Citizen H800 (Blue Angels Watch) Setting Instructions | Set Date & Time H804

hello, in this video, i will show you how to set 
the date and time on a Citizen Eco-Drive Radio   Controlled with caliber H800 and H804, including 
the Blue-Angels and Red-Arrow collection. pull the crown to position one, and turn the crown   to face the chronograph second hand, 
to your current city or time zone. leave a comment below if you don't know 
which one to choose, and i will guide you.   press and hold the upper right button for 
3 seconds. the chronograph second hand will   face vertically downwards. pull the crown to 
position 2 and now turn the crown clockwise   and anti-clockwise to set your current time.

close attention to the small 12 or 24 hour dial,   to know if you are setting the time 
for the morning or for the afternoon. press the upper right button one time 
and now turn the crown to set the date. press the upper right button one time and now you 
can turn the crown to set the day of the week. press the upper right button one time and now   you will have to set the month 
and the year at the same time. to make it easier for you i have made this table. 
using the table, find the current month and year.   For example for february 2025, it is 11. 
now rotate the crown to rotate the second   hand of the chronograph, clockwise and 
anti-clockwise, to face it to the 11 minutes mark.   once you are done push back the crown to 
the zero position to exit the settings.

here is how to reset and calibrate this watch.   thank you for watching and 
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