Show Me Tell Me in a Peugeot 207, 1 of 4

'Show Me Tell Me' are 19 questions which the examiner will ask you two of, at the start of your driving test. Its all to deal with the basics of your car as in oil, windscreen washer, tyres. I'm going to demonstrate to you the 19 questions on a Peugeot 207 what you have to bear in mind is that for each different make and model of car the actual positioning of the switches may be different. OK one of the questions…

'Show me how you check that your indicators are working', with this you turn on your hazard warning lights, and you would then physically walk round the car to check that the indicators are working. And then once you have completed the check make sure you switch off the hazard warning lights so they are not going on when you're setting off. 'Tell me how you ensure that your tyres have sufficient tread depth and their general condition is safe to use on the road?' You must ensure that the tread depth is 1.6 millimetres across the central three quarters of the breadth of the tyre, all the way round the circumference, and it should be free from cuts and bulges. 'Show me how you check that the break lights are working on this car?… I can assist you if you need to switch on the ignition please do not start the engine'. At this point the examiner will check the break lights are working for you.

At this point I will switch on the ignition but I won't start the engine. I will then depress the break so that the break lights come on at the rear..