When To Drive in Bus Lanes – Includes UK Driving Test Advice

This video is for you and anyone 
else unsure about bus lanes. It's important to know when to drive in bus 
lanes. Drive in it when you shouldn't and   you'll fail your driving test and you could get 
a fine. If you don't drive in a bus lane on your   driving test when you're allowed and it's safe and 
convenient to use it, then you could also fail.   Bus lanes are marked by dashed white lines 
that turn into a solid line. They also have   bus lane written on the road. Always look 
out for these blue bus lane signs that show   you when the bus lane is in operation and 
only these vehicles are permitted in it.   I'm not allowed to use this bus lane between 
Monday to Sunday at any time. I'll avoid this one. Every bus lane has different times of operation. 
Always keep a lookout for those blue signs.   Make sure that you drive in bus lanes when you're 
allowed to, as long as it's safe and convenient.   Driving in bus lanes when you're 
allowed allows other road users   to overtake and it eases traffic congestion.   Always look out for signs whenever you turn into a 
new road.

Here's another bus lane. This one hasn't   got any times on it, so this must be an operation 
at all times. Again, I'll avoid this one. Give way to buses if you can, 
unless they have their own bus   lane. In which case you might not need 
to, unless they want to change lanes. Always look out for any pedestrians that 
might be walking out in between buses   or pedestrians running across the road 
from the right towards the bus stop. On a one-way road you could expect bus lanes on 
the right-hand side as you can see by this sign.   It has no times on it, so it must 
be in operation 24 hours a day. Here's another bus lane.

one's got two sets of times on it.   I'm not allowed to use it Monday to Friday 
between 7 and 10 AM and between 4 and 7 pm.   Today is Monday and the time is after 10 AM and 
it's before 4pm, so I can use this bus lane. This eases congestion as it helps 
others go past me if they want. Here's another bus lane. It's after 
10 AM so I can use this one as well.   I could also drive in it on 
Saturday and Sunday at any time.   You must drive in bus lanes if you're allowed, as 
long as it's safe and convenient. It's so serious   that you could fail your driving test if you 
don't. But if you're going to be turning right   soon or there's an obstruction in the bus lane 
for example then you won't be expected to use it.

If you're unsure when to stop in yellow 
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