How to PASS the ICBC ROAD TEST | Ultimate Guide | N Driving Test | 2021 Edition

hey guys welcome back today i'll be talking about things that you should know to pass your class 7 road test so without further ado let's get started after you have registered for the road test either online or in person make sure that you practice driving around the test center and know what to expect if you're not sure get yourself a driving instructor to familiarize yourself around on the test day before heading off to the icbc test center adjust your seats and mirrors also clean your car be sure to arrive at the test site at least 30 minutes earlier remember to bring two pieces of accepted id one primary one secondary the fee for your road test your valid insurance and registration documents and a safe vehicle your full road test including time at the end to go for how you did will take about 45 minutes before heading onto the roads the examiner will check your vehicle's safety they will ask you to turn on the brake light signal lights and headlights also they may test if other parts of the car are functional such as windshield wipers windows and horn then the examiner will ask you to demonstrate the hand signals left right stop feel free to ask them any questions related to the test before it starts the examiner will be sitting next to you evaluating if you are able to demonstrate different driving skills in a safe smooth and controlled manner they are not trying to track you they will give you instructions and enough time for you to perform different menu first if the examiner didn't give you any instructions stick to the post limit speed watch out for schools and playground zones and most importantly obey to the rules and regulations on the road during the test the examiner may tell you to turn left or right at intersections and cut lengths and pull overs check mirrors turn on signals and shoulder check before doing so if the examiner asks you to turn left at a green light move out a little bit but don't steer your wheels as if some cars hit you in behind you will be pushed to the other side of the lane the examiner may ask you to pull over several times you will be asked to demonstrate hill parks remember to steer your wheels in towards the shoulder of the road when it is down here with a curb downhill without a curb uphill without a curb if it is uphill with a curb steer your wheels to the center of the road during one of the pull overs the examiner may ask you to list some types of hazards that you see on the road at least some hazardous perceptions you may also be tested on this menu first personally parking is kind of difficult when i first learned so in order to see the parking margins and blind spots i bought two pieces of blind spot mirrors now that you have finished your test the examiner will discuss how you did and let you know if you pass or fail the test if you passed congratulations you're now a nervous driver if you failed no worries the examiner will tell you the reasons and how to improve just try again next time when you are ready here is the evaluation sheet for the road test feel free to pause the video and take a look at it if you find this video useful like subscribe and comment down below remember practice makes perfect and good luck on the road test