UK Driving Test Replica 2 (full route without Sat-Nav / automatic car)

The new UK Practical Driving Test includes 20 minutes of independent driving, and 4 out of 5 tests will use a Sat-Nav for this part of the test. The remaining 1 in 5 will follow road signs for the independent drive section so that's what this video will show. We will be using a full electric car with an automatic gearbox, and the test route will include a manoeuvre, and everything a real examiner would say.

This is quite a long video, so we've put links to key moments of the test route in the video description and comments section below. So let's go! If you could turn your engine off please, that is the end of the test. That's the end of our test route today. The examiner would now complete their paperwork, let you know if you have passed, and then give you some feedback on your driving. So if you have your Driving Test soon, then good luck! We hope it goes well. .