NUNEATON Driving Test Routes – Real Test Route – Full Commentary – 1 of 10 @drivingtestwizard2569

hello everybody this is Nuneaton test 
center test route number one there are   10 test roots in the neaten and these 
are the latest published once poured on run Vernon's Lane just gonna move off here you can see already that the road goes from a 
22 a 30 mile an hour road but also it bend is   quite sharply round to the right which means 
you know there's no way we're going to be   doing 30 at this point anyway so there are 10 
test routes this is number one if you want to   see this Terra kind of list it out if you look 
in the description box at the bottom is a bit   more underneath the video then you have to see all 
the lists there you can do whatever you want with   that you can copy and paste it you can you know 
share it around I don't care to the matter to me but this is Beaumont right now we've 
turned into we're going to try and turn   left you can only turn left here from 
my road and take it into countess Road you'll probably be asked to pulling in 
part somewhere near or just before you   get to this red car Giusti parks here somewhere at the end of this road countess 
Road we're going to turn right   noises telling this as a speed camera 
around here somewhere it would just   be aware of that we're chatting 
right here it's quite a tight one and then at the end of this road we're 
going to turn right again so we're now   on Earl's road and we're turning right 
into Manor Court right we can see that   Manor Court Road is fairly busy we just 
need to be patient wait for a space I mean now view is quite clear today in on Sundays 
as parked cars here even though there's double   yellow lines and things there's still cars that 
are parked there so but today not not the case   and we just have to wait for our space it's like 
this one on the right and it looks like this one   arriving on the left as well now the one on 
the right has been closed down so any second ok so we're turning right onto manacle Road and on Manticore road isn't doesn't 
look round about here mini-roundabout   we're going to turn left but like 
many roundabout into Queens right so fairly clear for us and one thing to notice about Queens 
rave is that I'm half way down it   well I'm outside of the way it changes from 
a 30 mile an hour zone to a 20 it's just here   just before the shop start so we need to make sure 
that we just drop in the kind of second gear and   that will help to keep the car at this speed or 
speed 20 or below for the full length of this road I scratch my monster across the road I'm how we got very often as traffic queues along their 
screens roads quite a busy little area   I've got littles on the left just gonna carry on a lot this is where you 
might be asked to follow the signs for bed worth on this particular test route so what we're gonna do the 
traffic lights a turn right   and hopefully you can see the sign 
it says that Paris is to the right now we go so these lights shouldn't take too long to change takers so where we do turn right here 
it's gonna take us onto the kind of   ring road so it goes around the talent 
in circles the town center here we go you got unless as you can see the satis out if your phones and signs for bed with then 
we're going to turn right at the roundabout   here so an I don't ask you to do that or 
he'll say have the roundabout tableside exit   it's only right third exit or whatever 
banking in the end you'll return right so we know that one of the things one of 
the reasons they ask you to turn right   it's a roundabout on your test is to make 
sure that at the appropriate time you make   your lifesaver look and that will be about 
now and you turn into the left-hand light do you remember that lifesaver look because   you know your examiner will be 
looking out for you to do that this is a coaching road and it's a 40 mile an hour 
road obviously today we do business we doing that as we come down here this is where 
this this test has changed and slightly   and that they built a road going and through the 
roundabout here we're gonna go straight ahead   we need to find the lame it takes the 
straight animates the right family which in itself splits into the zoo and where 
we on the left hand one of those two just here   so we've got two lanes there that turn to the 
left and these two lanes that go straight ahead they've actually made quite a good job 
of this I think in my humble opinion it looks like all the lights have gone on to green   for us at the moment so we should be 
able to trip through let's just see there we go again when the left lane here which is quite handy because I'm this route 
test route number one for the needs him we   are then going to turn left and this next 
roundabout again taking the first exit that's gonna take it into college Street ahem there you go so that takes it into 
College Street now now as you'll know from   your lessons and college Street is a bit of a 
strange one really in that it's wide this end   of the road but when you get down to the other 
end of college Street it goes a bit more narrow   so it kind of tapers in at the point where it 
tapers in there's more and more parked cars so   that effect is kind of increased today it seems to 
be quite clear though now that I've sat down and   you know depending on what time of day you come 
through here it can be quite busy but we're going   to turn right at the end of this right now so we 
have to come all the way down here now good idea   to try and get the car so it's square onto the 
give-way lines and that way you can have a good   view not only to the left but also to the right 
so you can see into this next road which is called   Coventry Road whether it's going to be clear for 
you or not so try and get there the cost square on this goes through this space through turn right from 
college tree onto Coventry Road when there's a mini roundabout 
ahead of us and that that mini   roundabout we will just be going straight ahead let's be going straight ahead being very lucky 
today there doesn't seem to be much traffic   about at all you hear that noise that there's 
lots of speed cameras around here obviously this is when the speed changes from thirty   to fifty just here so now we 
can go a little bit quicker –   for some Swiss care   as we come down here make sure you position 
yourself in the left-hand Lane at this point a terrible piece of road down and so just position 
yourself in the left hand bag examiner will tell   you to do desire to tell you to follow the road 
signs for Bermuda Park or it will say turn right   at the mountain and well we can't see where the 
round man is or where the legs are for the round   rats you'll get quite close take from me just 
reached answer right hand line at this point now we can see the signs telling us Buena Park 
is so if you look on the road now you will see   or in this lane it will see it will say Berman 
Park PRM Park we're gonna follow that laying   around that keep saying burn pop takes us 
past McDonald's so it's always a good idea   to know the way to McDonald's I suppose 
right okay so our lights are on the green and there goes so we start on the inner 
lane and he says burn park on the road   we're looking at the outer line of this lane 
I'm going to follow that line out towards the   green sign and then we're going to turn there 
which will keep us in the left-hand Lane and   we're gonna come off the roundabout 
here which takes us into Bermuda Park this isn't a bit why a little bit of advice 
for you if you rewind the video so to speak   and have a look how that goes a couple of 
times just so that you've got it easy to   get that wrong you know I suppose that's the 
good thing about the videos you can just keep   looking back like them anyway Ozu roundabout 
down here go turn left taking the first exit that was some David's way and now we turn him into   well she'll drive sorry well sing 
up drive no she's not miles him up and as we come to the next 
round of applets outright also that's the right time but 
it is only the second exit and that's going to take us on to the a triple for once it's clear to me right just be aware here these the Kazakh uh man unto 
the round bouncy alright are only a triple four   and they're already going quite fast so you need 
a decent gap but here again you're going to need   to make that lifesaver look because we want 
to end up in the left-hand Lane as we come off so this is a 70 mile an hour road 
obviously today again with this   lorry bit in front of us difficult to get up to 70 and we're going to be taking the next left anyway   so you will see the countdown mark is there a 
bit more key probably see them very well but   here the I use the countdown office I'm going to 
be turning left taking the first take joana try so the idea is to just get you speed up at 
this point slow down the act just when you   come up onto the slip road then get onto that 
break slender fog right right now and just drop   us into second gear as you go around this bit okay 
it's worse a rewind that bit there and have a look this is Sutherland right and then we're going to turn 
left off of Sutherland Road   into Reynolds Road and that's just here made sure we can give their 
Park cars a good white bath but keep him well into the left 
as you go round the right hand bat okay so we're gonna take the next left and that's 
gonna be into wood Street that's wood Street Jimmy been chance to write and you can see there are parked cars on 
both sides of the road here making the   road fairly narrow if you can just find the 
center of the space that will keep you nice   and safe a nice and steady long wood street 
so that you've got plenty of time to react   if anything starts to come from the opposite 
direction as you get around this next band it   bends the road bends around to the left into 
milk Terrace and that's where we're going to   go the once we're in Mill Terrace it then bend 
around to the right into Hill Street it looks   like a junction it's not really the righteous 
bends around there so we're now in Hill Street at the end of Hill Street we're gonna turn 
left so what you notice here is there is a   stop sign and they stop line so where's the 
stop line you must stop the car dad put the   handbrake on and then look okay so where's 
the stop line you must apply the handbrake so it's a search erode here and then it 
changes to a 50 just off a up this hill   now we are chasing 15 right now so we can 
again and thoughts about know they could come there's some ship runs ahead of us no telling us 
where the road goes actually saying or penetrates   the right here look I'm we're going to take 
it easy as we come in a car out with the right and the next Junction or the next 
roundabout should say we're going   to go straight ahead toward the able to 
perform towards Demeter don't be fooled   by the first sign we do need to be in 
this left-hand Lane to take it down   so the first sign seems to suggest that you 
need to be in the right-hand Lane but in actual   fact this is the one that you need the left-hand 
lane to go to Nuneaton on April 4 from this road looks like we're getting fairly 
busy it is a Friday afternoon so   that's probably why it's starting 
to get a little bit busy again now which is okay isn't it really because 
you know if you're on your test now   and the road gets quite busy like this 
it's just slowing everything down isn't   it and it's just kind of giving you time 
to think gather your thoughts so you don't   make too many mistakes when the left-hand 
lane here as we can't insert all to these   traffic lights and that's why we chose the 
left-hand lane on approach to the roundabout we got this time we're not going down they're going to 
drag Plus this one the eight reports was north that's again you can see that this is a 50 mile 
an hour road so we need to keep up with the   traffic really it's quite a busy road and then 
keep all the traffic without breaking the speed   limit yesterday it's quite a busy road and you 
know to smile along here tv3 housing people off 9:50 now and it's just a lot 
with the flows of traffic now as we come up to the next roundabout 
which is going to go straight ahead   right straight ahead that's 
gonna be the second exit so you can just about see it's gonna 
be clear for this to carry on now and   again when the left-hand lane on 
the roundabouts gonna indicate to   let all these people know and they can 
carry on when you're going around there still on this this is still a fifties iron right 
now you can see that all the traffic has slowed   down quite significantly and so does nowhere 
that way we're going to get anywhere close to   that we're going to turn left at this roundabout 
as well that's going to take us into the bullring as if the other end of college street from the 
roundabout Matheny it go these and kind of merges   into the bullring now one thing about going down 
this hill it's easy to lose control easier for   this for the car to get away from you and also 
you'll see the curb that juts out a little bit   here so just be careful that you don't get too 
close to that card there's all kind of scrapings   on it 4head people have got it wrong turn left 
at this found about which then is going to take   us into the heat and road so turn left from 
the bullring into Hugh Centro and here we are it's something long he's had Drive I have what you notice is in the distance they'll 
be some traffic lights and they mini-roundabout   that will be turning right at that mini 
round round it's a little way off yeah   you can probably just about make out the 
traffic lights now it's just across it so   it's not connected to the church at all 
but there are people stood there waiting   so I'm wondering if they've possible 
I don't think they have all they have so we're going to take the next right and it 
set the mini roundabout here and the thing   here is to look at the road markings 
because what you don't want to do is   move over too soon so we don't want to 
go the hatch lines we can move over now we tell him right at the roundabout here 
just make sure that all right when I make   sure we go round the roundabout that 
into ray woods or one word ray woods but server speed bumps along this road here   probably make out with the 
way to cameras might open down so whilst it's a 30 zone again you 
know with these speed bumps you want   to be going over these it's around about 20 
maybe just undone because they are quite big and so here again along this racing you know 
it's fairly long it's just time just to think   about you know what you need to do next and 
I gather your thoughts also you'll probably   realize you're on your way back to this has 
center now and it's really really important   that you keep your concentration level high 
at that point you know don't switch off   because that could be fatal in terms of 
your test results I'm gonna turn right   then round about here mini roundabout now 
really we're on the minor road here so I'm   gonna use first gear for this is quite blind 
on both sides but I'm just gonna inch out bit   by a bit just making sure that it's clear 
for me trying to go around the circle it's   not a lot of room you can get it around 
the circle if you're very very careful so we went to the end of Rey woods 
and we've turned right at the mini   roundabout and this now again is 
taking us back towards his center   or we're not actually on that 
road somewhere closer to where there's a mini roundabout here's a fairly new one   it's not been here for very long 
we're just gonna go straight ahead approach it in the second game make sure that it's   clear for us which isn't because 
it's a white man coming around now it is that as you go over the bridge there's some more 
traffic lights here and we're gonna take   we're gonna turn left at the mini roundabout 
and that will take us back into Bowman Road so go past the Saints is local I'm gonna turn left at the roundabout so 
take this into Beaumont riding this is quite   a tight turn this one so be careful of this one 
sometimes pop cause now makes it doubly difficult I reckon that vans gonna go off to the 
left it's nowhere else for him to go okay so by Montrose a 30 mile an hour road so you know some people make a mistake here where 
they're just typing in 20 because they this area   there's lots of 20 roads this one's actually 30 
so you know don't be a dumb dawdle but she got   this right however this is a second gear Bend 
you see that green fence which here's a second   gear and which is good because just as we've got 
around here we can see the road doesn't actually   change to a 20 mile an hour zone just give 
way lines here no one to give way to you today we're back into Vernon's Lane and this is where 
the test center is and we're just gonna pull in   on the left and that will be the end of your 
test so this is test route number one for I'm   just gonna back up so that I'm not over somebody's 
driveway this is a retest at number one for none   for an Anita there are ten tests they will all 
be on this YouTube channel by the time we've   finished and you can access them out you will 
if you just subscribe if you want to see them   maps out or list it out or once see that the the 
route listed out just look in a description box   and you'll find it all there okay just to say good 
luck with everything hope it all works out for you