Your Future in Web Development… (The Truth)

Many people have this doubt that , Will Web Development eventually end . everything will be automated ? Those people who are practising, HTML, CSS, JAVA related frameworks . Will their demand be zero? And the answer is absolutely 'NO'. I will tell you if things go automated , So according to my experience How automated will those things be? So I'll start quickly and get inside HTML. HTML in My Opinion will be largely automated, and is largely automated. If you guys see, Nowadays JPG to HTML, PSD to HTML like tools are too common these days . if you are making a baisc structure in a image . So many such tools have been made, Which will give you by writing its corresponding HTML . And it is very simple to make these tools, you can even make it by yourself. Have to do some image processing Detect where the input box will be, where the image will be , where the text will be . And you have to output the corresponding Paragraph tag, Image tag or Div tag.

And it's very straight forward, if you put machine learning here, then the game has to become the next level. So HTML is something that I think will be largely automated. Now I'll go on CSS . And problems that arises while automating CSS is that you need things on point. If i made a web page and I ask you to generate it's CSS automatically by watching at a image. So this is a quite complex problem if you think about it little. Yeah, I can make an approximate page but if you are a big business or a little bit serious for your design under your web page , So you guys will get to know this that you can not exactly output a CSS from an image. There you will need a Web Developer who will manually correct the automated things and make it from the beggining. Thus Human intervention will remain and we will need good designs in these Human interventions. And along with it this thing according to me will not 100% automate. What happens in the rest of the future nor I know neither you do and neither him who says ' he knows everything', you understand what i mean? Now we will talk about customization in Javascript.

According to me , customization in Javascript is too much difficult. Why I am saying this? I am saying this because when you write an Javascript, (client site) Javascript it requires knowledge, it requires Logic. And there's no such logic inside a computer we all know this, Computer is a dumb machine. Automation is done with the help of computer and computer is a dumb machine . And here's where it's going to work , in upcoming time and for a longer period, the Human Brain. So wether Javascript is of frontend or backend or how much Javascript is being written according to me will be a big challenge to automate it. And automation of Javascript is never gonna be as easy as automation of HTML. Now I will talk about the feature of the backend, for backend written in Python or you are writing in Javascript. Or else you want to write a backend in Javascript, So can that thing be automated? See, it can be automated till a limit.

If you want a similar thing you can get it easily, But if you want the exact thing which comes to your mind. That is going to be really very difficult, You will never get such things directly. So, for this thing you will need a Human Brain, Human intervention and according to me, backend development is not going to be automated. But a lot of the steps will be automated to a large extent, will be accelerated. So the process will be made from time to time where the time used to be 3 hrs It will increase your manager's expectations that the work which was done in 3 hrs will be completed in 1 hr now. Such improvements will remain but it will also improve your working experience. So, you need not worry that the work which used to happen in the first 3 hours is now done in 1 hour, will take more effort now. According to me, if these tools helps your manager, provide you ease there so, you will also get ease there, also your work will get easier at somepoints.

I would like to give an example if you have heard the name 'STRAPI' an headless cms. What it does is provide built-in API's if you have already made a model. Let us say, I have made a model named 'USER' under the strapi. So, I can specify user's name under it whether it would be a string or a text I can specify the e-mail and i'll get e-mail validation for free. Here I can validate my phone number and see where it goes and specify it. So I'll get an API along with all these validations. and I can use this API to create, read, update and delete.

It is an interesting thing that you get a whole backend by going in dashboard. Such things will continue to be made time to time. But if I talk about something like I write something on paper and someone comes to me and say, here you go, this is your output here is thus, these kind of things are very hard to get. everything would require brain at every step but yeah, the things will get easier. So a lot of people used to come to me with doubts, whether these things would get automated or not So, here's is my answer automation is only possible till a certain level. And in upcoming time by which I mean upcoming 10 to 15 years safely I say career of Web Devlopment is totally safe.

You can work in Web Devlopment and you will definitely succeed in that. That's all for todays video guys, Thank you so much guys for watching this video, and I will see you next time..