh, I remember ..

I mean from Yadavindra Public school,Patiala. But students from YPS have no issue in speaking English Why?? YPS is located in Canada I heard to enter in YPS you have to get visa People say instead of bus ,Airplane comes to pick up children for school Only those who studied in YPS can understand this. People like you might not have seen YPS from outside Enough Jagjeet Ma’am its JJ and I am just stating facts JJ it’s not 100% true. I do studied in YPS. Many student are not that good in english This fake student will get a slap from me I don’t know much about YPS, Mohali but I know YPS, Patiala have some standards oky…

Jj…….. Okay Karamveer welcome to the class. Please sit down. Okay class tomorrow is your mock test . So be prepared. Karamveer are you willing to give mock test tomorrow Yes ma’am no round no round? No rounds means no issues… Karam karm Ignore him. HE is MLA son that’s why he has such attitude. Yadi karm… Then do it.. What Follow for new and fresh videos to Yadi_mansa. What did you do ? I just skipped the ad. Harry *background*You start this with everyone pallvi Karam Baby he is karam . He is new in class. I know but looks like you forgot What That we are just friends Just last night we just thought of our children names.

If it’s boy then Rahuldeep and if it’s a girl then Deeptipreet What Due to inter caste marriage we have to pick names carefully. Leave baby’s names out, firstly call me properly by my name. Don’t call me baby in front of everyone okay baby… will not call you that.. Pallavi ji let’s go for some snacks You might also be hungry Yes Then he can eat by himself, he is not a child that you have to feed him let’s go then For how long is it going to be like this Ramneek I did answer the question If you gave one word answer like this to the examiner then he will give you one band only.

And what happened to you Preet. You used to speak in front of everyone. Now speak to me atleast. Look Nimarat, Preet’s Family is allowing her to continue the course. Why They say they can’t spend more money. They will directly pay the ILETS Exam fee. But she is not ready for it. It would be the same whether or not she gave the exam. I guarantee that she won’t get more than 5 bands. Who can explain this to her parents? They think that you can get these bands very easily. Should we contribute some amount from our side to pay her fees. Nimarat I can hardly afford my own fees. And already I wasted so much money on degrees. Sometimes I think instead of doing MA in Punjabi and political, I should have done MA in English so that I could get 8 bands in mock test and get my fees revoked Then It can happen for Preet also Then It can happen for Preet also 8 bands by Preet.

She doesn’t even have that many rubber bands I can get it then Rubber band ? No you idiot. I can get 8 bands in mock test then my fees will be revoked and I can give my fee amount to Preet. Nimarat ma’am is calling you for speaking test. good luck Yes result came out today morning. I got overall 6 bands. Just got 5.5 in two modules, if I would have got 6 in any one of the it, then my Newzealand visa would have been approved for sure. Harry you already know my family is putting so much pressure on me for marriage.

Harry you already know my family is putting so much pressure on me for marriage. Harry you already know my family is putting so much pressure on me for marriage. I know it, that’s why I’m putting all my efforts . I can see your efforts!! just wait and watch, next time I’ll get 6.5 bands for sure. you said the same thing last time as well. I told you last time, our worker ran away… have you followed me bro? yes bro, I even liked your reels. really? But I didn’t get any notification. Bro I’ve liked all your reels twice. Grab insect balls! means? I can’t tell you that, but let me tell you one thing broooo by liking twice, the post gets unliked. Really? Yes , give me your id, I’ll show you. Karma80920 80920??? Actually, those are last 5 digits of my phone number. Almost every digit is used in ID I knew it…That mock test is taken to make fun of the students . Look at this, meaning of mock is to laugh at somebody. Meaning of mock in punjabi is also not very good. Look at this, I’ve tapped on this twice, got any notification? And also the post got unliked.

But I got the notification. It might be from someone else. *pallavi's message request* *tell me the first 5 digits of your number too* Gurleen dii, nice handbag. Thank you. how much? 40 thousand I guess. *everyone staring at the bag in shock* leave this 40 thousand handbag, and tell me have you packed your 400 rupees bag? No, my mom didn’t agree for shimla. So? We didn’t even plan to take your mom along. I mean she didn’t allow me to go to Shimla.

but yesterday you said that she agreed. That’s because my IELTS result wasn’t out then. Pallavi, even you couldn’t clear it? yes dii, I got overall 5.5 bands, but next time I’ll get 6.5 for sure . waoo, that means that this time Harry got the highest band score among you all. huhh, who said! . Aaaa… a.. Who said that Harry can’t get highest band among all sister in law this time he studied so much so much that…., that I can’t even tell you… so Yaadi will tell. huhh? Ummm… he studied so much so much… that he studied on behalf of me too…… Right pallavi ? why are you asking me? Uhhh… is it something to ask though, each and everyone knows that this time Harry has worked soooo hard.

Right Karam? yes yes, he has worked so much hard this time. but isn’t it your first day here today? umm yesss… . But on the first day , I’ve heard this thing so much that brother has worked really hard. okey sister in law, we’ll leave now. Our mock test is going to start. But brother, don’t we have our mock test tomorrow? But speaking is one day before. Lets go come on brother let’s go. let’s leave too. I’ll also meet Mehar dii (elder sister) why do you want to meet her? she’s my cousin. so, she is a teacher too. She’s has to take their speaking also . In fact, I’m going to tell Inder that mehar is married. why? What why? He has got 7 bands, still that poor guy attends her classes. make another excuse then, but don’t tell him that dii is married.

but why? you have already know everything. And don’t you have to give the speaking? This speaking I can give at any time but you tell me when are you going to arrange my speaking with your parents? speaking with them is only possible after you are settled in Canada. Watch out! The boy might back off from listening after moving abroad. I mostly like to read biographies, I’m not sure why. But it’s interesting to read about people’s real lives. And it enhances my knowledge about history & culture. Pallabi jii It’s Pallavi! For how much time do we have to speak in English inside? for 8-10 minutes 8-10 minutes! Not even in punjabi have I ever spoken for this long continuously. By the way, are you in any mood for the mock test? will have to give the mock test today. Today has already passed, talk to me about tomorrow.

I’m in no mood for tomorrow’s test. we’ll set the mood then! what about going somewhere tomorrow? To Shimla with everyone? No no, just the two of us. she’s so direct in asking me out. what?! yes let’s go…let’s go Done. How was your speaking? Introduction went really well . Cue card topic was easy too. Probably overall I’ll get 8 bands. 8…! How may I call you? umm… You can call me on my number maam. Note down my number it’s 9855… I mean by which name may I call you? ohh…Only one name maam… Karamveer Singh. Ok Karamveer what is your favorite band? 6 and a half band, is my favorite band. 6 and a half band, is my favorite band. Describe a bad habits of your friends.

My all friends drinking alcohol too much. how would you like to improve that ? no maam. Drinking is not bad habit. They drink it alone. That’s the bad habit. do you often go to the cinema with your friends? not with friends, only girlfriend. describe a mistake you recently made. getting in relation with my boyfriend. describe a polluted place in your country. every city, every town in India is polluted. You say pollution, I hear india what is the most popular drink in your region? poison why ? when we don’t get jobs and our debits are not clear, we drink it.

describe an unforgettable trip you went on? ________ do you like to have cereal for breakfast? no no no no serials, only punjabi films. who is your role model ? Sonam Bajwa why is she your role model? because she did many role in many punjabi films and she is model. So she is my role model. Describe a song you like. (English version of song takue te takua.

) describe a city you often like to visit Toronto how many times are been there everyday mam..in my drems describe the time when you gave advice to someone i advice dad to buy porsche instead of mercedes you know which place do you often like to visit port chownk port chownk ? matka chownk what is your favorite cuisine? my favorite cousin is my elder uncle’s son. name the movie wich inspire your the most sonu's tittu's swity what is your favourite hobbie ? hobbie dhaliwal Decribe a person who travel alot by Plan ? modi g… hiii Wao Gurleen, you too came here to give the speaking? No no, I came here to meet you. You have 5 minutes free? some students are left for the speaking, but nothing wrong in taking a 5 minute break .

Let’s go to the staffroom. yes let’s go So what’s going on… I came here to meet Harry… Mehar maam is married… ? So how’s teaching going on? it’s more of teasing than teaching . why? What happened? Here no one listens to the teacher, In fact we teachers are compelled to listen to the students . They tease you during the class and you can’t even say anything to them. If we say something then they leave the Institute and join another one As you know already, most of the students here are 12th graders . During their 10th grade they decide of going to Canada & in a way come here to celebrate their Farewell. But people with degrees are no less… let me tell you about Harry… you know what he said to me in class today? He told me to wear a turban and come to the class. hahah …? Aaa ..ahh ….little but of laughter during the class is important too. Look you yourself have written there “ keep smiling” Tell me more, how’s uncle and aunt? they’re fine.

And as you already know, they’re not talking to me properly. Ummm… Sister, I got a call from brother in law. Don’t call him brother in law! Okey. Armaan called me. Why did you pick the call? it was from an unknown number. Then you should have cut it immediately. He was saying that whatever happened between you and him , let it be Now let’s fix everything back… he’s just pretending. So that our separation period doesn’t go beyond one year and then I can’t file a diverse. But maybe he just realized his mistake… If this was the case, then he would have called me instead of calling you. ope you haven’t told him that I’m teaching here and I’ve applied for PR… Are you serious! You really think I’ll do such a thing? would like to eat something? No, I’m full. Gunnu , tell me more… what’s going on in your life? Nothing much. Just getting and denying marriage proposals… Take proper time. Don’t make a quick & wrong decision like I did… Haha. The way things are going and Harry not able to clear IELTS exam my marriage will surely take a lot of time.

In this case, I hope you don’t stay a bachelor for whole life. No no sister, this time he got overall 6 bands . But it’s a pity that he got only 5.5 in two modules otherwise he surely would have had a chance for Australia Or Newzealand… 6 band? yes sister Harry got 6 band! yes No way. why ? look, someone who scores 6 bands in a mock test gets 5 bands in IELTS exam. And Harry had never even scored more than 5 bands in mock test but now it seems that he’s got 9 bands in mocking you. Two oohh it’s 2’o clock. Let’s go home… ohh, I mean to say that Karam's got only 2 bands in speaking. *** you did a great job Thank you Thank you why don’t you guys understand, he’s lying about studying in YPS .

A YPS student can’t get such a low band score. JJ, its his first day here & not even you got 8 bands on your first day. Atleast I get 8 bands now. You’ve never got 8 bands ever. Let’s wait for today’s speaking test result, this misconception of yours will be cleared . huh, you’re in a misconception and not me. You’ve got 7 bands in this speaking test How do you know? I’ve seen the result sheet What happened. Why you’re mute now? you said you’ve got the certificate from YPS. Throw it on his face . it’s a digital certificate bro Then put it in a Pendrive and throw ok, I’ll throw it tomorrow… . I mean , I’ll bring it tomorrow. you’ll believe it after seeing the certificate? Ok Leave him , let’s go , our cab is almost here… .. Gurleen….What happened to you? Somebody said something wrong? Tell me his name. I’ll handle him then Look in the mirror then. Mirror! What have I done? Nothing. You just lied to me as usual . What lie? Show me IELTS result message in your phone.

Gurleen . You know I was really busy in my farm works at that time and couldn’t study for the exam . And our motor messed up on the day of speaking . Harry, you’ll never change. i can never change? I really don’t like this behavior of yours. Tell me haven’t i changed for you? I used to be with leaders and now I’m here staying with these kids in a pg. I used to ______ . And now here I’m trying to get bands . yes! I see how much bands are you getting. Mehar didi told me everything. That you’ve never crossed 5 bands in your mock test . that’s because unlike you, my education I not from a convent school . It takes time for the government school students to reach 6 band level.

Ok ok. Please listen to me. Next time, I’ll surely get six and a half bands in IELTS. And I’ll fill your phone number there so that you receive the result message . Ok? first get six and a half bands in mock test atleast. yes surely I’ll get it. But please first talk to me with love. Come on let’s sit somewhere, eat something together and then you
can leave. this will happen only after tomorrow’s mock test result comes out. Tomorrow’s mock test… I already told you that Inder got 7 bands in IELTS so he’s throwing a party in shimla today. Going there is also important. So today we’re going there . Ok I’m also going then. no no gurleen, listen to me… gurleen….. gurleen….. Ok maam, you deducted one band for content .

It’s called coherence. Whatever. But why did you deduct one more band? Lexical resource. You used very common words in your speaking. But my english was fluent. there’s a difference between lexical resources and fluency
Isn’t it Ramneek? Y..yes…yes ma’am Bullshit what did she say maam? an abusing word she said that to me? to me ohh . I’ll talk to her. Nimrat is this the way you talk to a teacher? What wrong did I say? Is it good to address someone as bull’s poop? by bullshit , I meant she’s talking nonsense. ohh ok ok. But even this is not a right thing to say. so, what maam is doing is also not right. She’s deducting marks unnecessarily she’s just doing her duty. Then she should also have some pity. This can change someone’s life.

if band would increase on the bases of pity In that case half of Punjab would be there in Canada. By the way it’ll be so good if this happens. Its not like, I asked her to increase 100 bands. It’s the matter of only 1 band . What’s the big deal if she increases it. what’s the big deal? You know, if I scored 1 mark more in TET exam I would have become a government teacher. Just because of that 1 mark today I’m here compelled to leave my parents and two sisters and go abroad.

And you’re saying what’s the big deal with increasing 1 band?! Is it making any sense? Here I’m taking about a simple band of a minor Institute and you’re unnecessarily involving your teaching eligibility test marks. I was just trying to make you emotional by telling all this and so you’ll apologize to maam. I’ll apologize. But I’ll still not get an overall 8 band with it. It’s really important for preet to clear IELTS and go abroad. Because I know, his father won’t let her do graduation and on 12th pass bases she’s get some small job in some factory if she stays here. it’s ok. You still have a chance. If you score 8 bands in other three modules, then you can still get an overall 8 band. And you can do it. I trust you. Let’s go, I got the car . now we don’t need your car. We’ve booked a cab. Don’t lie. How can a cab be booked so quickly. That too for shimla. …..( Indriver advertisement) …..( Indriver advertisement) Then why didn’t you do this before.

I had a fight with dad for getting the car here so now go home and say sorry to your dad. say sorry to him? He should say sorry to me. if the whole life was to be put on the mill, then how was the last mill to be sent out If there was no money, there would be no money for ilets No, I used to dream of living a good life, now they say this When you see your dreams not coming true, then it’obvious to get mad. it’s okey. We’ll do something to cheer your mood up. Here, cab updated to 4 passengers. Now take your car back to home .

Let’s leave for shimla together. yes we’ll to shimla , but First tell me, where is the Mr. Coach? I think coach has some injury. The way he’s sitting on the stairs. ohh..coach sir Come on get up. Let’s leave for shimla. let’s go what’s the matter? Why do you look so low. Nothing Actually gurleen got to know that I lied about getting 6 bands. And other than this, mehar told her that I’ve never scored more than 5 bands in mock test. Gurleen said that she’ll talk to me only if I get 6 and a half bands in tomorrow’s mock test.

Somebody should explain them that someone who scores 5 bands takes time to get to 6 bands . Ok let’s cancel going to shimla then. Let’s prepare for the test . it’s impossible to get 6 and a half band in mock test tomorrow atleast going to shimla will cheer up my mood. And what about gurleen's mood. even if you don’t get 6 and a half band atleast gurleen will be happy seeing that you gave the exam and you tried. and we’re there with you.

We’ll help you prepare for the exam. Not we. Only you. We ourself haven’t ever got bands more than 5 . you people go to shimla and enjoy. no no…. now we’ll take gurleen along with us too. Guys, all the money we’ve spent on hotel bookings and all will go waste. So your people please go and enjoy. Pallavi is right. A lot of money will get wasted. doesn’t matter. It’s saman's money getting wasted. He was a lot of it . guys atleast return some of it. ok . You take your 10-15 thousand ….. okk okk …but after going to Canada. But without Harry , neither will we go to shimla nor to Canada. Wherever we go, we’ll go together. means you guys will make me give the speaking at any cost? yes of course. let's go… okk let's go… I’m coming… wait a minute Yes,? bro is it your car? yes mine. I mean my father’s. ok. Actually we say an add of this car on Facebook. Add? yes. We saw it standing here so we started looking.